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Sanskar woke up at 4am n took his diary 2 c his schedule. He had 2 go 2 an engineering college on d outskirts of d city as chief guest by 8:30am. He was supposed 2 giv an inspirational n motivating speech. He started 2 preparing his speech. He got ready, kissed Raj’s 4head woke up Swapna n went 2wards d car n sat.

At 6am some1 came in her room n shouted in ear- Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…..
She jerked n woke up only 2 find Karthik beside her in half sitting position wid a bright smile on his face which meant a lot 2 her. She threw a Teddy on him n took cup of coffee which he brought n went 2 balcony.
Karthik- Di u remember u’ve to come 2 my college Right?
Swara- Yes my bro I remember everything.
Karthik- Di u r d best sis in d whole world n huged her.

She reciprocated.
Swara- U r also no less my cute bro now go n get ready.
After sometime, she came wearing a floral white T-shirt n faded jeans.
They came down n went 2 college.
10am College (till then only cultural events main function 1pm but Sanskar from mrng)
Karthik went wid his frndz while she was sitting in cant. n reading newspaper.
Just then she saw a small boy who worked there slipped n he had a tray wid some utensils which broke.
Owner came n started beating him very badly he started bleeding.
Sanskar was standing there only while d college girls were taking selfie wid him from 1 phone he saw d boy getting bitten.

He saw d scene n understood wat was happening he immediately went 2 stop him.
Till then a girl stopped him.
Caught his hand n shouted- Stoppp lifted d boy n placed him on table.
Sanskar was just seeing her wid some attraction.
(Guys u thought right she was Swara) She shouted 4 1st aid box n Sanskar gave it 2 her from his car immediately n starred her with luv.
She didn’t notice him. He felt he fell 4 her n she is his dream girl. Police came n arrested owner. Inspector came near Sanskar n saluted him. He came back 2 reality n saluted back. (He didn’t call them but every1 knows him) till then she went n he missed her.
He was called 2 give speech. She then saw him n felt very delighted by his speech. She was impressed 2 a gud extent. He started giving certificates. Everyone was shouting n hooting 4 d persons they knew. While Karthik was getting certificate Swara shouted- Proud of u dude.
Sanskar again saw her.

*Precap: Not decided yet.*

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