Swasan- I M Wid U (chapter 1)

This ff will start from the track when SanLak were fighting on the road and SwaRagini was tensed for them..

This is a short story I will post next chapter if you wanted me to continue.. do tell via ur comments.

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Chapter 1

Sanlak are seen fighting on the road, both punching and hitting each other covered in blood and bruises.

Laksh punched on his face tightly, the blood came out of his mouth and then Sanskar punched in his stomach such that he fell down with force behind.

Sanskar picked up a stone from nearby and was about to hit him.


‘Bhai bhai bhai..’ shouted a baby Laksh of 8.

Sanskar (age 10) came running listening to his screams and saw a scared Laksh.

‘Lucky what happened?’ Sanskar asked concerned.

‘Bhai look..’ he show a insect crawling on his arm and made a scared face.

Sanskar without thinking removed it from his arm in this, insect bit him.

‘Dont worry, Laksh. Till i am here nothing will happen to you.’ Said Sanskar and hugged Laksh.

***flashback ends***

He threw the stone remembering the scenes.

‘I cant hurt him.’ He murmered and started to move back.

No matter what happens, a brother who protected you will never harm you until and unless it is going to help you.

On the other side,

Sahil was blamed as per Parish’s plan for everything happened and they said that he blackmailed them to do all this… so everyone trusted except Swara..

While going, Adarsh warned Swara to save Sanskar or Laksh.

Swara was scared listening to his words.

Ragini dialled Laksh’s number and he picked it up after 3 rings.

‘Laksh laksh where are you? Are you fine?’ Asked concerned Ragini.

‘Mam. I dont know. This phone was lying on the middle of the road where two people were fighting first.’ Said the man.

The phone gets cut and Ragini sat down crying.

Swara sat beside her and asked.

‘Ragini, what happened? Is everything fine? Where is Sanskar and Laksh? Pleasee speak something.’ Swara asked, tears rolling down her eyes.

At the same time,

‘Swaraaa..’ came the voice from the door and everyone turned around and was shocked to see Sanskar standing there in bad condition.
Torn clothes, blood dripping from his forhead, lips and hand.

Swara was the first to run towards him.

She slightly held him.

‘Sanskar.. what happened? Are you fine and thiss..’ she panicked seeing his state and cuts.

She slightly touched his head and he hissed.

More tears started to roll down her eyes, she supported him and made him come inside the house.

‘I am fine.’ Sanskar replied pressing her hand assuring her, but tears were falling down her eyes.

Ragini came in her senses and moved towards SwaSan.

‘Where is Laksh, Sanskar? You both were together?’ Asked Ragini.

‘We were together but I left and I dont know about him.’ He replied.

‘What do you mean by you dont know Sanskar?’ Ragini asked again.

He looked down not knowing the answer and cursed himself for leaving him behind, stress started to build in his mind too.

Swara looked at Sanskar for answer but maybe she didnt fail to read his expressions.

After couple of minutes of silence, Ragini’s phone again rang and she went all numb listening to the other side.

She was about to fall but Swara ran and held her.

‘Ragini.. Raginii..’ swara called her.

‘He killed my Laksh.’ Said Ragini blankly pointing towards Sanskar.

Everyone looked at her shocked and Sanskar’s neck snapped up.

‘What??’ He said loudly.

‘Police called and said that they found a dead body near lake and the evidences saying that body is of Laksh.’ She said again blankly.

She ran and stood in front of Sanskar and held his collars.

‘Why? Why? Why you killed him? Laksh is your brother and you… i know we did wrong with you but still how can you..’ accused Ragini shaking him from collar.

Everyone was in tears listening to this and was more shocked to see Ragini’s state.

‘I didnt kill him. He is my brother and how can I? I remember when I left he was alive and we were not even anywhere near lake.’ Said Sanskar looking at her.

Swara was looking at this silently and was trying to register all what is happening around.

‘No you are lying , trying to prove urself right. How can you? Sanskar..’ she said angrily.

‘Ragini belive me, i didnt do anything.’ Said Sanskar again trying to make her understand.

‘Last time Laksh was with you and you did this. Maa, papa, swara he killed my laksh.’ Said Ragini and started to cry..

‘He killed my laksh.. he killed my laksh.’ Saying this again and again, she fell unconcious.

Sanskar held her, while shekar moved forward and snatched her from his hold and picked her up and take her upstairs.

Everyone was too shocked to react.

‘Leave my daughter.’ Shekar snapped at Sanskar, Adarsh came forward and picked her up and Shekar called police.

Ap:(held him from collars): How dare you Sanskar?? I never thought you will do this? How could you?

Sanskar: Badi maa believe me, I didnt do anything.

Ap passed a disgusted look to him and pushed him.

Ap: dont call me bm.. u have lost the right.

Dp held her from shoulders and both went upstairs to check Ragini.

Shekar, Dadi, Parish, Ap and dp went towards RagLak room.

Shomi came towards Sanskar.

Swara: Maa. You go and check Ragini. She needs you now.

Shomi: But shonaa…

Swara: maa plsss..

Shomi nodded and left towards the RagLak room.

Swara left from there as well, Sanskar looked at her disappearing figure and felt bad..

But after some time, she came back with a first aid box in her hand and make him sit on sofa and started to do his dressing..

Sanskar: Swara, Trust me I didnt do anything.. i dont know Laksh and when I left..

Swara: I Trust you, Sanskar.. you need not to explain me anything. (She said blowing air on his wounds).

Sanskar looked at her lovingly..

Precap- Sanskar to leave Kolkata

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