SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-9}



Sanskar stumbles seeing the person standing there and instantly leaves swara from his hold and whispers

Sanskar:? DAD!!!

Sanskar looked shock .. While Ram was just looking at him in anger … As kaveri and kavitha saw ram in anger … They thinks something with a smirks & rushed towards him with fake tears

Kaveri:(fake tears) dekhiye ram ji bahle hi sanskar had filled tat girls hairline …but u will not accept thz marriage rgt … U asked him to marry Shaka’s daughter I.e my daughter kavitha hai na

She looks at kavitha who was also faking the tears and
caresses her hairs

Ram looks at them and Transfer’s his gaze on sanskar … Walks towards him … Sanskar looks on tensedly coz he knows tat if he is Sanskar Maheswari then his Dad is Ram Maheswari who’s words was always his 1st priority but today he had gone against him by filling swara’s hairline ….
But he was a straight forward man with everyone and so with his dad ….so he didn’t hesitated to confess tat ..”.yes he filled swara’s hairline by his will”

Sanskar: yes dad …I filled her maang

He said looking into his dad’s eyes like a man …. Ram let a smile and hugged him like a proud father

Ram: I’m proud of u my son

He exclàimed proudly releasing the hug and patting his shoulder
While Sanskar, kavitha & kaveri looked on shock …

Sanskar: aren’t u angry dad … I filled her mang means I ….
Ram:(interrupts) u married her I know …& I’m not at all angry son
In fact I’m happy and feeling proud of u tat u had selected a right girl

He Looks at swara who was standing in shock numb not understanding wat happen with her a moment before …. Ram caresses her hair with a smile
While Sanskar looks on confused whereas kavitha and kaveri was shocked to hell

Kaveri:ram ji wat r u saying … Thz marriage is not true he just filled her maang tats it and more over she isn’t a perfect girl for Sanskar ….aur app tho want him to marry kavitha na ..shekar’s daughter not thz girl who is just a servant

She say’s thz pointing swara in anger ….while ram smiles

Ram: she is Swara …my friend Shekar’s daughter swara … Not any servant Mrs Kaveri

Sanskar immediately looked at swara in shock …swara eyes filled with tears

Sanskar: (mind) if she was a daughter of thz house …then y the hell they were treating her like a servant

He thought instantly like a confused man but soon realises tat they were her’s step mother and sister … His expression changed some fire formed in his eyes ….whereas kavitha & kaveri were standing in shock & confused

Ram:wat did u thought … tat I will send my son to marry ur daughter …. No never I know I haven’t told him abt swara coz I just wanted to test my son’s choice and decision … Tat can he see diff b/w angel and evil girl
And he did so …I’m proud of him tat his choice was right and my promise to shekar also came true and his daughter swara is my bahu

He say’s thz with proud … For which sanskar smiles … While kaveri and kavitha gupls in fear
Just then Johan comes there

Johan: Ram sir …
Ram:(looks at him) yes Johan … Keep the cars ready .. We r leaving from here with my bahu

He say’s thz with a smile looking at swara ….kavitha gets angry and goes towards swara …holds her hand tightly in anger

Kavitha 😕 no she isn’t going anywhere …she is a servant and will remain servant …not ur bahu
Kaveri:yes we will not let her go ?

Ram keeps hands on swara’s shoulder without caring abt their words …..while sanskar was just standing still…

Ram:chalo swara beta ..let’s go

He holds her hand… While swara looks up in tears and frees her hand from his hold …

Swara:no uncle ….my maa is rgt thz marriage isn’t true … Plzz leave me ..and I’m happy with my life….plzzz go away

Kaveri and kavitha smirks

Ram:but …
Swara:(cuts off) plzz uncle .. I wanna marry the person whom maa has chosen me

“Marry other man” thz made sanskar raged in anger and he holds swara’s hand and dragged her from there
While ram let a smile and looked at Kaveri and kavitha in blood shot eyes

Ram:stay away from my childrens …thz is a warring … U very well know abt my son

He say’s thz with a proud for which they gupls in fear … Ram leaves from there


Swara:ap yeh kya karahai …. Leave me ….I’m …

Sanskar looks back holding her tightly … She gupls in fear seeing his red eyes filled with rage …
He opened the car

Sanskar:? get in …

Swara Shriver’s in fear not moving

Sanskar: I said get in …? and dare u open ur mouth

He say’s thz making her sit in the car forcedly ….and takes a seat they leaves from there

Ram comes there

Ram:Johan …. They left
Johan: yes sir
Ram:hmm okay …

Ram also leaves from there

Soon they reaches to SM Mansion

He drags her outside the car and enters the mansion …. Suresh and dolly looked shock seeing him dragging a girl in anger

Sanskar goes to a room dragging swara with him ….and closes the door ….and looks back at swara with some kind of red angry eyes …… Swara fears and moves backward as he moves closer to her …..

Swara:(fear) aap …yeh ..

Her words left incomplete as he pulls her closer to him and pins to the wall ….

Sanskar:? how dare u think of marrying any other man

He literally shouts at her. .. While she shivers in fear but manages to reply him in a trembling voice

Swara:…. Dekhiye … I know wat want from me …but i already……. told u………… tat I’m not ……..tat type of girl so leave……….. me now itself instead ………..of leaving afterwards and let me. ….marry .. The …person whom …..

Sanskar:?(cuts off) hey u r already married …to me fit thz in ur damn head ….tat YOU R JUST MINE … Ur everything is mine … I’m the only man who have rights on u…

He shouts holding her by shoulder tightly …. MADNESS and passion can clearly seen in his eyes … While she stands numb seeing his red eyes

Sanskar: ? and how dare u obey tat mental bustard …. When he asked u wear thoz type of dress
….answer me ….answer me I said

He shouts at the top of the voice she shivers in fear and looks at him instantly

Swara: (fears) ….wo… I…
Sanskar: (cuts off)? u obeyed tat fellow ..then y not me …waise bhi now I have full rights on u in every way …

His tone was so dangerous filled with madness and passion for her .for which.swara looks up in shock and fear …

His eyes were filled with Madness ….but LUST was also there hidden deep in his eyes …which was showing now… He removed her duppata and pressed him against her so deep tat her eyes filled with tears

Swara: (tears) plzz don’t do thz… I ….aahhhhh

She winces in pain as he bites her neck

Sanskar:? will u obey other man ever …

He say’s thz kissing her bited area ..in a dangerous tone while she was feeling uncomfortable and digusted by all thz
And starts protesting

Swara:plzz leave me…. I obeyed him coz….
Sanskar: (cuts off) give me the damn answer will ever obey to other man

He dangerously shouts and removes her back zip in one go…
She looks on shock and holds her front cloth keeping her hands covering her dignity
….her eyes filled with tears … While his eyes filled with madness and passion for her …
He keeps his hand on her’s and tries to removes her hand from the hold of dress

Swara:(tears) no..no..plzz… I beg… U….plzz….don’t do …thz

She literally beg him ..but he didn’t cared abt her tears … Coz he don’t LOVE her ….it was just OBSESSION …his want turned to need … Yes she was no more his want …instead now she is his need …. He forcedly was abt to take off her hand but just then there was a knock on the door
He looks irritated

Sanskar: whoz tat
Voice:bhai it’s uttara … Open the door …

His eyes turned soft hearing uttara’s voice …he looked at swara and left her from his hold …and opens the door only to find uttara standing there with a bright smile

Sanskar: uttu ..

Before he could say …she drags him outside

Uttara:bhai… Dad asked u to meet him in study …it’s urgent it seems …so gooooo

She pushed him …he shakes his head with a smile and leaves from there …

Uttara takes a sigh and goes insed the room only to find swara weeping silently covering her body … She smiles sadly and goes towards swara …and sits beside her

Uttara:I’m sorry ….on behalf of my bhai …

She say’s thz concernly keeping hands on her shoulder … While swara looked up in tears .. With a confused look

Uttara:can I hug u ..BHABHI

She say’s thz and hugs swara without hearing her reply …
Swara hugged her back like a innocent child … Tears rolled down from her cheeks … She cried out a loud .. Uttara didn’t stopped her but her eyes also filled with tears … Thz was the 1st time swara cried out her heart coz she got a shoulder in the form of a friend …..finally there was someone who had mercy on thz innocent soul..


So guys how was epi …hope u all liked it

Thank u all ???

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