Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 11)

Hi guys, I know I not posting regularly but I am busy. I am really glad that you love the last episode. Thanks to all you and the silent readers.

Here we go with the next episode

Last episode ended with funtime of gadodia family at the dining table.

Everyone is on the dining table laughing and joking around.

Ragini: Ma, do you know that jiji has such a beautiful nickname
Shomi: What is it?
Sanskar: Shona

Laksh again raised his one eyebrow and looked at sanskar. Swara also looked at sanskar and both of them had a cute eyelock which was broken by swara it self.

Parvati: It’s very beautiful nickname, who gave this name beta. I know it’s definitely not raj and Urvashi

Suddenly swara eyes widens, puts her one hand on her forehead and said, “Hey kanhaji”

Everyone got little worried

Shekhar: Kya huta beta, why are you worried
Swara: Wo…archana tai
Ragini: Archana tai
Swara: Ha, she must be worried about me as I am here and she doesn’t know my whereabouts.
Uttara: But shona, who’s archana tai
Swara: Uttara, dadisa, ma, papa, Arcchana tai was my savior and angel who saved me from the tortures of chacha and chachiji
Sanskar (little anger): Swara, they are not your chacha chachi, how many times do we have to tell you
Swara got little scare and lowered her eyes and said, “Wo…I…I am habituated to it.”
Ragini: uffo, sanky, we will talk about this later and jiji what were you telling about arachana tai
Swara: She saved me and before I came here, she took me to her house and started living with her. On the day you all brought me here, since then I didn’t inform her. She must be really worried about me. Ma, papa can I please go to her and meet her once please.
Parvati: Swara, you don’t have to say please and archana is a great woman. She is really an angel for us. We all will go and meet her today only. And howabout after meeting you, ragini and uttara go to shopping mall for buying clothes, accessories and many more things for you.
Swara: Dadi sa, what is the need of buying clothes, I mean
Parvati: Beta, this morning you only told us that this is your new life and then start your new life with new things also. Plus you are a princess now so don’t worry about money. Ragu and uttara are there for you.
Swara: ok dadisa.
Shomi: But masa, you and shekhar have an important meeting to day
Shekhar: it’s okay mishti, we will cancel it
Swara: no papa, please, don’t ignore your work because of me
Shekhar: doll, I am not ignoring, just cancelling
Swara: but papa, you should not cancel it otherwise I will feel bad and papa work comes first
Shekhar: uff, you won I lost. Ok I will not cancel the meeting happy

Swara smiled and nodded

Shekhar: Ok so mishti you go with them
Laksh: can me and bhai also come as I have to buy few things from mall also
Sanskar: if you want to buy then why the hell you are taking me
Laksh: Bhai please come
Sanskar: No yaar lucky please I can’t
Uttara: bhai come na, it will be fun specially in your jeep
Sansakr: is it, then lucky can drive my jeep
Ragini: Sanky, I am still 18 and I don’t want to die yet so please you also come na
Laksh: oh hello, what do you mean you don’t want to die, I am not bad at driving ok.

Ragini made faces

Laksh: Swara, you please tell bhai to come
Ragini: Ha jiji, please tell him…please
Ragini made a cute puppy face which melted swara and then she said, “Kunwarsa, if they are saying then come na…please”
Sanskar took a big sigh of relief and said, “ok”
Ragutt: Yeah!!!
Laksh whispered to sanskar: Wah, when we said you disagreed, when Bhabhi said then you agreed at one go”
Sanskar: She is not your Bhabhi
Laksh: Ok she is not my Bhabhi…fine

Sanskar took a big sigh of relief

Laksh: but my soon be Bhabhi

Sanskar glared at laksh

Ragini: so what are we waiting, for, we have finished our breakfast, let’s go.

Sumi, swaragini sat in one car and sanlakutt sat in sanskar’s jeep. All of them reached archana tai’s home. As soon as swara came out of the car, a kid of about 5 years old came and hugged swara by her legs. Swara bent down, “Soumya, kaise ho”
Soumya: Shona di, where were you. You know, all of us missed you soooo much. (He said by extending his hands)

Everyone admired his cuteness.

Swara: Sorry somu, acha can I go and meet archana tai
Soumya: you know di, archana tai was really worried about you. Go and meet her…fast

Swara went towards the main gate and knocked it. Archana opened the door and was shocked to see swara. Archana hugged swara tightly.

Archana: Where were you shona, I was really worried…you never came since you went to college. I went to your college but you were not even there. I weny you police station and in the jail I saw raj and Urvashi. What is happening beta.

Then suddenly she saw sumi, ragini and sanlakutt.

Archana: rani sa ap log yaha. Please come in.

All of them went inside and swara told everything to archana. Archana was really happy.

She joined her hands and looked up and said, “Hey Ganpati bappa, thank you so much. You finally accepted my prayer. (then she put hands on swara’s head) I am so happy for you beta.

Suddenly sumi joined her hands and bowed her hand down infront of archana

Archana: arey rani sa, what are you doing.
SumiL thanking the angel who always save our daughter
Archana: there is nothing like that. Shona is really innocent and has big heart. She always helped everyone and whatever I did was my motherhood as I also have children.
Swara: ma, archana tai…wo….can I got to…the house where I lived
Ragini: why jiji
Swara: wo I have to bring some things of mine
Sanskar: okay, I will come with you.
Swara: no, its okay, I can go
Sanskar: Swara, I told you I will come so I will
Sumi: ha you both go there.

Swasan went to that house. As soon as they entered, swara shivered a little as she start to remember the torture she went through. Sanskar noticed this and caught her hand, swara was shocked.

Sanskar: Princess, calm down, they are in jail and I am with you na. So tell me where is your room.

Swara pointed her finger towards a room. They went to the room and sanskar was shocked to see that room as it was just a storeroom. He looked towards swara.

Sanskar: this is where you lived, I mean its dark and..
Swara: dusty…this is the reason I wanted to come alone.
Swara went towards a small trunk and said, “this is the thing I wanted to take with me”
Sanskar: But what does it contains

Swara opened the trunk and showed to sanskar. The trunk was full of trophies, certificates. It also had ghungroo and white anarkali with red chunni which swara wears when she dances.

Sanskar: oh my god, princess. You must be topper of the school right.

Swara smiled.

Sanskar: umm…princess…I want to say sorry
Swara: sorry for what kunwarsa
Sanskar: that day I shouted on you and closed you in the room. I know it was bit harsh but
Swara: no kunwarsa, actually I should say sorry to you as I also shouted on you and you were only trying to unite me with my family. And kunwarsa, yoe were the one who brought me out of this darkness and brought me to light. Thank you so much for that.
Sanskar: sorry and thank you are accepted but on one condition
Swara: What condition?
Sanskar: that is, accept my friendship. (saying this he extended his hand)

Swara hesitated at first but she accepted and shaked hands with him. Swasan’s heart beat rised. Suddenly a lizard came on the foot of swara. She screamed and hugged sanskar really tightly. Sanskar smiled a little and slowly places his around her back and waist.

Swara: Kunwarsa, I am really scared of lizard…please remove it from my foot.

Sanskar looked down and saw that lizard was sitting on her foot. He smiled naughtily and said, “princess don’t move otherwise it will bite you or it could climb on your leg”
Swara got more scared and she tightened the grip on sanskar’s shirt and was hiding her head more in his chest. Sanskar was feeling something in his stomach. He was feeling good not because of he is attracted towards her beauty but her innocence.

Swara: kunwarsa please remove the lizard from my foot.
Sanskar: ok

Sanskar start to shoo the lizard from her foot, the lizard went away but sanskar wasn’t able to balance himself properly and fell on the mattress, which was on the floor, swara also fall with him, swara was on sanskar. Swara has closed her eyes tightly. Sanskar was memerised and was just looking at swara. Swara slowly opened her eyes and they had a cute eyelock.

Background song plays.

Inn aankhon mein tum
Jab se ho gaye ghoom
Saara jahaan tera chehara
Preet ye rang ab to tere sang
Aur bhi ho gaya gehara

(Sanskar slowly placed the fringe of swara behind her ears)

Inn aankhon mein tum
Jab se ho gaye ghoom
Saara jahaan tera chehara
Preet ye rang ab to tere sang
Aur bhi ho gaya gehara

Both of them were lost then suddenly they heard someone clearing throat. Swasan broke their eyelock and saw raglakutt standing there, smiling. Swasan stood up, swara was really nervous and embarrassed and sanskar was also little embarrassed.

Swara: wo, actually a lizard came on my foot and kunwarsa was removing it. While removing we both fall down that’s it.

Swara said this really fast. Raglakutt laughed.

Uttara: oh my god, shona, we didn’t asked for any explanation and we saw everything, what happened okay. So don’t worry.

Swara just ran outside. Laksh towards sanskar and said, “so romancing with my Bhabhi, not bad. You should have told us then we would came later. Right ragini and uttara.”
Ragutt: correct
Sanskar: all three of you shut up and I was not romancing with your Bhabhi, it’s just that we fell down
Laksh: finally you accepted that she is my Bhabhi

Sanskar realised it and just went from there.

Swara was hugging everyone who loved her dearly. Then shomi went with the trunk back to palace. And swasanlakutt went towards the mall.

Recap: Raglakutt teasing swasan….Swara sees someone in the mall and she starts sweating. She hugs sanskar again and sanskar consoles swara. Sanskar beats someone.

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