SwaSan! Lust Obsession Love!! {Episode-29}


My? …wat Swara?” Asked Sanskar curiously cupping her face …while swara looks at him …..both looks at each other … And losts into the deepness of each other eyes

“Teri adaaon mai kuch aisi khashis Hai tuje apna bananeki kwaish Hai “???? plays

” My…. I don’t know Sanskar I don’t know ” said swara like a innocent child .. His curious expression changed to a sad .. He takes off his hand from her cheeks and turns

She was confused abt wat she wanted say where as he was also confused abt wat did he wanted to listen …..

Swara:bt Sanskar I wanted to thank u … Thank u Sanskar thank u soo much for giving me a family … Uttara, dad I mean uncle I was so blessed to have them … I got a sis in uttara and dad in uncle …. (Tears)? Bt look at my fate sanskar i lost them … Uttara hates and she is write at her place she Shld hate a betrayer like me

She cries keeping her palms on her face … Sanskar feels sad and keeps his hand on her shoulder

“Swara” whispers Sanskar soflty

Swara immediately wipes her tears and looks at him

“Sanskar thank u for giving my adi to me…..” Swara’s words left incomplete coz Sanskar interrupts as something strikes to his mind

“Swara a thing more … Adi isn’t suffering from any sort of cancer swara” said Sanskar

Swara looks on shock

“? Sanskar r u serious ” asked swara not believing

“Yes.. Swara he isn’t suffering from any cancer … It was Parth who fooled u” said Sanskar looking at her shocked face

” ? r u sure Sanskar ” asked swara

“Yes swara” replied Sanskar looking at her ….. Who’s face was shining with happiness by now
She feels soo happy knowing tat his brother is fine and free from all the disease …. She looks at Sanskar with a happy smile on her face .. And keeps her hand on his hand

“Thank u Sanskar …thank thank thank u soo much .. I’m so happy hearing thz … My adi fine I’m so happy ” swara said in happiness

“Hmmm” he sighs .. He feels happy to see her happiness

Just then something strikes to swara’s mind ..and she looks at Sanskar and scans him … She gets worried discovering the bandage across his shoulder , chest & hand…

“Sanskar …u must take rest ” said swara worriedly

“Yes ..u r rgt come let’s leave ” replied Sanskar holding her hand ….Bt she takes off her hand hesitantly …. Sanskar looks confused

“No Sanskar I’m not coming … I don’t want to disturb uttara anymore by my presence .. I take adi and will leave from here Sanskar ” replied swara with teary eyes

Sanskar eyes turned red in anger as he registers her words in his mind … He holds her tightly and looks deeply into her big doe hazel eyes … With his rage full eyes …

“If I’m good to u tat doesn’t mean I will let u go away from me “? said Sanskar In dangerous tone

“Aahhh Sanskar leave me” swara winces in pain as his grip got stronger

“I’m Sanskar Maheswari who will never change did u get it Swara Sanskar Maheswari” ?Sanskar shouts in anger

He drags her from there not letting her to speak a word … She struggles to free herself from his grip …Bt he tightens his grip more and more …she keeps quite realising tat it is waste to protest from him


SM Mansion

“Dad its been late night but bhai didn’t return still I’m worried dad” said uttara worriedly looking at entrance

“Uttu calm down He will …” Ram’s words left incomplete as his eyes falls Sanskar who was dragging swara in anger towards mansion

“Look he came” ram continues

Uttara looks on and gets happy to see Sanskar .. Bt at the same time she gets angry to see swara …

“Son …r u fine” asked ram walking towards swasan

“Hmm Yes dad I’m fine ” replied Sanskar still in anger

Uttara looks at Sanskar

Uttara:(points swara)? bt bhai y she is her …don’t u knw….

“She is my wife uttara so she has the right to stay here and I don’t want anyone to speak abt thz topic anymore …u got it rgt” Sanskar interrupts calmly and leaves from there along with swara …. While swara gets teary eyes seeing uttara’s hatedness


Sanskar’s room

“Sleep” ?said Sanskar pushing swara on the bed … She looks at him and was abt to say something Bt he ignores her and goes towards his side of bed … Off the lights and covers himself by the blanket

Swara looks helplessly and keeps her head on a pillow still staring Sanskar …. Soon they dozes off



Swara will be sleeping peacefully ..the sun rays falls on her … Disturbing her sleep she opnes her eyes … She rubs her eyes and looks at the other side of bed for Sanskar … Bt he wasn’t there … She takes a sigh and gets up from the bed… Before leaving to washroom

Soon she comes out of the washroom dressed in a peach anarkali looking simple & stunning ??? … She looks at her mangalsutar and vermilion
At dressing table and was abt to take it …Bt stops and looks herself in the mirror ….. She takes a sigh and leaves from there


Dining area

Ram , Sanskar ,uttara, adi were having breakfast seated on their respective seats

Swara comes there and looks at them .. Ram smiles

Ram:(smiles) swara beta come have ur breakfast

Swara smiles back happily seeing ram’s normal behavior towards her … She nodes and walks towards the dining area …
Uttara looks on angrily .. While Sanskar looks at swara and ignores her …. Just then Johan comes there

“Good morning ram sir ” said Johan looking at ram with a sincere smile

“Morning Johan” replied ram with a smile

Johan smiles back and transfers his gaze on Sanskar giving a serious look

“Sir the girl whom u appointed for ur P.A has came” said Johan

Hearing thz Sanskar looks at him

“Ask her to come in” replied Sanskar in bossy tone

Johan nodes and leaves from there …. Sanskar transfers his gaze on swara and smirks … Swara looks on confused standing near the chair …

“Swara sit beta” said ram looking at her … Swara comes to sense and looks at ram .. She smiles and was abt to sit Bt stops hearing a voice

“Good morning Sir” they hears a girl’s voice … They turns and finds a girl standing … While swara lifts her head and looks at the girl …

“KAVITHA” whispers swara in shock ?… While Sanskar smirks and looks at kavitha

“Kavitha .. Kavitha Gadodia My new P.A rgt” asked Sanskar raising his eyebrows

“Yes sir” replied kavitha happily

“Ohh y r u standing there come join us ” said Sanskar with a smirk

“Bt sir…” Her words left incomplete

“Come on kavitha it’s my order” said Sanskar in bossy tone

Kavitha nodes with a smile and goes towards the dining area … She looks at swara who was standing in shock … She smirks and sits beside Sanskar … While uttara and ram was equally shocked seeing Sanskar’s giving so imp to a P.A and more over they were shocked to see kavitha as Sanskar’s P.A …

Servant serves breakfast to kavitha … She starts eating

“Miss don’t u want to have breakfast” said kavitha looking at swara who was still standing in shock …Bt comes to sense and simply sits on the chair opposite to kavitha and Sanskar…. Still staring them …. Sanskar ignores her while kavitha smirks

Kavitha looks at her and transfers her gaze on Sanskar who was busy in mobile …then looks at Sanskar’s hand on the table … She smirks evilly and keeps her palms on his hand ..
Swara gets angry … … Her eyes was just fixed on their Hand .. She was burning in anger and clutches the spoon in anger

Sanskar eyes falls on swara who was staring something with anger full eyes … He looks on confused and follows her gaze
Only to discover her staring his and kavitha’s hand….. He turns towards kavitha … Kavitha takes off her hand and blushes….. Sanskar transfers his gaze on swara who takes a relief sigh… He thinks something and smirks turning his gaze on Kavitha … He smiles

“Kavitha … Come let’s leave” said Sanskar keeping his hands on her shoulder …. Kavitha blushes and nodes …. While swara looks on angrily …

Sanskar leaves from there smirking at swara ….. Kavitha smiles evilly and goes towards swara

“History is repeating swara … Bt diff is …tat Time my mom was on my place ….tat time my mom snatched her love from ur mom and thz time I will snatch my love from u … ” whispers Kavitha in swara’s ears …. Swara looks on shock …she smiles evilly and leaves from there ….

!!!!!!!!!!!!LOVE BEGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys tanu here …hope u liked ths epi thank u all … Plzzz do comment guys

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