SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-33}


“Hahaha …Sanskar r we flying on the sky” swara asked cutely laughing at him who was driving the car

“Yes swara… We..” Sanskar’s words left incomplete as all of a sudden the car stops

“? wat happen to this road y it is stopped” asked swara childishly
“Wait ..wait let me check ” Sanskar steps out of the car

He look back and fro confusedly .. And sitting on the road he leans on the path

“Road ji …wat happen y did u stop” asked Sanskar cutely

bt as not getting any response he” looks at swara .. Who questionly looks at him

“Road ji nai kuch bola?? ” questioned swara childishly

“No” he cutely nodes his head in negative

“Hmm..bt y hmm.. Han I got it I think road ji is in sleep so now don’t disturb him it is a bad manners na “replied swara in a kiddish tone

” okay ” Sanskar nodes his head and stands up …

“Bt now wat shld we do ..I mean we have to go for a longggg ride na ..bt this road ji is slept na” asked Sanskar cutely

“Hm rgt..han Let’s wait for him to wake up ” swara replied
“Wow that’s a great idea ..u r too intelligent ” Sanskar said pulling his cheeks

“Ouch leave me” swara jerks angrily and looks away
“Haha lol” sanskar laughed sitting in his seat


After sometime

Sanskar was In a deep sleep where as sleep was far away for swara she was rolling here and there seated on the seat …her stomach started making roaring sounds… She irritatingly opens her eyes and looks at sanskar sitting beside her in a deep sleep

“Sanskar..Sanskar…Sanskar .. Listen na…Sanskar” Swara shakes Sanskar … He opens his eyes and looks at her frowningly

“? wat happen swara?” Sanskar questioned her
“sanskar I’m hungry ” replied swara cutely

Sanskar looks at her and transfers his gaze on road

“Bt road ji is still sleeping na ” Sanskar replied
“So wat shld I do ” Swara asked pouting cutely

“U r hungry na .. Bt look here there is not a single restaurants and to find any restaurants road ji shld wake up na” Sanskar replied her in a kiddidh tone

“Hmm? bt I’m hungry .. Look at my stomach (she touches her stomach) it so empty .. I’m hungryyyyyyyyy ” Swara mumbled cutely

“Okay..okay ..wait a minute let me think something ” Sanskar said keeping his finger on his forehead

“Haa…. Bt jaldi I’m sooo hungryyyy” Swara mumbled

Just then Sanskar’s eyes falls on the mango tree beside a small hut … (The place was smiliar to jungle )

“Will u eat mango ?” asked Sanskar looking at her
” mango ??? hmm yeshhh” swara mumbled in a kiddidh tone

“Then come with me” Sanskar replied stepping out of the car ..

“Bt where?” Swara questioned him as he opens her side door …

“Come with me na” Sanskar ignored her question dragging her from there

“Sanskar… ” swara’s words left incomplete
“Look at this swara ” Sanskar points the tree
” Mango tree ???” Swara replied in happiness
“Haan mango tree …I will climb on this tree and pluck the mangoes and..” Sanskar’s words left incomplete

“You throw the mangoes …I will catch aww…wat a awesome game ” ?? swara mumbled childishly

“No no no wrong ..u sit here ( he makes her sit on a rock) I will give u the mangoes u have it .. U r hungry rgt?” Sanskar replied her

“? haan I’m hungry…give me soon ” Swara mumbled

“Haan okay” Sanskar smiles at her

He climbs the tree and plucks the mangoes …keeping it in his pockets ..he gets down from tree

“Wow…Sanskar U r a good climber than a monkey “?? Swara claps childishly

” haha ..I Know I know …look here is ur mangoes come have it ” Sanskar replied her

Swara nodes ..both SWASAN heads inside the hut .. Swara takes the mangoes from Sanskar before sitting on the dried grass .. She begans to have it …. While Sanskar simply stares her cuteness sitting beside her…. Swara feels his gaze and looks at him

” if u want mangoes u can ask me rgt …y r u keeping eye on me wat if I get stomach ache ” Swara said looking at him angryly ?er nd gives him some mangoes

He laughs at her taking the mangoes from her
Soon they finish with their eating section ?

“Aaaa…. The mangoes were so tasty ” ?swara stretches her arms laying down on the grass

“Yup..it is” Sanskar replied laying beside her

Swara closes her eyes… Her lips stretches in a sweet smile while sanskar keeps on looking at her .. Both were so close to each other
Sanskar was completely lost in her ….her innocent face

“Aaa…” Swara all of a sudden winces

“Wat happen swara” asked Sanskar immediately coming to his sense

Swara touches her lips .. And innocently shows him her finger ..where there is a tiny drop of water … Both looks on confused ..just then a drop of water falls down .. At this they immediately looked up and found tat the water was dripping from the a small hole inside the hut

“It’s raining I think ..hmm do one think come u sleep here” Said Sanskar getting up from his place

Swara looks at her and transfers her eyes to the ceiling throwing herself at the same place where she was laying before

“No…Sanskar I want to sleep here hehehe..it is so nice ” swara replied closing her eyes

“Bt swara ..” Sanskar words left incomplete

“Sanskar please na” swara mumbled cutely …

“Haha ..u r so cute ” Sanskar pulls her cheeks

Swara smiles and again closes her eyes … Whereas Sanskar lays beside her … Staring her ..the tiny drops of rain dripping on her face … Making her face to glow more …making him to go crazy for her ..he was just lost in her

“Hehe…” Her melodious voice … Her enjoying the rain drops .. Everything made him to turned on…

He moves closer to her..staring her passionately yet desiredly

“Sanskar it is so nice look…” Swara’s stopped in track as she turns and finds him so closer to her

Their eyes meets leading to romantic eyelock .. While Sanskar immediately pulls her on him by her wrist … She falls on him .. Both were still staring each other … Their eyes heated in desire … Her breath caught as
He sneaks his hand around her bare belly under the saree …

His hand roams every where at her back sensuously yet passionately …still staring her .. While she closes her eyes feeling his touch … Both were lost in each other … He looks at the tiny drops on her chubby cheeks … And rubs his tumb on her cheeks … Palming her cheeks he moves closer to her and kisses near her lips making smooching sound ..She breaths heavily clutching his shirt tightly ….. While he feels her grip and pulls her closer to him… Smashing his lips on her

Both were lost in each other .. Feeling the kiss which is filled with desire …desire for each other … He clutches her hairs and immediately rolls pinning her beneath … Still kissing her with alll his desire ..while she too reciprocates the kiss with equal passion and desire … He bites her lower lips .. She moans in pleasure opening her mouth .. Taking it as an opportunity he enters her tounge into her mouth …. And taste the sweet essence of each other mouth exploring the tounge every where …kissing each other hardly yet wildly .. But soon they parted not cause they wanted to do so ..bt they needed to do so

Both were breathing heavily … She fists his collar tightly and rubs her legs against his .. As she feels his hot rasp on her neck

While he got crazy feeling her leg caressing against his … Thus, he palms her one cheek placing his rough lips on soft skin

“Aaa..Sanskar..” Swara moans as he bites near her neck

Her moans gets more and more as he bites , kisses and nibbles her skin all over her neck … Her hand was caressing all over his back …while his hand was roaming all over her body … Pressing him more on his soft rose .. He unpins her pallu.. It falls from her shoulder exposing her bulges… Above her blouse … He kisses her shoulder while she moans in pleasure pressing him more on her … Both were so lost in each other ..their eyes filled with desire to each other .. He bends a lil and kisses her bare curve above her blouse.. And goes down to her milky bare belly ..

He licks and kissses all over her bare belly … While she moans in pleasure closing her eyes cluthing his collar .. Feeling his touch…whereas he keeps licking near her naval .. She wasn’t able to handle his this sweet torcher.. And Immediately pulls him up by his collar and hugs him tightly .. Hiding her face in his chest … He hugs her back … Both were lost in each other … Tightening the hug passionately .. Soon they drifts off in each other embrace


Hi guys tanu here ?? .. Sry for being late and thank for reading the part ?? …. And Sry if u aren’t feeling comfortable to read this coz I myself is feeling so ??

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