SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-7}



Swara will be serving the lunch to Sanskar ….. While he was just staring her …. But thz time there is something else rather than the lust in his eyes in his gaze but wat it is?? …. His eyes were just fixed on her like he wants to see just thz girl throughout his life …. But was he one girl man type? No obviously not ….then wat it is tat is sparking in his eyes … Was it just lust …no obviously not there is something more seen which is so complicated

His lusty gaze on her was making her feel disgusted and uncomfortable but she kept quiet bearing everything which she always does so ….

Sanskar: ahem … water

He say’s thz staring swara
Swara gives him a glass of water .. He takes it touching and caressing her hands lustly ….
Her eyes widen in shock … She immediately backs her hands
He smirks and drinks the water still staring her

All thz was gone noticed by kaveri and kavitha … Who’s concentration was more on them than on lunch …..they fumes seeing sanskar’s gaze fixed swara
And was waiting for the right time to show their b*t*h side

Sanskar finished his lunch …. Just then he gets call from Johan

*on call*

Sanskar: yes Johan
Johan: hello sir … I have arranged everything as per u said and as per ur choice sir
Sanskar:good …. I’m coming ( smirks)
Johan: okay sir

*call ends*

He looks at kaveri and kavitha ..
They a gives him a force smile …
He raises eyebrows ..turns his gaze on swara … She bends her hand in fear …he smiles and leaves from there

As soon as he left … Kaveri and kavitha got up from the chair and drags Swara to a room ..

Swara: maa …maa kavitha ..wat happen ..
Kavitha:? y so hurry …wait u will come to know …

Saying thz she pushes her … Swara falls on the floor .. Swara looks on shock

Kaveri:? ladoo close the door

Kavitha smirks and closes the door ….kaveri takes a belt and walks towards swara … Swara widens her in shock … Her body starts shivering with an known fear ….and was sweating badly with trembling lips … Her eyes filled with tears …. She moves backwards still sitting on the
Floor …while kaveri walks towards her with a smirk …

Swara: (tears) ma ..maa .. Plzz.. Plzz …no…maa … Plzzz

She say’s thz in trembling voice while kaveri lifts up the belt and beats her on shoulder so hardly tat her sleeves tored ….. Swara screams in pain … Kavitha laughs … While kaveri began to beat her brutally …. Swara’s scream , cry , tears , pain , was just witnessed by the room where she is beaten up …. There was not a single person who can save her from such a cruel people …. Who is least bothered of her pain and cry …was Beating her like she is any animal…

Swara:(tears) maa..maa I beg u. Maa …..don’t beat me ….. Meri galti kya hai ma …aaaaaaaaaaaa

Swara was pleading ….actually begging kaveri to leave her … But she was merciless enough not to do so …. She was beating her brutally and mercilessly … Not even once thinking abt her innocent soul …her pure heart with which she always loved them in spite of their cruelty
Finally… Her screams stopped. .. Her tears dried cause now she was tried and weak enough to let a word also…. But kaveri didn’t stopped her cruelty on her innocent soul …..kavitha was just enjoying thz scenario like a movie Is going on there … After sometime
At last ..kaveri stopped and moves towards Swara …holds and lifts her face which was turned pale like hell …she smirks

Kaveri: don’t u ever try to drool over my son-in-law .. Warna ajam bura hoga …?
Kavitha:she is same like her mother mom …rich boy dekha nai …they will drool over him .. Huh! Dirty slurts ?
Kaveri: haan ladoo …?

She jerks swara’s face … Both kaveri and kavitha smirks and leaves from there
Tears rolled from swara’s cheeks … Her heart was crunching hearing cheap abt her mother… She wanna die but death is also so cruel to her tat it also doesn’t want her to take away … Like there is a reason behind her life…..tat she will get to know soon …!!!
Thz world was always cruel to her which she always accepted as her fate ….
…..but will her faith ever change ?

She cries looking at her wounds caused by beatings from her step mother ….she caresses it and cries …thz wasn’t a 1st time she was beaten up ..but it pains ..rgt!!!


Mean while

A room is shown … Where Sanskar is kissing a girl all over her nape …like a lusty devil .. He was kissing and biting overall her Neck ….while she moans in pleasure

Girl:aahh ..ahh ..

At once he stopped kissing her …
As he reminces swara’s wince when he bited her …he lifted his face and looked at the girl … He was hallucinating swara in her .. His lips curved in a cute smile … He touched her cheeks and caressed in a different way …. Which wasn’t Lust ….there was some kind of passion in his chocolate brown eyes … He moved closer to her and was abt to place his lips on her’s lips but soon his hallucination broked .. He looked to find a different girl … And stepped a back ….
Shakes his head and leaves from there …while the girl stands shocked seeing his behavior


Kavitha:? mom we have to do something …u saw na mom how Sanskar was staring Swara … Wat if he marry her ins….
Kaveri:(cuts off & shouts) ? nooo thz shouldn’t happen … We can’t let thz happen … We can’t lose Sanskar’s property … We should do something …
Kavitha: yes mom

Just then something strikes to kaveri’s mind … She dails a number while kavitha looks confuse

*on call *

Kaveri: Mrs sharma … U were searching a match for ur son right
Mrs sharma:……
Kaveri: I have a girl ..who will be a perfect match for ur son ..
Mrs sharma:…..
Kaveri: hmmm 1crore chalega ..
U can give me 1crore … And the girl’s name is Swara …u can come to meet her 2mro …actually u can get her married to ur son 2mro itself
Mrs sharma:….

*call ends*

Kaveri smirks…

Kavitha: (happy) wow mom … Really u r too intelligent .. Abb aye ga maza ??
Kaveri: tats rgt

Both smirks evily


Precap: Special episode


How was the epi guys ..hope u all liked it …. And tell me which ff do u want me to post ..
1) swasan ! I love u!!
2)swasan! Lust obsession Love !!

Thank u all ????

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