SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-36}


Hey guys I am back with the next part. So without any bak bak lets start but please read the note in the end.

Part 36

“No swara, we cant be together any longer” Sanskar said in a cold tone

She looked at him in shock. What did he said? DIVORCE!  She hurted him so much that he doesn’t want her any longer in his life? The love she saw in his eyes for her was finished now? 

With thousands of questions surrounding her mind she looked at sanskar with teary eyes who was having a blank expression on his face. 

Was this the end of their relation? 

Sanskar stood turning his back towards her. 

“No sanskar please dont do This to me. I really love. Sorry for hurting u. I will never do that again. ” swara said backk hugging him. 

He turned around holding her from waist while she was looking at her collar not able to look at his cold face. 

” But this was a forced relation to u isn’t it Mrs. Maheshwari? ” sanskar said in a playful tone 

Swara snapped her head in his direction and saw him smiling teasingly (obviously he was teasing her. Pata nai bechari bachhi ko kya kya bol diya tum sabne ???) 

Swara started beating on his chest with her tiny hands. While he held her firmly enjoying looking at his wife. 

“You scared the hell out of me sanskar. You are so bad ” swara said sobbing and sanskar cursed himself for making her cry again. 

” Shhh… Swara i am sorry baby. I didnt meamt to make you cry. I was just teasing you” Sanskar said wiping her tears. 

She immediately hugged him tight

“Dont ever think to separate me from u sanskar. I wont be able to survive. I LOVE YOU” Swara said hiding more in him and tightly clutching his shirt anticipating an answer 

“I LOVE YOU TOO SWARA” sanskar replied and it appeared as someone gave life to her. Sanskar tightened his grip around her burying his face in her neck. They stood for a long time in that position feeling each other and assuring themselves that everything was alright now. 

Breaking the hug after sometimes sanskar cupped her face and leaned towards her lips and she closed her eyes giving a positive sign. He placed his lips on her soft petal kissing her with all the love he has while she placing her hands on his chest reciprocated equally. He sucked her lower petal while she did his upper one and after sometime the positions got exchanged. It was a slow and gentle kiss with no hunger involved silently promising each other to be together forever. 

Breaking the kiss with laboured breathing swara turned crimson and hugged him hiding her face in his chest. He chuckled seeing his blushing kitten who was minutes ago was way too bold. 

Breaking the hug he pecked her forehead and both left for MM. On the way they informed RagLak about their patch up.and thanked them for their plan. 


SwaSan Room

Swara was putting clothes in the cupboard with a smile playing on her lips remembering everything while sanskar was attending a call. Soon she felt two strong arms around her waist and wet kisses on her neck. 

“Sssanskaar” a low moan escaped from her mouth feeling his touch. It was for the first time she was enjoying his touch. 

Turning her around he trailed kisses along her jawline moving towards her collar bone, sucking it and leaving his mark while she simply clutched his hairs moaning. He left her neck and leaned towards her lips, they were inches apart when his phone rang breaking their moment. 

“Mere Romance ka dushman” Sanskar cursed and went to attend the call while swara blushed. 

“Swara i need to go for a meeting, will be back in two hours and yes Dad and Uttara will be coming tomorrow ” Sanskar told swara as he disconnected the call. 

” You are going? ” swara said sadly

” I will be back in two hours jaan” sanskar said pecking her cheeks 

“Take care” she said


It was evening and swara was getting restless, its been four hours since sanskar left and has not returned, not even receiving her calls which was making her worried. She was pacing in the room in tension just then the door bell rings. She ran towards the door expecting Sanskar but there stood a delivery boy who handed her over a packet with a letter. She confusedly took it and went to their room. She opened a packet and found a beautiful full length Purple gown with a deep back and silver work on neck with thin straps along with a diamond bracelet and small diamond studs. She smiled a little knowing who must have sent those. Picking up the letter she read

“Be ready in these. I will be there in an hour. I am taking you on a dinner date ?

yours loving


Swara blushed reading it and went to get ready

An hour later Swara was giving a final touch to her hairs which were Curled And kept on one side of shoulder. She was looking stunning with a minimal makeup along with mangalsutra and vermillion. Looking inch by inch Mrs. Maheshwari ??

Just then her phone beeps it was a text from sanskar asking her to come down. She took her silver clutch and wearing silver stilletos she went down. 

There stood her handsome husband in black tuxedo with hairs gelled up properly looking hot. 

Both were mesmerized seeing each other. They had a passionate eyelock finding themselves in them, Someone has rightly said Live is when you look in others eyes and find what you want. breaking it after few minutes he hugged her and she reciprocated

“Someone is looking so gorgeous” he whispered huskily kissing her earlobe

“Someone is looking handsome himself” swara whispered back pecking his cheeks

“Mrs. Maheshwari control yourself or date would be cancelled and we will land in our bedroom” sanskar said winking. 

She smacked on her chest turning into tomato. Not teasing her further he opened the passenger seat of the car making her sit comfortably and then started driving. 

After a short ride he stopped the car infront of a 5 star hotel which was owned by him only. A manager was already present for their welcome who lead their way to the backside pool area which was reserved for them. 

Swara was awestruck seeing the set up. All around water with fountains and lights and in the middle on a platform was a table for two. 

“Did you liked it?” Sanskar asked back hugging her. 

“Like? I loved it Sanskar. Thank you so much for this” swara said leaning on his chest. 

“Anything for you jaan” He said lovingly pecking her cheeks while she smiled

He made her sit on the chair and then all of a sudden from back placed a chain in her neck with a heart pendant which had their pictures. Swara was overwhelmed with this gesture and kissed the pendant gently. 

They enjoyed the dinner talking about random things and then

“May I get the pleasure to dance with my lady love? ” Sanskar asked forwarding his hand

” Ofcorse Mr. Maheshwari ” dwara said smilingly and put her hand in his. 

Swara put her one hand in his and other on his shoulder.. His one hand was on her waist and other was holding her hand.. They started to dance having an eyelock and the rest of the world dissolved

Hmm.. hmm…

(Dehleez pe mere dil ki

Jo rakhe hain tune kadam

Tere naam pe meri zindagi

Likh di mere humdum

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena kaise jeena

Haan seekha maine jeena mere humdum

Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena

Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum) x2

Hmmm.. hmmm..

(sanskar entangled his fingers in hers completely and turned her around crashing her back with his front back hugging her placing his hands on her belly.. Swara closed her eyes feeling his hot breath on her neck and placed her hands on his while moving on beats)

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein

Dil se jo maine kari hain…

Sacchi si hain yeh taareefein

Dil se jo maine kari hain…

Jo tu mila to saji hain

Duniya meri humdum

O aasma mila zameen ko meri

Aadhe aadhe poore hain hum

Tere naam pe meri zindagi

Likh di mere humdum

(sanskar again turns her and put his hands around her waist while her hands were on his chest looking into his eyes.. Their foreheads were touching)

Haan seekha maine jeena jeena, kaise jeena

Haan seekha maine jeena, mere humdum

Na seekha kabhi jeena jeena kaise jeena

Na seekha jeena tere bina humdum

Hmmm… hmmm..

The song ended but their eyelock didnt and before they knew they were already into a kiss sucking the life out of them. The slow kiss went wild and passionate with their tongues colliding and saluva mixing. Breaking the kiss they smiled and hand in hand went back to home. 

At Maheshwari Mansion

“I never thought i would love someone so much. Love had no place in my life ever but you came as a light in my dark life. You changed me totally swara. I Love you” Sanskar said as they laid on bed with swara’s head on his chest while his hands around her. 

“I had no one to love in my life sanskar but you filled that void with your immense love for me. Though i realised it late but you are the only one for me. I love u too ” Swara said pecking his chest. Both slept peacefully with a satisfied smike on their faces dreaming about their bright future together. (Abhi ahem ahem mei thoda time hai???) 

***to be continued ***

Ok guys i know you expected much more from this part and i too had planned many things but since i left the previous update in suspense so you ppl were quite desperate for this so i just rushed but i promise for nice romantic scenes in the upcoming parts. 

Secondly this update was supposed to be post in june after my exams but just to remove suspense i wrote this in hurry. So next part will be in june and i promise to give u better parts than this. 

Till then drop your comments on this ???

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