As soon as sanskar said that a man came and said
Man: yes
Sanskar: vishal so it was you right
Vishal: yes bro
They both hugged
Sanskar: adi don’t need to worry he is my friend
Adi: ok Jiju I should leave
He hugged swara
Adi: bye shona take care
Swara: bye
He left but his behavior wasn’t normal And swara could make it out easily
In night swara was thinking about adi when sanskar came
Sanskar: what happened jaan what are you thinking
Swara: sanskar don’t you think Adi’s behaviour was not good today
Sanskar: swara he was worried for you
Swara: sanskar why your friend did so…. Is this the thing to joke…. You know that adi loves me the most and how scared he was when he used to call him
Just then sanskar’s phone started ringing
It was adi.. sanskar lifted the call and kept it on speaker
Adi: Jiju I want to meet you both
Sanskar: adi at this time!! Is everything ok?
Adi: Jiju voh I want to tell you something..first you both please come here
Sanskar: ok we are coming
They both rushed there and saw adi behind the Badi as soon as they reached there and asked adi why he has called them there adi started crying!!
Swara: adi adi are u ok why are u crying
She hugged him

Adi: nothing is ok shona !! Your life is in risk
Sanskar: what are you saying adi
Adi: Jiju your friend is not a right person he loves shona and is making plans to divorce you both and take shona with him
Sanskar: how can you say that
Adi: Jiju he calls me everyday and blackmails me to do whatever he says to
Sanskar: he can’t do that he was my best buddy
Adi: Jiju I know u won’t believe and so I have recorded his and mine conversation
And he played a recording in his cell in which
Vishal: so aditya now you have to make both swara and sanskar fight a lot so that they both hate each other
Adi: how can I do that
Vishal: you have to do or else I will kill ur Jiju
Adi: I will tell everything to Jiju nd shona
Vishal: you can do anything bcoz at last swara has to be mine
And the recording ends and sanskar was hell angry
Sanskar: how dare he!!! I won’t leave him
He took swara and adi with him to mm
Sanskar: vishal vishal come out
Everyone came out hearing him
Vishal understood that he came to know everything
But after as an innocent

Vishal: what happened bro
Sanskar: bro seriously bro. If u consider me as ur bro then why u did this
Vishal: what did I do
Sanskar: ohh now see how innocent u r acting.. don’t u know what u have u have loved my wife my life
Vishal: oh so u came to know but only u know ur brother in law ur wide N ur family knows this how will you prove it to others
Sanskar: I have a proof
And he made him listen the recording
He was shocked that how come they got the recording
Sanskar was coming towards him but before that he took swara and ran away all the mm men also ran after them..


Guys I will try to post the second part today itself

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