SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-32}


“Ahh…is everything done ” asked ram descending the stairs

“Haa dad u don’t worry .. Me and bhabhi have done each and every arrangement ..perfectly ” replied uttara smiling at ram

“Haa haa I know …if everything is done then y don’t we start puja(prayer)” said ram smiling back

“Haa dad bt Bhai ….” Uttara’s words left incomplete
“Wat happen uttu”asked sanskar descending the stairs
“Ahh..Accha hua u came bhai we were waiting for u only..have to start puja na” replied uttara ..

Sanskar smiles checking the mails on his mobile

“And swara beta ..where is she”asked ram
“I’m here dad “swara replied walking towards the temple area with tray full of ladus

Uttara and ram smiles ..while sanskar immediately lifts his head hearing swara’s voice …and was awestruck to see her ..his jaw dropped down..she was looking extremly beautiful dressed in a white saree .. Wet hairs with a lightly visible vermilion in her hairline and a mangalsutar tied around her neck .. So simple and elegant???

“Son wat happen ..come here we have to start the puja” said ram seeing sanskar lost somewhere
“Haa..haa dad coming” replied sanskar coming to his sense

He walks towards the temple and stands beside swara in front of idol .. Uttara and ram smiles ..while swara stars to sing the prayer closing her eyes and so uttara, adi and ram …BT sanskars eyes was just fixed on her he was staring swara all the while ..

Soon the prayer got completed ..they opens there eyes …

“Happy holi dad ” said swara keeping tilak on his forehead
“Happy holi swara beta” replied ram smiling at her blessing her

“Happy holi bhabhi” hugged uttara happily … Sanskar looks on confused seeing her changed behavior with swara

“Happy holi uttara ” replied swara keeping tilak on her forhead with a smile

“Happy holi my lil aadi”swara kissed his cheeks before appyling the tilak to him
“Happy holi di ” adi kisses him back swara smiles

“happy ho…” Swara stops looking at sanskar ..he raises his eyebrows … Sshe looks at everyone and then looks at sanskar…” Happy holi ” she continues keeping the tikal on his forhead

She was abt to leave BT sanskar holds her wrist not letting her to do so .. She turns and looks at him… He pulls her closer to him .. Uttara and ram chuckles and leaves from there along with adi
While swara looks at sanskar angryliy as he sneaks his hands around her bare belly under her saree .. Staring her all the while .. He pulls her upwards and touches his forehead to her hairline leading to fill her hairline

“Happy holi ” sanskar whispers huskily against her ears…she shivers hearing his desired ful voice and looks at him… He smiles and takes the colour which was kept in the arthi plate … He applies on her cheeks with a smile while she just stairs him all the while … He kisses near her lips..she widens her eyes …he winks at her before leaving from there


“Hey dude…happy holi ” laksh marched dancing happily ..he was abt to apply the colours on sanskar who was standing busy with his phone …sanskar raises his eyebrows ..he stops

“Ohh…sorry sorry ” laksh throws the colors and was abt to hug sanskar
“Happy holi …its better if u maintain some distance from me” sanskar said looking at his cloths which is full of colors … Laksh makes faces

“Hi ..sanskar happy holi” said ragini excitedly
“1st handle ur husband stupid girl” replied sanskar before leaving from there
“Always a annoying man he is ” ragini stamps angrily …. Just then swautt comes there

“Ragini / bhabi…happy holi ” swautt hugs ragini excitedly
“Happy holi my sweeties ” ragini hugs them back ..
“Happy holi my sisters ” said laksh appyiling some colors on them

Uttara and raglak plays with colors applying on each other. .while swara keeps looking at them with a smile …. Just then she feels a gaze on her…she looks on and finds sanskar staring her continuously … There eyes meets leading to a romantic eye lock

“Bhabhi come na we …”uttara’s words left incomplete as she finds swara lost somewhere.. Uttara follows her gaze and finds both swasan staring each other … Uttara thinks something and smiles naughtily … She looks at raglak

“Ragini Bhabhi..lucky Bhai come here” uttara drags them from there


“Happy holi Sir ” said kavitha shaking sanskar who was lost in swara …

he comes to sense and looks at kavitha while swara too comes to sense and gets angry to see kavitha standing beside sanskar

“Kavitha ” whispered sanskar annoyingly
“Happy holi sir” kavitha excitedly hugs him

Swara fists in anger and walks towards them …

“Kavitha very happy holi” said swara pulling back kavitha …looking her angrily sanskar chuckles

Kavitha was abt to reply her BT just then raglak and uttara comes there holding the glasses in their hands

“Bhai ..bhabhi ..its soo hot here .. Aaah how can u both stand here .. Waise lo drink this ” said uttara extending the glasses … Swasan looks on confused

“Wat is this ” questioned sanskar
“Arrey bha…” Laksh’s words left incomplete as ragini hits him from elbow …he gupls
“O..its a thandai yar ..its so hot na uff” rangini fans herself ..
“Haa Bhai bhabhi lo drink na” uttara handles them the glasses respectively ..

Kavitha widens her eyes and snatches the glass from swara .. All looks on shock

“O..I’m getting so thirsty ” said kavitha and was Abt to take the sip bt ragini snatches the glass from her and gives it to swara … Kavitha looks on shock

“Miss kavitha u r thirst rgt come let me give u a special wala thandai ” said ragini dragging her from there ..not letting her to speak further Uttara and laksh chuckles before leaving from there

Swasan looks at each other ..

“Wat ” sanskar questioned raising his eyebrows
” I can ask the same question to u “? Swara replied smirking at him
“Huh! U can…and u know wat will be my answer .. U r looking..so..so… Much like a bad dream ” sanskar chuckles near her ears … Swara looks on angrily

“In tat case ..u also aren’t looking like a Greek god ” swara replied angrily and leaves from there

Sanskar smiles and drinks the thandai in one go …while swara also does the same

Raglak and uttara who were looking at them smiles winningly yet naughtily while swasan feels dizzy


{{{{{Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana o zaalima o zalima
Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usey behkana o zaalima o zalima}}}}}

Raglak comes putting some steps on the above lines … They smiles naughtily at each other before walking towards sanskar and pushing him to the middle of the hall .. Sanskar feels dizziness and holds his head closing his eyes .. Swara’s face comes to his mind …he immediately opened his eyes and looks around only to find swara everywhere .. His heart started beating fastly .. He shakes his head and stairs swara who was now standing rgt in front of him

{{{Jo teri khatir tadpe pehle se hi
Kya usse tadpana o zaalima o zalima
Jo tere ishq mein behka pehle se hi
Kya usey behkana o zaalima o zalima}}}

Sanskar holds swara’s writs .. She looks at him like a small baby … He pulls her closer to him and says his heart out tat
“The one who is already longing for you,Why torment him even more?”

He smiles and holds her face closer to him and continues in his own words tat
“The one who is already misled for you,Why mislead him even more?.”. Swara pouts remembering how sweet he was to kavitha ..so jerks her hand and looks away in Anger

{{{Aankhen marhaba, baatein marhaba
Main sau martaba deewana huaa
Mera na raha jab se dil mera
Tere husn ka nishana hua}}}

He smiles moving closer to her saying his words tat
“Your eyes are great, your talks are great.”
.. He touches her eyes she closes it ..he smiles and touches her rosy lips and says his heart out tat he is crazy for her a hundred times over … He takes her hand while she just stairs him all the while. ..he keeps her hand near his heart sings tat
‘My heart ceased to be mine’,
“Since it became a target of your beauty.”.. He twrils her and hugs her from back

{{{Jiski har dhadkan tu ho
Aise dil ko kya dhadkana
O zaalima, o zalima..}}}

He twrils her again and again singing in his own words ” The one whose every heartbeat are you,
Why quicken his heartbeat?
O cruel one!” … Swara pushes him and runs from there … Sanskar runs behind her

{{Saanson mein teri nazdeeqiyon ka
Itrr tu ghol de, ghol de…
Main hi kyun ishq zaahir karun
Tu bhi kabhi bol de, bol de..}}}

He walks behind her keeping his hands under his pants pocket while she walks slowly before him he says his heart out tat
” Mix the perfume of your closeness In my breath”
sanskar holds her hand not letting her to step further continues to sings tat
“Why I alone should express my love
You too express your love some time”

{{{Le ke jaan hi jaayega meri
Qaatil har tera bahaana hua}}}

He pulls her on him…her back crushes to his hard tone chest ..he continues to sing that
“Your every excuse is a killer,
It will definitely kill me”

{{{Tujhse hi shuru
Tujhpe hi khatam
Mere pyaar ka fasaana hua}}}

He sneaks his hand under her saree and caress her bare belly sensuously yet romantically while she breaths heavily closing her eyes .. He says his heart out tat
“The story of my love
Commenced and culminated at you”
He bites her near her neck

“Aah” winces swara and pushes him away

{{{Tu shamma hai toh yaad rakhna
Main bhi hoon parwaana
O zaalima, o zaalima..}}}

He smiles shaking his head and says in his own words pointing her
” If you are a candle, remember that
I am a moth
O cruel one!”

{{{Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhoote meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyun zaalima main kehlayi}}}

She instantly turns and looks at him singing his heart out tat
“I pandiculate only after I see you
Now you tell me” she moves closer to him and pulls him closer to her fisting his collar ….he raises his eyebrows while she questioned “why I am called cruel?” Sanskar smirks pulling her more closer to him ..while swara’s eyes falls on the colors which was kept on the table..

{{{Deedaar tera milne ke baad hi
Chhoote meri angdaayi
Tu hi bata de kyun zaalima main kehlayi}}}

She immediately left his collar … Smiles naugtyliy taking the colors in her hand….he looks on shock and was abt to say something ..bt he was Interrupted as swara puts the colors on his face ….

“Hahahahaha …” Laughs swara before running from there
“Swara” sanskar shouts angrily running behind her


“Where did they go”?? Questioned laksh looking at ragutt ..who smiles at each other
“O sab chodo they will come .. B/w where is tat chipku cavity ” asked ragini ignoring his question uttara chuckles
“Haha!! … Look at there” laksh points his finger ..ragutt follows it and finds kavitha ..who was stucked b/w some ladies ..who were applying colors on her …ragutt bursts into laugh


“Swara …rukho ” said sanskar breathing heavily as he caughts her wrist
“U got tired na” said swara looking at him
“Me and tired no not at all ” sanskar replied standing erect in front of her
“Y don’t u accept ur defeat ” said swara laughing at him

He gets mesmerized by her laugh & immediately pulls her closer to him .. She stops laughing and looks at him .. He palms her cheeks

“You…look…you…look…so..” Sanskar’s words left incomplete
“Aww….”swara interrupts pushing him away she runs somewhere .. He looks on confused and turns back only to find her staring his car .. He confusedly walks towards her

“Wat happen ” sanskar questioned
“I loved this car of urs sooo much its soooo ….sooo hmm Haa awesome” swara replied looking at him
“Wat ….I thought u would’ve not loved anyone rather than urself” sanskar replies laughing at her

While swara stares the inside of car from the window …she widens her eyes in happiness as she finds the key in the car

“Omg ..there is a key ..now I can drive this car broom broom broom ” swara childishly runs towards the driving seat door while sanskar also goes behind her … She was Abt to sit inside the car ..BT sanskar holds her hand and pulls her back

“U r not driving ” said sanskar looking at her
“No ..no ..I want to drive this car .. I wanna go for a longggggggg rideeeee …far awayyyyy” she replied in a childish tone
” no..u are not going anywhere ” sanskar said
“Ahhhh!!! ..I want to go for a longggg rideee…ah!!” Swara cries in a childish tone
“Swara okay ..okay u want to go for a longggggg ridee naa” asked sanskar shushing her ..she nodes her head in positive

“Then come let’s go by tat cycle” sanskar said pointing a small cycle smiling happily … Swara pouts

“No …no ..I love this car I want to go by this car only ” swara said and was abt to sit in the driver seat ..BT yet again sanskar holds her hand not letting her to so

“Okay okay bt I will drive u sit beside me” replied sanskar
“Pakka na …done na” asked swara cutely
“Haa done “replied sanskar kissing her cheeks …
“Eeeeeee!!!!” Swara wipes her cheeks “u r soo cute” replied sanskar pulling her cheeks laughing at her
“Hehe ..I know now come let’s leave naa” swara blushes
“Haha okay ” sanskar laughs at her

Both sits inside the car on their respective seats and drives away from there


“Uttu ..plzz gets some thandai from the kitchen” said laksh making a puppy face …
“Haha okay Bhai “replied uttara before leaving from there

~ Kitchen ~

Uttara takes the thandai and was abt leave from there bt just then her eyes falls on the glass full of water kept on the slab thus, she gets lost in a deep thoughts


“Buddy “uttara whispered in a shock
She was Abt to step forward BT just then the lights goes off

“Oh god yeh light …yeh light ko Kya hua” uttara was looking confusedly

All of sudden the lights comes ..

“Thank god” uttara whisphers and looks at direction …and widens her eyes in shock + confusion not finding anyone over there


“Uttu …uttu” uttara comes to sense hearing ragini’s voice

“Haa …bhabhi coming” she replied brushing of her thoughts and leaves from there


Hi guys Tanu here ..hope u liked the epi ..

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