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Recap : swara conffesion , sanskar out burst…..

Sanskar leaves in his car…while swara is crying bitterly in their room…!!

In car

Sanskar is driving rashly he stamps his hands in the steerings…remembering swara confession…

Sanskar ” why swara…why ! Why r u hurting me everytime..first u didnt cared about me , than u doubted me phir ab u came here for ur family…

do u care for my feelings swara nahi…apko hamare bare me kuch farak nahi padtha….

Do u know swara how much i love u….but more than that now i hate u swara i hate u….plzzz chale jao hamari zindugi se…..”

Saying so he stamps his hand on the steering….but soon a truck came in front sanskar tries to turn the car but before that CRASHHHHHHHH..

Sanskar is lying in the pool of blood….a man came down frm truck….nd sees sanskar…he calls someone….

Man ; kaam hogaye madam…paise…???
Os : u ll get that soon….
Man : thik hai….

Saying so the man goes frm there in truck….


Ragini was smiling evily ” kaam hogaye dadi maa…now no one will come in my ” said while sitting on the bed with her one leg on the other….

Dadi with lil tension ” ladoo abhi iss accident ke kya zarurath hai…”

Ragini getsup frm the bed ” zarurat hai dadi maa….this sanskar nd swara are the thorns in my way…if i did anything with sanskar than swara will automatically get diverted towards sanskar….in sab ke upar ye parivar….they ll suffer by seeing sanskar like this ”

Saying so ragini laughs evilly…dadi too smiles….


swara was arranging her clothes in cupboard…..she sees sanskar shirt….she takes it out….nd smells it…hugs it…after someminutes swara parted frm it…her mangalsutra got stuck with the shirt….

She tries to take it…but unkowingly her mangalsutra breaks nd the black beats falls on the floor….swara takes the beats with teary eyes…she starts to feel restless….

Swara calls sanskar but was not attending ” maybe he is not attending coz me…lets call him frm uttara mobile…!!”

Swara goes to uttara nd ask her mobile saying that her mobile is dead….uttara knowing the reason gives her phone….

Swara calls sanskar frm uttara mobz….but again its not answering….swara gave phone to uttara…nd says “uttara plzzz tell me if sanskar calls back…” uttara nods…nd swara leaves…..

Swara goes to her room nd calls him again finally the call got attend…

Swara ” sanskar plzzzz listen dont cut the call u dont need to speak to me but plzzz tell me are u safe or not…”

But the answer gave her 100 watts shock…the otherside voice ” mam vo here ek accident hogaye….we are taking him to city hospital ”

Mobile falls down from swara’s hand…she breaks down on the floor…..

To be continued….

Precap : what do u want guys xcept memory loss drama…

Guys do cmnts nd ask me what u guys want to see in the stry……

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    1. Mahavir

      thankx sus…

  1. Scooby

    Superu thangachi?? no memory loss drama ??? i hate them..plz try something new r we will talk…
    How did u manage to post all ffs.. Claps for ur wrk sis???

    1. Mahavir

      thankx akka…n we ll discuss if i get good response ll continue or this may be the last update frm my side akka….love u…

  2. Tamil

    Superb…..hope sanskar is fine…….update soon…..

    1. Mahavir

      thankx akka….

  3. Moon

    faking of memory loss

    1. Mahavir

      thankx dear….

  4. awesome

  5. no memory loss

  6. Superb………n plzz no memory loss drama………u can show swara caring sanskar but sanskar not responding n sanskar’s condition is critical n little bit romance……otherwise ur choice

  7. No memory loss drama plz.something new.

  8. Simi

    Awesome dear…
    No memory loss plz… Add something like swara taking care of sanskar against family’s wish

  9. Swarna01

    Thank god no memory loss bt. Also dnt have idea. Bt vry nyc.

  10. Ira

    Awesome …..

  11. Nice update

  12. Lovely os
    Pls update soon nd i have suggestion except memory loss.What about mood swings due to head injury and reverse reactions on various situation…i have read a fiction on some other site and i liked that if brain started giving anti response.
    If u interested then i can give a little detail

  13. Parulkashyap

    awesome epi maha dr

  14. upon ur Mercy

    FM my view u can do faking of the memory loss n NYC epi

  15. Did u personally delete my comment?

    1. Mahavir

      which cmnt dear i didnt delete anything nd we can delet also….

      1. Its showing now may be some technical issues
        Sorry for bothering

      2. Mahavir

        its ok dear…

  16. crazy princess

    nyc nd plzz no ML too boring upto u but make it very interestinggg

  17. Nice…

  18. Kakali

    Awesome..! Loved it Mahaaaaaaaaa..! Continue soon.! Thnk u.. ;-*

  19. Seebu_s

    loved it

  20. Jannatul.Nayma09

    Giving something mew lyk swara is taking care of sanskar n so on

  21. awesome

  22. Awesome

  23. Vyshu10


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