Swasan: Maine dekha ek khwaab (Part 10)

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Episode starts with swara accepting her family

Swara: M…MAA

The word ‘Ma’ echoed in shomi’s ear, she froze at her place, having tears in her eyes. She is very happy that after so many years, she is hearing this word. Parvati, shekhar and ragini were really happy as they know very well that how much shomi was depressed.

Swara was looking at everyone’s shocked face, she understood their position and their feelings. She also for tears in her eyes. Shramishta turned and ran and hugged swara really tightly.

Shomi: Kya kaha tumne, please say it again

Swara while reciprocating the hug and closing her eyes to feel this moment, “Ma”

Shomi also closed her eyes and enjoying this moment. While others were admiring them. After few minutes, shekhar interrupted.

Shekhar: This is not fair doll, you called mishti ma then what about me, when will my turn come?

Shomi and swara released the hug. Swara got really happy to see this much love from her father.

Swara held her heard and said cutely, “Sorry papa”
Shekhar hugged her tightly and said, “I am so happy beta, I really want to celebrate this moment”

They released hug and swara saw Parvati looking at her with hope in the eyes.

Swara: Dadisa

Then shemish and Parvati hugged her tightly. Swara got really emotional to get so much love after so many years of bearing haterdness from urvashi and raj.

Ragini was smiling and then she said, “So bad jiji, you forgot me, I am your little sister na.”

They released hug then swara extended her hand, ragini went and hugged swara. Swara was continuously crying. Swaragini released the hug.

Ragini wiped her tears, “jiji, bad time are gone then still you are crying”
Swara: I am sorry, actually after so many years, I got so much love even though i…i… behaved so bad with you all
Parvati: Swara, we can understand your situation so don’t worry.
Shomi: Ha swara now there are no places of tears in your life now. Chalo, I will breakfast for you
Swara: Ma, dadisa, papa, can I please have breakfast with all of you at the dining table
Shekhar: But beta, you are pretty weak, how can you?
Swara: papa, I am fit and fine, please can I come. I want to start my new life with my family and…
Ragini: and
Swara: Kanhaji

Parvati put hand on swara’s head and said, “how mature is my granddaughter. Your wish our command”
Shekhar: but masa, hew health
Parvati: Shekhar, my decision is final and if swara is saying that she feeling good then don’t force her
Shekhar: ok masa,
Shomi: ok, so then all of you get fresh and ragini, give something to wear to swara as she won’t have her clothes here.
Ragini: ok ma

Everyone went except swaragini

Ragini: you know jiji, I always waited for this day that when we will share bedroom, bed, clothes and many thing
Swara: can I ask you a question ragini
Ragini: uff jiji, just ask, no need to take permission
Swara: how come you love me so much even though we didn’t…spent (she choked) our….child…childhood together. (Swara said with moist eyes)

Ragini sat on the bed and put her hand on swara’s hands.

Ragini: jij, since childhood I always wanted an elder sister. When I was 8 years old, that time I got to know about you. Then dadisa, ma, papa; told me about you everything as I wanted to know about you ]
Swara: So you know everything about my childhood
Ragini: Yes jiji, even your’s and sanky’s khatee-meethi friendship

Swara’s heart beat rised by just hearing sanskar’s name, even she doesn’t know why.

Swara: mine and kunwarsa’s friendship
Ragini: Ha jiji, you both were bestest friends during childhood. You both played with each other and fought with each other also. You both cared for each other lot, in simple words you couldn’t live without each other. Ok jiji, I will choose a dress for you to wear.

Swara was little shocked as the heartthrob of this was her bestfriend. Ragini brought a beautiful designer light blue full sleeves anarkali suit.

Ragini: jiji, wear this and I am 100% sure that you will look really good in it.
Swara hesitated a little. Ragini understood her hesitation and said, “jiji, do you know that these type of designer clothes are normal for princesses and now you are princess. Ok.

Swara agreed and went to the bathroom to fresh up

Till then in the hall, shekhat told sanlakutt about how swara accepted them and call them ma, papa and dadisa. Trio got happy for them and swara.

Laksh whispered to sanskar: Bhai, is my Bhabhi has accepted her family then she will accept you also
Sanskar: Shut up lucky and don’t call her Bhabhi now.

Laksh raised his one eyebrow and said, “Now”

Sanskar: I mean..uuummm..nothing.

Laksh smiled.

Till then swaragini came down. Sanskar saw her was memorized in swara’s beauty, she was looking really beautiful in the anarkali suit with matching earrings, without makeup and hair made into plates. He was staring her lovingly. Swara went passed sanskar to shemish and Parvati and took their blessings.

Laksh: Bhai, I know Bhabhi is looking really beautiful but it’s her maayka so stop staring her like that.

Sanskar glared at laksh and lakshn put his fingers on his lips.

Parvati: khush raho beta.

Swara said good morning to sanlakutt, uttara hugged swara.

Parvati: swararagini, I have a wish that my two granddaughters light diya at the temple, so can you please fulfill my this wish.
Ragini: What did you just said, SWARAGINI
Shomi: When we join your names then it becomes swaragini
Ragini: Wow, even our names joined
Shekhar: of course beta, your name’s meaning are same so me, shomi and your dadisa put your names together and made swaragini
Ragini: It sounds so good and dadi why are your requesting us, just command us. ok

Swara just smiled then all of them went to towards the temple. Swara got memorized to see such a beautiful temple and a beautiful idol of lord Krishna. Swaragini lighted diya together. Then ragini started singing bhajan while all of them stand their joining their hands.

Hoooo… Aa aa aa…
Hey gopal-krishna karun aarti teri
Hey priya pati main karun aarti teri
Tujhpe to kanha, bali bali jaaun
Saanjh savere tere gun gaaun
Prem me rangi main rangi bhakti mein teri
Hey gopal-krishna karun aarti teri (x2)

Hey priya pati main karun aarti teri
Ye maati ka tan hai tera
Mann aur praan bhi tere

(Suddenly ragini started coughing, or say pretending to cough as she wanted swara to sing. She knows that swara sings well as she heard her once in the college. She whispered, “jiji help me, I forgot the rest of the bhajan” Swara who was a devotee of lord krishna started singing the rest of it.)

Main ik gopi, tum ho kanhaiya
Tum ho bhagwaan mere

(Everyone was shocked except ragutt as they heard her once. Everyone was lost in her voice specially sanskar)

Krishna krishna krishna rate aatma meri
Hey gopal-krishna karun aarti teri
Hey priya pati main karun aarti teri

O kanha tera roop anupam, mann ko harta jaye
Mann ye chaahe, har pal ankhiyan tera darshan paaye
Dars tera, prem tera aas hai meri

Hey gopal-krishna karun aarti teri
Hey priya pati main karun aarti teri
Tujhpe to kanha, bali bali jaaun
Saanjh savere tere gun gaaun
Prem me rangi main rangi bhakti mein teri
Hey gopal-krishna karun aarti teri
Hey priya pati main karun aarti teri

Parvati went and put her hand on swara’s head and said, “You have such a beautiful voice beta, god bless you.”

Laksh: Ok know should we go and have breakfast, the rats are not able move properly because of hunger
Ragini (Whispered): Bhukad
Laksh leaned to ragini’s ear and said, “Kuch kaha apne”
Ragini smiled and said, “Kuch suna apne”

Laksh shaked his head

Ragini: Then should we go

All of them settled on the dining table. Shekhar and Parvati were sittng opposite to each other, on the chair where head of them family sits. Shomi was sitting beside shekhar, then ragini and then swara. Sanskar was opposite swara, laksh opposite to ragini and uttara opposite to shomi.

Shekhar: So doll, what would you like to have for breakfast
Swara: I will have anything papa
Sanskar: Uffo princess, tell your favourite thing that you like to have in breakfast, like sandwich, toast, omelette, juice, milk etc

Swara got teary eyes. Sanskar was shocked as he didn’t say anything wrong but still she is crying

Ragini: jiji, what happened
Swara: Wo, I barely used to have breakfast in the morning and even is had then I would have only biscuits. That’s it. So I don’t have any particular favourite food, as whatever I got to eat I ate.

Everyone were dazzled.

Sanskar: Sorry princess, I didn’t meant to hurt you. I am really sorry
Swara: its…Its okay kunwarsa, it’s not your fault
Ragini wiped her tears and said, “So jiji I think you hould have my favourite, sandwich, you will love it.
Shekhar: No, she will have omelet, doll you would love omelet. Try it
Shomi: No shekhar, she should have fruits and milk, you know it will be healthy for her.
Shekhar: Mishti, you love fruits that doesn’t mean everyone does
Shomi: What do you mean by this, she is my daughter so she will also love fruits
Shekhar: She is my daughter also, so she would love omelet
Ragini: Wait, she is my sister, my soul sister so she will love sandwich
Shekhar: no omelet
Ragini: Sandwich
Shomi: fruits

Like this trio started fighting over what swara will eat while swara was looking at them innocently. Till dadisa slowly passed two parathas to swara through her servant. Swara looked at Parvati, she signed her to eat it fast but swara was like she can’t eat as shemish and ragini are not eating.

Sanskar whispered, “Princess, eat it other in their fights either you won’t be able to eat your breakfast or they will stuff your mouth with sandwich, omelet and fruits.
Swara imagined that scene and quickly ate the parathas.

Sanlakutt and Parvati smiled at her cuteness

Laksh to sanskar: Swara is so cute na
Sanskar: Shut up lucky
Laksh: oh ho, jealous, it’s a sign that you are in love

Uttara giggled

Sanskar glared at lakutt then they quietly ate their breakfast.

Swara finished her breakfast and looked towards were glaring at swara. Swara got nervous by seeing the glare, “Sorry wo main…I….mmmm….woh”
Sanskar smiled naughtily and said, “What is this princess, here they are fighting for you and you ate breakfast as if nothing is happening” He winked towards everyone but was unnoticed by swara. Everyone understood.

Swara widened her eyes and her mouth hang down because he was the only one who told her to eat and now he is blaming her. Sanskar wanted to laugh by seeing this reaction but he suppressed it

Ragini: jiji, what is this here your sister is starving but still she is fighting so that you can eat tasty sandwich
Shekhar: han doll, you know omelets are so tasty but couldn’t wait for it.
Shomi: you could have told us swara that you wanted to eat paratha, I have would have given atleast I would have to fight with shekhar and ragu.

Swara bowed her head down.

Swara (monologue): What is this swara, how come you became so selfish. Your parents and sisters were starving and you ate your breakfast.

Swara raised her head, faced shemish and ragini and then held her ears and said, “Sorry, I should have waited for you all.”
Dadisa: You guys are so bad, teasing my granddaughter

Shekhar got up, went towards swara, put her hands down, kneeled down infront of her and said, “Han Doll, we were just teasing you, we didn’t meant to hurt you. You are princess so eat whatever you want, there is no limits. Ok. And never ever live according and do according to us. You are independent so live the way you want to to. Ok”

Swara smiled and nodded her head.

Shekhar got up and said, “chalo I will have my OMLETE which is tastier than those fruits and sandwich”
Shomi: no fruits are better
Ragini: no sandwich
Parvati: now please you guys don’t start your omelet pura, sandwich puran and fruits puran.

Everyone laughed. All of them had a good time on the breakfast table. It was the best morning for swara as after so many years she isn’t tortured. Swara smiled, while sanskar was admiring swara’s innocence, cuteness, her big heart and beauty.

Recap: Swara going back to raj’s and urvashi’s house…
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