SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-39(b)}


Hey guys this is Ridz back with an update. The story is coming to end in next 4 to 5 parts. 

Guys for today’s part I would say that please listen to tumse milke dil ka hai jo haal song from main hoon na movie if you have not listened or you wont be able to enjoy swasan qawwali nights ???

So here you go with today’s part. 

Part 39 (b) 

Same Day evening

It was mehendi ceremony. Swara was all clad in green velvet lehenga with golden jewellery. She sat in the centre of the hall  while the mehendi artists started putting mehendi in her hands. 

Taneja mansion was lively with ladies and girls chirping and giggling all around. Other ladies were also putting mehendi and meanwhile Ragini and Uttara along with some other girls danced on “Mehendi hai rachne wali.” 

The Gents were given a corner in the hall and they were admiring everything from there. Everyone was watching dance but Sanskar’s eyes were only fixed on his bride who was smiling whole heartedly watching the dance and enjoying to the fullest giving him a sense of satisfaction. Swara’s eyes met his and they had a lovely short eyelock. Sanskar could see all the joy in her eyes.  Seeing your love happy, what else do you need from life? 

Sometimes later

Swara was sitting in corner admiring her hands which were now full of henna. “SANSKAR” so beautifully the artist had engraved it on her hand yet not properly visible so that it becomes difficult for Sanskar to find it. She looked around and found everyone in pairs. The males were feeding their wives. DP to AP, Laksh to ragini and Ram to Uttara. She was feeling hungry and was waiting for dadi to finish off with her dinner so that she can feed her. 

She got up and went to kitchen to have a glass of water. She tried holding the glass from wrist preventing her mehendi to get spoiled but was not able to. Suddenly the glass was in air and was near her mouth. She drank full glass of water. 

“Thank U sanskar. ” she said leaning on his cheat as he back hugged her after placing the glass on the slab.” 

“You could have called me swara. ” he said

” You were busy with guests so I didnt. ” she said still in his embrace. 

He gently pecked her cheeks and she smiled. 

” Come lets have dinner. ” he said serving a plate. 

They came out sitting in the corner talking randomly while he fed her. 

” Are you happy Swara? ” he asked

” Happy? I am super happy Sanskar. I am getting a fat indian wedding which was always my dream. Moreover I got a family that didnt let me miss my parents for once and that is all because of you. I love you. ” she said looking at him lovingly. 

” I love you more. ” he replied

” Hmm. That we will get to know when I will see my mehendi color. Do you know more the husband loves you, darker the mehendi gets. Lets see how much you love me. ” she said teasing him. 

” Is it madam? Then this mehendi will be darkest because I love you so so much. No one would ever have loved anyone like the way I love you swara. You are my life and I cant live without you. ” he said with genuineness in his eyes. Swara was overwhelmed listening to him. She sometimes wonders what she did that she got such a loving partner. 

Kavita kaveri were standing behind cleaning the area and were boiling listening them. 

Few minutes later Maheshwaris were ready to depart from taneja mansion while tanejas were seeing them off. Sanskar looked at swara who was lost somewhere thinking about something or someone. She looked at him and faked a smile.

Sanskar got confused but still reciprocated the smile and left. On the way he was thinking about swara and just then he realised

“Oh no. How could I forget it? ” he said to himself. On reaching maheshwari mansion he made few calls and then informing Ram and Uttara he left for somewhere.

Swara on the other side changed her clothes. Her mehendi was dry now so she called up sanskar for their usual night conversation but he didnt received the call. 

But just then she got a text from him

“Swara baby, I got an urgent night video conference with London clients. I will talk to you tomorrow. Bye. Good night. Love you??”

She smiled looking at tge text and lied on bed replying “love you too. Take care”

Tired from the events that day, soon she was engulfed in deep sleep. 

Next morning 

Swara was arranging breakfast on dining table just then 

” Swara didi” her hands stopped in mid and she turned around only to find her adi standing. 

Both ran towards each other and hugged. Tears of happiness were not stopping from swara’s eyes on seeing her brother before her. He indeed held an important place in her life since he was all she had before sanskar entered her life. 

“Adi, you here. Who brought you from hostel? ” swara asked cupping his face. 

” Its your wedding di. How can I miss it and jiju brought me here last night. ” he said pointing towards him where he stood with his hands in his pockets smiling as the duo along with rest of the family members. 

She looked at him beaming. Such was their love. He fulfills all her wishes even before her saying. This was the reason she was upset last night. She was missing her brother and Sanskar as soon as he figured this out,left to pick him up from hostel. This was his night conference. 

The elders with adi went giving them privacy. He came towards her and she immediately hugged him. 

“Thank you Sanskar. ” she said 

” Shh. How can I afford my princess to be sad on wedding and it was my fault, adi should have been here yesterday only. ” he said caressing her hairs and pecking her forehead. 

” Bas bas jamaisa” Dadi said from behind covering her eyes while he rolled his and swara shied away. 

He was going back to MM while swara came out to see him off. Grabbing the opportunity that no one was looking she gently pecked his lips and blushed. He was shocked but then smiled

“See you in evening. ” he said sitting in his car. She stood watching the car going with a smile never leaving her face. 

In evening 

The sangeet was being organised at Maheshwari Mansion and Tanejas had already reached. All were getting ready with Swara in hers and Sanskar’s room while Sanskar was in guest room with Adi. 

It was Qawwali nights so everyone was dressed according to it with a small cap on head (I dont know proper description about the dress. Google it ??) 

SwaSan descended down the stairs hand in hand and people were admiring the new couple. After sometime as Swara was busy chatting with Ragini and uttara, just then lights went off and focus light fell on males who all were sitting on a mattress (qawwali set up) and the music started. 

(All)- Ishq Jaise Hai Ek Aandhi, Ishq Hai Ek Toofaan

Ishq Ke Aage Bebas Hai, Duniya Mein Har Insaa

Ishq Mein Sab Deewane Hain, Ishq Mein Sab Hairaan

Ishq Mein Sab Kuchh Mushkil Hai, Ishq Mein Sab Aasaan

Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parvane

Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum

(Sanskar) – Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Hal Kya Kahein

Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein ..(2)

He got up and pulled swara in middle and started dancing around her while she was tapping her feet on beats blushingly 

Dil To Hai Ek Raahi Jaana, Dil Ki Tum Manzil Ho

Dil To Hai Ek Kashti Jaana, Jiska Tum Saahil Ho

Dil Na Phir Kuchh Maange Jaana, Tum Agar Haasil Ho

Dil To Hai Mera Tanha Jaana, Aao Tum Mahfil Ho

(All) – Ishq Se Hain Saari Khushiyan, Ishq Se Barbaadi

Ishq Hai Paabandi Lekin, Ishq Hi Aazaadi

Ishq Ki Duniya Mein Yaaron Khwaboon Ki Aabaadi

Kho Gaya Wo Jisko Manzil Ishq Ne Dikhladi

Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazaare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parvaane

Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum

(Laksh) – Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahein

Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kyaa Kahein …(2)

Now RagLak as well joined swasan on floor and started dancing. 

(Durga Prasad) – Tumko Pooja Hai, Tumhari Hi Ibaadat Ki Hai

Hamne Jab Ki Hai To Phir Aise Mohabbat Ki Hai…(2)

DP sand Looking at blushing AP (inka romance bhi bnta hai ??) 

(Sanskar) – Dil Mera Paagal Hai Jaana, Isko Tum Bahla Do

Dil Mein Kyun Halchal Hai Jaana, Mujhko Tum Samjha Do

(He held Swara’s dupatta in his hands bringing her closer to him) 

Mahkaa Jo Aanchal Hai Jaana, Isko Tum Lahra Do

Roop Jo Baadal Hai Jaana, Mujhpe Tum Barsa Do Jaana Le Ke Aaya Hai Tera Ye Deewana

Both Sanlak sat on floor on one knees spreading their arms in front of their respective partners

Jaana Tujhpe Mit Jaayega Tera Ye Parwana

Jaana Mere Dil Mein Kya Hai, Tune Ye Na Jaana

Jaana Tujhko Yaad Aayega Mera Ye Afsana

Dekho Pyare, Ye Nazare, Ye Deewane, Ye Parwane

Hai Ishq Mein Kaise Gum

They got up and all started dancing back hugging their lady loves. 

( Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahein

Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein )…(2)

The song ended and everyone shared a family hug while kaveri and kavita were boiling seeing them. 

“Aaj aar ya paar” kaveri Said tightly clutching her fist.

All were chit chatting and having dinner while swasan were in corner holdin hand, feeding each other. 

“Just a night swara, tomorrow at this time we will be in our room.” he said winking turning her into a deep shade of red. 

“I am so happy Sanskar, I just can’t express. ” she said 

” Now there will be only happiness in our lives. ” he said pecking her cheeks. 

Swara smiled and got up. She went upstairs as she wanted some of her things from their room while Sanskar was busy with guests downstairs. 

She was just going to enter the room but  then someone pulled her from her hairs tightly and dragged her to the abandoned store room. 

“aah” she tried to shout but someone covered her mouth. 

“You are very happy after spoiling my life. Isnt it? Now I will spoil yours. ” Kavita said with venom in her voice. 

” I told you are born only as my slave but now you will die with my hands. ” kaveri said tightening the grip on her hairs while kavita with her other hand twisted her wrist boring her nails in her skin. 

Swara’s eyes widened on seeing a poisonous injection in their hands and nodded in no. Tears started to flow from her eyes. 

” You know what Swara, this is your punishment for dreaming about a happy life with my sanskar. This will give you a painful death. ” kavita said and then both the witches laughed


” Laksh where is Swara? ” Ragini asked looking around

” She is upstairs in our room. She wanted somethings. ” Sanskar said who was standing with Laksh. 

” No Sanskar. I am coming from there only. Infact I looked almost everywhere. She is no where. ” Ragini said shocking SanLak. 

They thought for sometime and then looking at each other they shouted

” Oh No”

Laksh went out searching her while Sanskar ran upstairs to find swara. Everyone was looking for swara. 

Here in store room swara tried to wriggle out from their grip but was not able to. Kavita was going to inject her but at the nick of time the broke and Sanskar entered with red eyes making kavkav scared and swara smiled in relief. By that time others too reached there and Ragini asked Laksh to inform the police. 

Annapurna and Dadi grabbed Swara from their grip as they were too shocked to react. Swara hugged Dadi and cried being scared. 

“Wo Sanskar hum to bas… ”

” Enough” sanskar cut kaveri in between making everyone shiver on seeing his anger. 

“I knew you both will do something. What do you think? I dont know that you both had mixed acid in swara’s haldi? I watched everything standing upstairs ” he shouted 

Everyone gasped on listening this news. 

” I had already alerted Laksh about this. I was about to give you punishment for that but look your hands burnt itself. I thought you both will be quite now but no It was my fault that I underestimated you both. ” sanskar said while Swara was still hugging dadi sobbing. 

” Sorry Sanskar. We did a mistake. Please we are very sorry. ” Kavkav started saying

” Police is on the way. You cannot be saved today. ” Laksh said

Sanskar looked at Swara and his eyes softened. His heart pained looking at her who was in such fear. He went towards her and she immediately hugged him. He consoled her for some minutes, pecking her forehead he asked the ladies to take her to their room. The ladies left. 

Sanskar turned towards kavkav

“You both tried to kill my life. I will not leave you both. Before police you have to face me. ” he said gritting his teeth making them shiver in fear. 

He took a belt and started beating them on their hands. They constantly shouted but he showed no mercy. Their hands started to bleed.

“Stop now Sanskar police will see them.” Ram said and he stopped. 

Soon the police arrived and while taking tgem kaveri turned towards Sanskar and said

“You are also no less than us. Dont forget there was a time when you also forced her for something she didnt wanted. ” 

Sanskar froze to his spots remembering their initial days. It was true. He also behaved like an animal with her in the beginning. Her teary face and pleadings started to roam infront of his eyes and he started to feel guilty. 

” I did wrong with her and then too she is loving me so much. I dont deserve her. ” he thought. 

” Bhai come fast bhabhi has fainted. ” uttara came running bringing him out of his thoughts. 

All ran towards their room. Doctor soon arrived and checked her. 

” There is nothing to worry. Its because of the trauma that she has gone unconscious. She will come in sense after an hour or two and immediately feed her something. ” Doctor said. 

It was decided that Swara and Dadi would be staying in Maheshwari mansion that night and rest all Tanejas will go back to Taneja mansion as tomorrow was wedding so preparations had to be done. 

Dadi asked Sanskar to stay with Swara as she will need him on gaining senses while she went to guest room. 

Here Sanskar was looking at her who was looking so pale. Nail marks were visible on her neck and hairs were in disheveled state. He was feeling guilty of not able to save her and also the previous regret was adding more to it. 

He slowly removed her jewellery and dupatta so that she feels comfortable. Lost in his own thoughts he applied ointment on her marks and then sat looking at her. 

After an hour swara stirred. She slowly opened her eyes and saw sanskar sitting desides her holding her hand lost in his own world. 

“Sans.. Sanskarrr…” she whispered audible enough to him. He immediately looked at her and smiled. Helping her in sitting he caressed her cheek with his thumb

“How are you feeling now? ” he asked

” Better. ” she smiled but yet with a fear in her eyes. 

Not able to control themselves they hugged each other tightly and she broke into tears. 

” Sanskar agar tum nai aate to kya ho jata. ” she said sobbing. 

” Shh… Nothing happened swara and look you are all fine. Infact I am sorry for not being able to protect you. ” he said

She broke the hug and cupped his face. 

” No Sanskar, its because of you only I am alive today.” she said pecking his cheeks. 

Sanskar kissed her scalp and then gave some snacks to eat. Swara observed that he was extra silent lost in his own thoughts. She was going to ask but just then got shocked seeing a lone tear escaping his eyes. 

“Sanskar what happened? Why are you crying jaan? ” Swara asked cupping his face. 

” Are you still thinking about that? ” she asked further 

” No swara, I was thinking I am also no different from them. I too forced you in starting just for my mere lust. ” he said 

He stood from bed and went towards the balcony gazing the moon

Swara followed and back hugged him

” Please dont think like that Sanskar. It was you because of whom I was out from that hell. You never forced me physically so dont compare yourself from them. Marrying you is my best decisuin ever. ” she said tightening her grip on him. 

He turned around and looked in her eyes which only held love for him. 

” But Swara I was selfish. ” he said

” I was no less baby. I too came with you for my motive.. For my property but look in the end everything got sorted right? We fell in love and tomorrow is our marriage. Please dnt be sad. ” swara said cupping his face. 

He smiled and swara tiptoed reaching his height and then put her lips on his kissing him softly. He circled his arms around her waist bringing her closer and reciprocated. 

It was a soft kiss full of love and promise of being together ever after. Breaking the kiss swara changed her dress and both slept peacefully unaware of the one last storm remaining in their lives. 

***to be continued*

Phew. Done with one more part. Let me know your views in comment box. It means alot ??? till then this is Ridz signing off. 

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