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Hey guys!! kritika here!! doono howz this os..but plz tell mw its boring or …or whatever…i just read ekalavya’s story in my school’s book..so just go this idea..well this is supposed fo an os compitition on fb..but TU is always my 1st prference…so…anywayz lets start..

This story is in mahabharata style, ekalavya’s story..sorry no ragini in this..


1.sanskar as ekalavya

2.swara as swara , dronacharya’s only daughter…

3.shekhar as dronacharya, an expert in warfare, was appointed to train young men as warriors..(instead of dronacharya I will call him as drona)

4.lakshya as arjuna, the best pupil of drona,.

The story plot is like this-

Drona is going to make his daughter marry , to his best pupil , arjuna…while swara loves ekalavya…she knew ekalavya since he came to drona’s school for admission..but drona refused as ekalavya wasn’t a kshatriya..
But he was determined..he made a clay idol of drona and practiced on front of him.
Swara followed him , she came to know about everything….about his determination, his craving of being drona’s pupil… she supported him secretly n they both started loving each other…
One day, drona came to know that swara loves ekalavya…he set her marriage with arjuna…she is forcibly going to marring him…

So lets come to the main shot-

One day drona took arjuna, n all his pupils to forest to teach them hoe to hunt…swara also went with them in order to bring jadibuti..

When they were on the way, in the forest only , one of their dogs ran forward, barking loudly..then, swiftly through the air came 7 shining arrows..drona could see that they came from a great distance n with only the sound of the dog’s barking to guide them to the royal party. they were the arrows of true warriors..

The sight surprised drone greatly…he always thought that there was no one as skilled in archery as his pupils..

He wondered about the archer..so all of them set off in search of the archer..

They found a young man..he was in deep prayer , but his bows and arrows lay beside him…in front of him , there was a clay idol which was of drona..

When, he opened his eyes, he saw drona n he quickly bowed his head…

“ who are u n who’s ur teacher?”asked drona

“master, I’m the son of hiranyadhanu, the king of foresters.. u are my teacher…years ago , I came to u to learn archery u refused saying that I wasn’t a kshatriya n u teach only kshatriya’s …but my desire to make u my teacher was soo great that I made a clay idol of u here n practiced with my bow n arrow, with determination n great concentration…

Hearing this drona had troubled feelings of envy n fear in his heart..but he didn’t show this on his face..

“I’m happy that u did this …let there be a contest between u n my pupil’s drona said

“I will be happy to do so master” replied ekalavya..

The contest started..of all of them ekalavya was easily the best n there was no one, not even arjuna, who could excel him…one by one they retired, defeated by him, filled with shame n jealousy..where as swara, felt proud of her love..

Drona looked around at the royal pupils whom he had trained with such care..he couldn’t bear to think that this boy whom he had turned away n refused to teach, had proved their superior…drone felt bitterly disappointed …but he swallowed his feelings n said “indeed u have done a great job! You have learnt all skills from me, as u say, it appears that I have taught u well..u must also be aware that it is the custom for a pupil to pay his teacher..if I were to ask u for something for having taught u, would u give me what I ask?” drona said…

“willingly n with great pleasure” replied ekalavya..

“are u sure?” asked drona…

“yes master” reassured ekalavya…

“then give me thumb of ur right hand!” commanded drona..

Swara “pita ji! What are u saying? Just for ur royal pupil , arjuna…u are falling such low…u are disabling him? Everyone can understand this pita ji! I never expected such thing from u..”

She started crying..tears are flowing continuously from her eyes by the thought only..

She turned to eklavya “ekavya! Listen…don’t do this..i know u respect ur master soo much…u can do anthing for him…but plz don’t do this..”but ekalavya just smiled..

Ekalavya was taken aback n surprised..drona wished to maim him, so that he could never draw his bow again…with ekalavya maimed, arjuna would have no rival

Eklavya understood this, but he smiled gently…he drew out his sword n with one stroke, he cut off his right thumb n offered it to drona..

Swara “nahi!!!”

She blew some air on his cut thumb n paused for 1 min or 2 n continued “thik hai!! Pita ji u have taken ur decision…now I will take one decision..from today u r not my father now im ur daughter… from today I am ekalavya’s wife..”(to ekalavya) “ekalavya fill my maang, decorate my neck n take 7 promises with me”

Ekalavya just nodded n he was also on the verge of crying..

With the blood fowing through his right hand, he filled her maang..with the jadibuti in swara’s hand he decorated her neck..

In front of drona they got married…drona didn’t stop them..coz he realised his mistake..but not it was too late…too late…

Because of ekalavya’s great sacrifice, arjuna remained the best archer in the world..

But after 10 years… during an archer contest in hastinapur (any age group), a small boy of 9 years won…he made all of the participants loose..he even made arjuna loose..

Who was he??????

He was the great archer SANSKAR…

Ekalavya n swara’s son…



i know this is all bak bak n nothing else..im really sorry if i disappoint u…….


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