Hi everyone I m Anshupriya I new one here n big fan of SwaSan??. Its a Swaragini ff. I’ve seen many ffs on this site so i wanted 2 write 1 of my own n i m not so gud in writing n this is my 1st fan fiction so frndz plz tell me about how I write by ur thoughts in d comments section. Plz forgive me 4 mistakes. I m sorry. Now let’s start d story:-

Sanskar Maheshwari (Varun Kapoor)- Son of Dp, an IAS officer
Ap (Shalini Kapoor Sagar)- Mother of Sanskar n an Advocate
Dp (Nagesh Salwan)- Father of Sanskar
Parish (Akansha Chamola n Tarun Singh) died in an accident but they’ve a son named Raj who is vry close 2 sanskar
Swapna- A girl who takes care of Raj when Sanskar is out
(Guys u may imagine Shivansh Kotia as Raj n Meera Deosthale as Swapna)

Swara Bose (Helly Shah)- A bold reporter working in xyz news channel
No dadaji n dadi in my ff
Karthik Bose (Mayur Verma)- Swara’s cousin
(Sujata (Sonica Handa) n Rp (Amar Sharma) r Swara’s aunt n uncle)
Shekhar Bose (Sachin Tyagi)- Swara’s father n Rp’s elder bro
Shomi (Parineeta Borthakur)- Swara’s mother, Shekhar’s wife
Shekhar never gave a daughter’s luv 2 Swara but Rp considered her 2 be his own daughter n she too considered Karthik as her own bro
Sahil Sengupta (Anuj Sachdeva)- Swara’s fiancé who loves Swara more than anything, Cameraman in same news channel n her gud frnd

Ap comes in Sanskar’s room wid 2cups of coffee 2 wake him n Raj (he sleeps wid Raj)- Sanskar u should get married b4 it’s too late.
Sanskar- Mom its ur daily dialogue after Adarsh bhai’s death plz given me sometime.
Ap (shouts)- Its ur ans. 4 d past 2years 2day u r meeting a girl at lunch n that’s it.
Sanskar- Ssh… don’t shout Raj’s sleeping, he’ll wake up.
She leaves n he goes 2 get ready.

Shomi- Swara get up fast 2day’s ur engagement get ready quickly.
She shakes her.
Swara- Umm… Mumma plz.
Shomi- No.
Swara gets up n goes 2 her windows n gets into her memories when Sahil proposed her in their office, she didn’t said anything as she was tensed seeing employees all around n on everyone’s saying she slightly shook her head but he took it seriously she was quite as her family liked him very much. He was a caring n friendly person n days went n 2day was her engagement.
She thought no, she can’t do this but d nxt moment thought about her family n went 2 ready.

Sanskar at xyz restuarant according 2 Ap. He waited 4 40min. He got angry n thinks how could she be so late n calls Swapna n asks about Raj.
Swapna- He’s crying continuously, not listening 2 any1 n searching u.
Sanskar- Give d phone 2 him. (Gives)
I’ll come home Raj, don’t cry, my gud boy n pleads him. He stops crying n he cuts d call n is about 2 go just then a girl comes n says:-
Girl- Hi! Myself Kavita. I think u r Sanskar.
Sanskar- Hello!
She hugs him- U r looking handsome.
He 1st was irritated but now got angry n disliked her n broke d hug n went 2 office n at evening returns home.

*Precap:- Swara’s engagement wid Sahil n about Sanskar’s soulmate thoughts n Swara’s Mr. Perfect thoughts??*

Guys its ur decision that i would continue or not n ur valuable comments r wholeheartedly welcomed I would wait 4 ur decision b4 d nxt episode.

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