Swasan- I M Wid U (chapter 2)

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Chapter 2

Sanskar was looking at Swara lovingly and she was cleaning his wounds.

“Thank you Swara.” He said and she looked at him and gave him a confused expressions.

“For trusting me.” He continued.

“I can doubt on myself once Sanskar but not you, I know my Sanskar more than anyone.” She smiled and placed a kiss on his palm.

RamTa were looking them with proud expressions.

After some time, Doctor came out of Ragini’s room and following him everyone too came outside leaving Shomi.

Shekar came forward and held Sanskar from collar.

“Why you did this, Sanskar? How could you?” He shouted.

“I didnt did anything, Believe me.” He said looking at him.

But no one believed him, Shekar got angry and raises his hand to slap him but his hand was stopped in middle.

Everyone looked around and found Swara standing holding his hand.

“I know you are hurt with what happened to Ragini and information you got to know about Laksh but Sanskar is not at fault.” She said.

“How could you say this Swara? You were not there..? And the call confirms everything?” Shekar said angrily.

“Even you were not there and anyone can call and say something that doesnt mean it is always right. I trust Sanskar.” Swara said back calmly.

“Swara stop this. You dont know anything stay out of it, it is the matter related to my daughter.” Shekar said.

A hurt look passed Swara’s eyes, it is never she remember he took her side and said as her daughter and now he is standing and supporting Ragini. But right now Sanskar is more important to her.

“I have all rights to speak you are talking about my husband. We understand your grief and are quiet. This doesnt mean you will speak all shit.” She said loosing her calm.

Ap came forward and held Swara from shoulders.

“Swara dont belive him, first also he spoiled your life for his revenge and now in his anger he killed my son.”

Swara removed her hands from her shoulder and moved back.

“Mrs. Ap Maheshwari, he didnt spoil my life before, he saved me from spoiling my life. I cant even what could have happened to me if I would have married Laksh and I really feel sorry for you that you dont trust a pure soul and keep on doubting him again and again.” Said Swara.

“Dont you dare talk to my mom like this Swara.” Adarsh shouted coming forward.

“And dont you dare raise your voice on my wife.” Said Sanskar angrily to Adarsh.

He didnt argue for himself this doesnt mean he will listen something against Swara. His Swara.

“O. See who is saying this. A murderer.” Said Adarsh smirking at him.

“Dare you call him a murderer and nothing is proved so keep all this to yourself.” She said angrily looking at him.

“This is not proved doesnt mean reality will change, Swara.” Said Dp.

Swara looked at Dp and said.

“If you want to know reality than you must have proves with you, you dont know what people can do to prove others bad.” She said looking at Adarsh.

“Stop all this Swara. You always make me feel ashamed that I am your father.” Said Shekar coming forward.

“Not anymore Mr. Gadodia.” Said sumi coming down the stairs.

Everyone looked at her.

“You dont have to feel ashamed because of her. Because she is no more your daughter. She is only my daughter.” Said sumi.

“Mr. Gadodia. Your daughter slept and now if you will excuse us we all need to go to our home.” She said and looked at Swara and her family.

Shekar: You cant go like this. I will file complaint against Sanskar for killing my SIL.

Sumi: I dont want to do this but you are giving me no another option. See we understand your pain but this doesnt mean you will speak nonsense. If you try to harm my son than I will have to open the chapters of past again and you well very know what will happen next.

Then Rp, Sujata, Uttara, Swara, Sanskar followed Sumi to the outside.

Dp tried to stop them but they are pissed off with all the blames and left the house.

In Badi.

Shomi: Are you fine beta? (She said cupping Sanskar’s face, he nodded and smiled)

Sanskar looked at everyone

Sanskar: Why cant they believe me? Am I that bad?

Swara came forward and held his face.

Swara: No Sanskar. They are blind enough to understand you. I know you can never do this. Please dont be this way. We will find Laksh and prove them wrong.

Sanskar looked at her and she smiled and kissed his forhead.

“I M Wid U, forever.” She said. All were looking at them with tears in their eyes.

After some time,

Sanskar: But Laksh where he went? I remember when I left him, he was there only.

Swara: May be it is done by Adarsh Bhai only to prove you wrong as firstally me and Ragini proved your innocence.

Sanskar looked at her.
Sanskar: Why did you go there, Swara? Even when I denied you.

Swara: I am sorry Sanskar but I am selfish. I cant see my husband being accused for something he didnt do. I know you asked me not to unite you with the family. I never did that, i just proved that you were not guilty but Adarsh Bhai changed the game and blamed Sahil for everything.

Sanskar: Thank you.

Swara: No need to thank me Sanskar, I did this for me not for anyone else. What you thought even are what they did I will forgive them. For doing your sharad when you are…

Her voice choked and she started to cry. Sanskar hugged her and calmed her down.

Swara: Now also they accused you again. I will not leave them. We have to find truth.

Everyone nodded.

Sanskar: But adarsh is strong enough and we even dont have money with us. So first I have to reach to his place to get everything otherwise he will make things more tough.

Swara: What we have to do?

Sanskar: I will leave Kolkata as he will not allow me to work here.

Swara: When we have to go Sanskar?

Sanskar: Not we Swara only me.  I will go alone. I dont know where I will go and stay. You guys atleast stay here.

Swara: No. I will come with you.

Sanskar: I will not hear anything this time.

He said and walked inside to get his things leaving everyone shocked and shattered Swara.

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