SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-6}


Sanskar will be looking outside the window…. Thinking abt swara …

Sanskar p.o.v

She is so innocent….I don’t understand y she fears so much but morning when I saw kavitha and Mrs Gadodia torturing her .. One thing I understood very well tat she is strong from inside bearing all the torture and a scary chicken from outside …I let a laugh …in need she was but whatever it is ….she is just different ….. She is something which I wanna solve
Just then my eyes falls on a girl playing with some kids …. Her back was facing me … Her figure was making me crazy .. Her slim tone waist and a long silky hairs I was desperately waiting to take a view of her …..

“Palat palat palat” is the words I was repeating wanting her to turn….. As she turned my heart skipped a bit ….she is …she is my lust…. Hmmm wats her name … Hmm yes SWARA …. OMG she is smiling with those kids playing and enjoying with them ..I was mesmerized to see her sweet smile …. I never thought she can smile also but I guess she finds her happiness with those kids
But how come she here cause I made her sleep on the bed after she refused me and fainted ….yes she refused me
….thz girl dare to refuse me to Sanskar Maheswari which no one dare to do ….but I didn’t got angry on her ….something in her is making me crazy for her…. She is the 1st girl who refused me and 1st girl abt whom I’m thinking thz much

Sanskar p.o.v ends

He stares her….her each body part so lustly …everything of her is just perfect for him … His gaze falls on her lips and feels a
urge to kiss her soft lips which is stretched in a smile all of her was driving his crazy more and more for …..he see’s her coming inside making the lusty man to wakeup fully

Sanskar: I want her now …

He say’s thz in determine look and walks out of the room
……..finds her doing some work in the kitchen …..he straight away enters the kitchen and holds her hand. …she gets startled by the sudden gesture of his …. And looks at him in fear

Swara:(fear)app yahan….
Sanskar: (cuts off) u were fainted rgt Aur now how come u here
Swara:ya ….I ….was… fainted ….but now I’m fine ….i have to prepare lunch so I……

Her words left incomplete as he drags her with him holding her tightly

Swara:….wat r u doing & Y r u doing thz ..plz leave me ….plzz .. Leave me… Plzzz

She cries but he being a lusty devil didn’t pay a heed to her cry and just drags her to a room …
Closes the room door still holding her hand in his one hand ….. She gets frighten ….. A fear to lose her dignity captures her heart … He turns and looks at her from top to bottom with lusty eyes … She feels uncomfortable and disgusting by his gaze on her .. And moves backwards still pleading him to leave her … While he was just meant to satisfy his lust …moved closer to her

Swara:(tears) plzzz ….leave me … U r gonna marry a girl soon … Don’t do thz …..kavitha will feel bad and hurt ….plzz don’t do thz ……(trembling tone)

But was he a man who cared abt others rather than his loved ones … No obviously not … Then y will he care abt kavitha being hurted not ….and y would he care abt swara’s tears ….

Sanskar: I don’t care ….I just want u …now

He Say’s thz pulling her closer to him ….caressing her soft cheeks seductively …he know his one touch was a magic to all other girls ….but was she belongs to those girls …no obviously not
She feels disgusted by his one touch

Swara:(tears) I’m not tat type girl ….which u r thinking so leave me plz …thz all is bad ….I beg u leave me

She say’s thz in a shivering voice …as he sneaks his hand around her waist pulling her more closer to him …she looks on shock and was abt to say something ….but all of a sudden he pins her to a wall and keeps his fingers on her lips

Sanskar: sshh …look I don’t wanna force u ….u just cooperate with me and in return u will get whatever for which u r longing for …..but I want u at any cost …. Just a night …..after tat I won’t disturb u …

He lustly caress her soft juicy lips wanting to capture and lock it by his rough lips while she feels disgusted hearing his talks ….”am i looking him a one night stand” ….she thinks soon her thoughts were broken as he pulls duppata from her chest and stares her covered curves lustly …. She gets shock and tries to cover her chest with her hands but he holds her hands pins it above her head …..she starts struggling to free herself from his grip…. But he was strong enough to not let her to do so …and keeps staring her curves lustly and press his body against her’s …..so hardly and deeply tat leads to touch their body parts to eachother….. He wasn’t in his sense …now he was just a lusty devil ..who just wants to satisfy his lust ….. Tears of helplessness rolled down from her eyes
She cries …

Swara:(tears) plzz I beg u …plzz leave me …I beg u ….don’t do thz ..

But he was least bothered to listen her …as now his mind was captured full of lust to thz girl who is pleading him …..and abt his heart …do he really have a heart …yes he has heart but only for his loved one’s ….and swara was no one to him …then y would he think or feel from his heart abt her …

His lusty chocolate brown eyes … Her beautiful doe eyes filled with Perl’s of water was just opposite to each other….
He leans towards her lips and brushes his lips slightly to her lips … He rolled his eyes looking at hercause A current passed his body sending a shiver to his spine
She is 1st ever girl who made him feel like thz …..
while she widens her eyes in shock and helplessness of not able to stop thz lusty fellow
He was feeling nice but he ignored it …and leans to her neck
Nuzzling his face on her neck … He places a wet kiss on her neckline and bites it …. While swara who was feeling uncomfortable and disgusting under his touch ….winces in pain

Swara:aaah …ahh

Her sweet melodious win acted like a fire on his burning desire and lust ….he instantly left her hand from his hold and keeps his hand on her back …slightly slids her back zip … Her heart started beating fastly in fear of loosing his dignity …..her eyes filled with pure water … Before he could unzip her fully …she hugged him tightly …..he stumbles by her sudden action

Swara:(tears ) plzz don’t touch me ….u said u will not force me rgt …..plz don’t do thz to me I’m feeling disgusted of all thz ….I’m feeling uncomfortable …. I don’t wanna lose my dignity ….so don’t do thz to me

She cries ……he releases the hug and looks at her whoz eyes were shining in tears …..he was surprised cause of her rply …..but he really did liked her way of telling truth

Just then they hears a car sound
Thz caused Him to turn her face as a result she frees herself from his grip and runs from there leaving him behind ….

He raises his eyebrows ….his lips curved into a cute smile… He shakes his head and walks outside the room …..only to find kavitha and kaveri standing with lots of bags in their hands

Kaveri:? ayyy swara … Swara

Swara comes there

Swara:haan maa
Kavitha:? stupid girl … Take thz bags and keep inside

Swara takes bags from their hands…. Her hands starts paining as it was burnerd cause of thz b*t*hes kavitha and kaveri … But she didn’t let out a scream or wince ..just closed her eyes in pain ……

Kaveri:Aur haan after keeping thz bags …arrange the table for lunch ….?

Swara nodes and leaves from there
Sanskar was just viewing all thz


How was the epi guys ….hope u all liked it …..
Thank u all
Love u all ????

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