SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Last episode}

*****Last episode*****


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Part 42

How did she find him? He was in my office, then how did he escaped” thought sanskar

“What does he wants now? I hope he wont do anything to Sanskar this time. ” that was all what swara could think of at the moment.

“Uttara how did you find him?” Sanskar asked.

” That means bhai you know he was in your office?” Uttara asked shocked.

“Will you please tell me why have you brought me here madam? Who are they?” Parth intervened shocking everyone.

“Uttara ye..” swara started but was cut by uttara

“Bhabhi he is parth. He was my senior in college. On haldi day I went to bhai’s office to take file. There I saw him in such bad condition. I admitted him in hospital then and today he got discharged. But he has lost his memory. ” told uttara

“But bhai what was he doing in your cabin?” Asked uttara curiously making swasan go speechless.

“He actually came for an interview to my office. Then on haldi day Michael found him injured near office. He took him in office and was informing me when you took him. We were searching for him since then. Today you told you took him.” Sanskar quickly made up a story now knowing that Parth has lost his memory.

Swara all the time was looking at Parth who was looking around and seeing the house as if he came to another planet.

” Look madam please let me go. I dont know you Infact i dont know anything. Please let me go.” Parth said looking at uttara.

“Ouch” Parth shouted holding his head further.

“Bhai he is not well. Please let him stay here till he gets fine.” Uttara requested.

“No uttara. Let Michael take him. He will take care of him.” Sanskar said.

“Please bhai.” uttara requested again and that happened what SwaSan were afraid of. They could clearly see uttara’s love for Parth in her eyes.

Swara gestured Sanskar to agree after thinking something.

“Okay. He can stay till he gets fine.” Sanskar agreed reluctantly.

“Thank you Bhai.” Uttara beamed.

“Madam I dont want your favour.” Parth argued.

“Just be here till you get fine. As it is you dont remember anything. Where will you go?” uttara questioned him making him go silent.

“Okay.” Parth complied. Uttara started taking him to guest room. But he got disbalanced and in a reflex held Swara’s hand. Swara looked in his eyes and found him already staring at her. She immediately withdrew her hand. ParTra went while Sanskar side hugged her.

SwaSan Room

“Why did you asked me to agree to uttara swara? You know na how much I hate that man. ” Sanskar questioned her

” I know Sanskar. I hate that man too. Afterall he was the one behind your critical condition. Its just that I dont want to take risk. Maybe his memory is lost but i dont want to take any risk. Being in this house, he will be under our watch just like he was in your office. ” Swara explained.

” Hmm. How did you manage to have solution to all my problems. ” Sanskar asked pulling her through waist smiling.

” Because I am Super biwi Mr. ” Swara said wrapping her hands around Sanskar’s neck.
” Really? “Sanskar asked raising his brows.

” Yesss” Nodded swara

Both laughed. They looked into each other’s eyes and before they could know, they were already kissing. After few minutes breaking the kiss they joined their forehead.

“I’ll be back soon. Take care.” Sanskar said pecking her forehead and leaving for office.

***After a week***

Its been a week since Parth entered Maheshwari Mansion. Sanskar was usually busy in office with new project. He used to return late at night and go early and every now and then Uttara got a call from her teachers for class leaving Parth and Swara alone at mansion. Ram was away for a business trip.

Parth used to be silent all day but whenever his path crosses with swara, he tried to touch her or stare her making her uncomfortable.

One day as usual Swara and Parth were alone in mansion. Even servants were out. Swara nervously finished all her work and was heading towards her room quickly to lock herself till uttara returns so that she could escape Parth who was in his room then.

Before she could reach her room, she was pulled by parth in his room. She was going to shout but he closed her mouth with his palm.

“Shhh.. Its me darling.” Parth said caressing her cheeks making her disgusted.

“You lied.” Swara said on realising that he has not lost his memory.

“That’s right. It was just a way to be near you.” Parth said encircling her waist.

“Leave me Parth.” Swara struggled

“No ways. I have waited for this day since forever and finally its here. How can I let it go?” Parth said lustfully eyeing her.

“No ones at home. Come on swara no one will get to know. Just few hours. Bas.” Parth said going dangerously near her.

“Parth no. Leave me. I love Sanskar. This is not right.” Swara shouted.

“Oh shut up. Don’t dare take his name infront of me. God knows what he is made of. I shoted him but he got saved and then he kidnapped me and tortured so much. It calls for a revenge baby.” Parth said.

“Uttara came as an angel and saved me. I acted losing my memory since I wanted to enter Maheshwari Mansion to finish Sanskar.”

“And the best way of destroying him is destroying you.” He said gazing at her and pulling her in his embrace.

“Swara..” Sanskar murmured from behind making Swara Parth shocked.

She looked at him who was looking at her with tear stricken face.

“No.. This is not true. He has misunderstood the situation.” Swara thought.

“Sanskar its not what you thin…” swara, started but stopped seeing sanskar showing his hand asking her not to speak.

The situation had gone out of hand.


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