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Recap- swasan sangeet

It was a morning full of love. It was the best day of Swara’s life
She was very much excited for her marriage that to with her love her SANSKAR

Sanskar and maheshwari family came with barat and sumi welcomed sanskar by doing his aarti…. Sanskar came and sat in the mandap and pandit Ji asked to bring the bride.. ragini and sumi brought swara and made her sit beside sanskar
They both exchanged Garlands and took seven vows hand in hand
Pandit Ji asked sanskar to fill vermilion in Swara’s hairline and put mangalsutra around her neck and now they were husband and wife
It was time for bidai. Though ragini and sanskar were there with swara she cried a lot. Sanskar anyhow made her sit in the car and consoled her..Swara’s grahpravesh was done and parineeta and uttara took her to sanskar’s room she went and sat on the bed silently. Sanskar came and locked the door. He went towards swara and kissed her forehead and said
Sanskar: Happy married life my love
Swara: same to you
Sanskar: you were very excited for this time….. then why are shying now??
Saying this he was leaning towards her lips. She closed her eyes and sanskar kissed her both eyes then cheeks then the nose tip and captured her lips he took out her jewellery took her in his arms and made her lie and they consummated.

Next morning
It was a beautiful morning, the birds were chirping and swasan were sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace. Just then sunrays fall on swara she woke up and saw herself in sanskar’s shirt she blushed thinking of last night and gave a peck on sanskar’s forehead and was about to go but sanskar HD her wrist and pushed her
Sanskar: where are you going…..let’s sleep together
Swara: sanskar today is my first day after marriage we have to go na.. you also get ready
Sanskar: ok vese swara if you have to get ready fast we can bath together
Swara: sanskar u r so shameless just get up
Sanskar was already ready when swara came out of washroom wearing a royal blue saree sanskar went and adorned her neck with mangalsutra and filled her hairline with vermilion….they went downstairs and did pooja with everyone
Ragini and pari began to tease them
Pari: so swara and sanskar how was your night!!!!
Ragini: you must have enjoyed a lot
Swasan were shocked
Just then a lady came inside the house sanskar was hell angry seeing her…. She was kavita
Kavita came and said: hi swara sanskar congratulations for wedding
Swara: thanks kavita
Kavita: but how long will it happiness last because u r going to get a good shock
Sanskar: what rubbish are u talking
Kavita showed them a video which is actually edited in which sanskar is trying to rape kavita

All were shocked and started questioning sanskar
Swara: kavita how dare you ..I know it’s all fake and edited pls stop it how dare u even think such about my husband!!!
Kavita: swara it’s not fake believe me and ya u too pls divorce him he will do wrong with u also
Swara can’t listen more she went and slapped kavita hard
Kavita became angry and took out her gun and shot it in the air
Sanskar came and pushed swara away from her now the whole family was at one side and kavita at one with the gun
Laksh called the police which made kavita more angry she was about to shoot sanskar but swara came in between and was shot
Sanskar shouted: swaraaaaaaa
Everyone rushed to swara she was bleeding badly sanskar got up and slapped kavita just then police came and arrested her sanskar went to swara took her in his arms and rushed to the hospital

PRECAP – swara saved…swasan romance and honeymoon

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    I breathed heavily thinking about Swara… it hurts …

    ufffff !!! soo awesome chappy dear .. loved it… specially shameless Sanskar… thnk u dear…

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