SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-8}




Kaveri: Mrs Sharma ….where is ur son he isn’t looking anywhere

She asks Mrs sharma who have came to gadodia house to take a look of her would be DIL … I.e swara

Mrs sharma: kaveri ji .. He may be on his way ………

Her words left incomplete by a voice …

Voice: mummyyyyyyy

Mrs sharma and kaveri looks back to see a man standing there … And gets happy … While kaveri and kavitha smirks evily
The man comes running and hugs Mrs Sharma

Mrs Sharma: where were u NIKHIL
Man:mummy i have gone to watch a movie …and u know tat movie was so nice ….I liked it so much
Kaveri: abt which movie u r talking nikhil

Nikhil was abt to say but Mrs Sharma interrupts

Mrs Sharma: Ahem…Ahem kaveri ji …u know right abt which type of movies he is talking

She exclaims staring kaveri….
Kaveri smirks

Kaveri: yeah I know ?
Mrs Sharma: kaveri ji … Now my son also came … So swara ko bolalaye tho accha hoga
Kaveri:sure Mrs Sharma … (To kavitha) ladoo say her to come

Kavitha nodes and shouts swara’s name

Kavitha: swara ….swara … Swara lo aagai

Swara comes there with a tray of tea cups held in her hand ….she was dressed in a simple pink chudidar …was looking simple but elegant …though pains never earsed She nicely covered all her pains with a fake smile on her face ….. Kaveri looks back with a smirks

Mrs Sharma: oh she is beautiful … (To nikhil) nikhu beta u wanted a girl right … Look at there how is she …

She points swara …nikhil looks and began to clap like a menta
Though he was looking like in his 20s …but his behavior was saying something else

Nikhil: mummy she is yummy

He say’s thz flipping his tounge like a dirty fellow…. A tears escaped swara’s eyes but she wiped it immediately … While kaveri and kavitha smirks
Swara comes towards them and was abt to serve the tea …but kaveri stops her

Kaveri: swara …take nikhil to ur room …talk with him for sometime … And do whatever he asks u to do

She gives a stretch to the last line while saying it .. Actually she was warning her indirectly
Swara just nodes in fear …
Kaveri smirks and turns to nikhil

Kaveri: nikhil u can go with her

Nikhil shakes his head. … Both leaves to the room
There was a call on Mrs Sharma’s mobile. ..she excuses herself and leaves from

Kavitha: wah mom wat a match u found for swara …hahahahaa ??? a mental who is dirty minded …hahaha ..perfect match hahaha now it will be more fun to see tat sl*t swara getting married to a mental ….. And seeing her suffering makes me so happy mom
Kaveri: I know my dear now her life will completely turn into hell ?

Sanskar who just came there heared there talks and fumes
No he didn’t cared abt anything but All his attention and focus was taken by 2words I.e swara’s marriage …thz 2words made him fume in anger …… He walks towards kavitha and stands …
Kaveri and kavitha looks on shock …they gupls

Sanskar: where is swara

He just ordered them to say like a straight forward person ..for which. They replied him instantly

Kavitha: in her room …but …

Her words left incomplete … As he rushes towards swara’s room without caring abt her next word

His eyes falls on the window of swara’s room … He stands there hearing them

Here in the room

Both swara and nikhil were seated on the bed …. Swara’s head was bend in fear … Whereas nikhil smiles mentally

Nikhil: ur name is swara right

Swara nodes in fear

Nikhil:hmmmm okay ….. Look at thz pic …u should wear same clothes from now onwards I don’t like which u r wearing now

He say’s showing her a girl pic who is dressed in short clothes
….she looks on …. Tears rolled down from her eyes … She wants to run from here …but she was scared of kaveri … She reminces her warning and nodes in fear …
Which made sanskar anger to rose more like hell .. One can clearly see a passion … Some kind of rage in his eyes which is too complicated to understand
But he stood still clutching his fist in anger ….hearing them further

Nikhil:(claps) hahaha good … Then come remove thz clothes and wear thz dress … Come

Swara looks On shock …. Whereas sanskar was ready punch him anytime

Nikhil:come na …come I will remove ..hahaha

He moves towards swara and helds her duppata …..while she moves backward in fear but…he pulls her duppata and throws it somewhere …..and laughs like a Mad … Sanskar looks on ßhock …
Whereas tears rolled down from swara’s eyes …she immediately covered her chest with the hands

Swara: wa..t …. r…. u ….do..ing … Plz stay away

She asks in a feary trembling voice

Nikhil:no no no tat aunty asked u to obey me na ….so come I will remove ur clothes

He laughs like a mad and moves closer to her …. While she gets fear and runs towards the door
Tries To open the door …but it was locked from outside … She widen her eyes in shock … She starts banging the door
While sanskar was standing still with raged eyes

Nikhil: hahaha u r playing with me ….hahaha I will catch u

He moves closer to her ….but she moves a side and was abt to run but nikhil holds her in thz process her sleeves got tored
Her body shivered in fear .. She covered her body with both hands …. While nikhil Laugh’s and moves closer to her …

Thz was it for sanskar .. His eyes turned red in anger … His anger rosed so high tat it became hell … He just kicked the door in rage and entered the room
Swara looks shock to see him … Nikhil looks confused
Whereas sanskar looks at swara then transfer his gaze on nikhil he walks towards him with a blood shot eyes ….. Nikhil was just staring him …he holds him and bangs his head to a wall
Tat he fell unconscious on the floor ….swara shocks

Kaveri and kavitha comes there and gets shocked to see the scenario …


Sanskar turns to her with a blood shot eyes ….she gupls in fear

Kaveri:mere matlab sanskar yeh app nai kiya …..y did u beat him
Kavitha: haan sanskar ji .. He is swara’s would be husband

At thz his eyes turned in some kind of anger ….he instantly shouted

Sanskar:? no she isn’t marrying him …….not only him … No one …she shouldn’t marry anyone
Kavitha:sanskar ji swara wanna get marry so let her do so …. Ha na swara

She warned her indirectly …. Swara looks up and gets fear

Sanskar:? no she isn’t …..
Swara:(interrupts) haan kavitha is right …I want to get marry … Waise bhi I have attained the age of marriage ….and it’s high time I have to get married …..(to kaveri) maa I’m ready for thz marriage .. I will get marry to nikhil …

Kaveri and kavitha smirks evilly
Whereas sanskar goes towards her in rage and helds her shoulder

Sanskar:? u aren’t marrying anyone got tat …… U can’t marry

He say’s thz looking straight in her eyes in rage ….while she shivers in fear but still manages to reply

Swara:no …I will get marry … I want to marry ….(trembling voice)
Sanskar: (cuts off) oh so u wanna marry huh!

Saying thz he holds her wrist and drags her from there ….. While Kaveri and kavitha follows them in shock

Swara:(tears) plz leave me …

She struggles to free herself from his grip but he doesn’t let her to do so ….and jerks her in the hall
…..he looks here and there in search of something ….just then his eyes falls on the knife kept on the table …he takes it …. Swara,kavitha, Kaveri looks on shock. ..swara fears and moves backward but he holds her wrist and pulls her closer to him ….

Sanskar:?u wanna marry rgt ….
So come lets do ur wish true

He keeps the knife b/w his palms and clutches it … Blood starts ozzing from his hand … All looked shock …but he was just staring swara in some passion…


She stopped …as he pulled her more closer to him … Leaves knife and keeps his blood full palm on her head … Thus, her hairline fills with the blood …
Swara widens her eyes …which is filled with tears whereas kavitha and kaveri was shocked to hell ……
While sanskar was just staring swara …just a voice comes

Voice: Sanskar

Sanskar turns …he stumbles and leaves swara from his hold and whispers

Sanskar: DAD ..


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