SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-39}


Hey guys! Ridz is back with the next part. Since the story is approaching its end it may appear you all to be rushing but i want to wind up soon as my college is going to start and then it will be difficult to write. So lets move on to the part. Without any more bak bak

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Part 39 (a) 

Two Days Later

It was Haldi ceremony at RagLak mansion. Swara was wearing a yellow lehenga with flower jewellery while Sanskar was in a yellow kurta with white pajama. Both were sitting in the centre of the hall with a thin net curtain separating them. 

Haldi ceremony has its own significance. It is considered pious and is believed that it not only adds to the glow of the wedding couple but also being anti-inflammatory product, prevents the formation of any acne or pimples. The paste is made by mixing haldi in rosewater and then applied on wedding couple providing a cooling effect to them. It is first applied to the groom and then that used haldi is applied on bride. 

So here the rituals start with Sanskar making faces while Uttara applies haldi on his face making everyone giggle. 

Then comes Dadi applying him haldi 

“Umm.. Dadi why do you all want to apply this on me. Its so. Ewww ???” Sanskar whinned like a child

“Eww ke bachhe. Laga le. Isse nikhaar aata hai. Swara jaisa chamkega ??(Put it sanskar. Your skin will glow like Swara) ” Dadi said winking

” Is it? ?? then put na (showing his hands) apply here (showing legs) here and (lifting his kurta showing his tummy) here as well. I dont want to look less than swara(looking at her through curtain) ” he shouted making swara blush who was seeing his haldi ritual through the curtain. 

” Aeee shameless” Dadi shouted covering her eyes with one hand and using other to cover his body with his kurta. 

“Sit silently ” she commanded and he pouted. 

One by one everyone came and applied haldi on him but there were two people who were planning something evil and smirking. No prizes of guessing they were kaveri and kavita. 

As soon as Sanskar’s haldi was finished, he was sent to guest room to take bath while uttara was holding the haldi bowl. 

“Uttara, Sanskar is calling you upstairs. ” kaveri said with a ever so sweet smile. 

” Bhai? But I didn’t heard? ” Uttara said confusedly. 

” Here is so much of noise na that is why you couldn’t hear. You go, I will give haldi to Annapurna ji” She said

Uttara went from there while taking the opportunity she put acid in the bowl

“Now we will see how you will glow” she said gritting her teeth while Kavita smirked. 

Meanwhile on the other side getting to know that Sanskar didn’t called her, uttara absentmindedly descended down the stairs and collided with Kaveri who was holding the haldi bowl making all of it fall on Kaveri’s hands. Kavita immediately covered her mouth with her hands preventing her from shouting due to acid. All looked in the direction from where the sound came. 

“Oh no. Haldi got spoiled” Annapurna said. 

“what you did Kaveri aunty.” Uttara said annoyingly. 

“Sorry, by mistake it happened. ” kavita said and took kaveri from there.

“What will we do now Dadi? ” ragini asked while Swara was looking at fallen haldi with teary eyes as it is considered inauspicious. Fear gripped her heart. 

” No issues, we will make new paste and look Sanskar has also not taken bath yet so we will make him touch that new oaste and then apply on Swara. ” Dadi said giving a perfect solution. 

Swara looked upwards where Sanskar stood observing the things closely. Their eyes met where he nodded in no asking her not to cry. 

Later new paste was made and Sanskar touched the paste and then it was applied to Swara. 

All the time Swara was lost in her thoughts and smiled fakely. Completing the ritual she was asked to go to her room to take bath.. 

She came in her room and started opening her hairs looking at herself in the mirror. She was going to unpin her dupatta when a hand stopped her. She turned only to find Sanskar looking at her in concern.

“It was just Haldi Shona. Why are you worrying so much? ” he asked cupping her face. 

” Its considered bad Sanskar. Moreover I wanted to apply that haldi used on you. ” said a teary Swara. 

” Bas! Itni si baat? Your wish can be fulfilled darling. ” Sanskar said with a naughty smirk making her confused. 

He leaned towards her rubbing his cheek with hers applying haldi which was on his cheeks. She closed her eyes smiling shyly. His arms surrounded her bare waist rubbing on it genly applying the haldi they had. Then he rubbed his other cheek on her other one and then rubbed his nose with hers making her giggle. 

“See. Problem solved. ?” he said winking

“I love you Sanskar” Swara said lovingly 

“I love you more Shona” he replied and with this their lips met sealing a kiss to celebrate the moment. 

“Swara” Dadi shouted jerking them out from kiss. 

“Haan dadi” she shouted trying to move out from his tight grip while he was nuzzling in her neck makimg her breath heavily. 

“Sanskar… Le.. Leave me” she whispered but he ignored 

“Swara, you changed? ” dadi asked

” No.. Dadi.. Jus.. Just ten minutes ” She managed to say

” Aaow” she moaned a little loudly as he bit her nape making Dadi alert

“What Is it swara? Are you alright? ” she asked

” Yes Dadi just a cockroach. ” She said glaring at Sanskar who was unaffected 

” Open the door let me see” Dadi said

“No no dadi. I will manage. You go. I will join u all shortly. ” swara said

” Ok. Do it fast. ” Dadi said leaving

All this while Mr. Maheshwari was in his own world indulged in his very important work ???

” Sanskar enough now. Go and change. Anyone can go and check your room as well. ” Swara said coming out from her grip. 

” umm.. Let me be here na. Do you know how hard it was for me to stay last two  nights without you. Above all Dadi didnt let me meet you also ” he pouted making her smile slightly. 

” It was your wish to get married with full rituals. So now pay. Just two more days patidev. Then I will be in your house and your room forever. ” she said pecking his cheeks. 

” Yeah yeah, Right now I am paying but just let the wedding happen, it will be you who will be paying. ” he said smiling naughtily conveying his words to her making her a deep shade of red

He smiled and pecked her forehead before leaving for his room. 

Here on the other side Kavita was applying ice on Kaveri’s burnt hands ??? (tit for tat ?) 

Sometime Later

” Uttara can you go to office and bring Mr. Malhotra’s file? Its really important. I have to mail some details today itself to them. I can’t go because these people will not let me work this one week. ” Sanskar asked uttara as both sat in Taneja mansion having lunch. 

“Ok bhai, dont worry. I will bring. ” uttara smiled

After finishing with the lunch uttara left for the office. It was an off day and no one was there except the security guard. Uttara took the file from Sanskar’s cabin and started to go when she heard a noise from the store room which was now not in use. Confused, she moved towards the door to see what it was only to get a shock

“Buddy. ” she whispered seeing PARTH there who was half unconscious. 

(Remember guys, only SwaSan know about Parth and nobody else in the family knows what he did) 

She called the security guard and carried parth till car and then drove him to the hospital. Tears were not stopping from her eyes to see her best friend in this horrible condition. 

She and Parth were in same college where he was her senior. Once he saved her from ragging and from then they had become best of friends and also her secret crush. But she was unaware of the trouble she was taking to the hospital. She was confused about his being in Sanskar’s office and thought to ask once on reaching home. 

She admitted him to the hospital who had gone full unconscious by the time they reached there and came back home after getting assured from the doctor that they will take care of him. 

On returning home Sanskar grabbed the file from her hand and rushed towards study in order to complete the work before mehendi. So uttara couldn’t question him about Parth. 

***to be continued***

Precap: Mehendi and Sangeet ???

Done with another part. Hope you will like it. Do comment your views. Till then this is Ridz signing off. 

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