SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-26}


Johan: SM sir it is so confusing ..
Today morning as u asked me to take Arav from orphanage to a hospital for checkup …I did so and report …now thz report is saying ki …

Sanskar: (cuts off) he doesn’t have any cancer … ? then y the hell swara wanted those gadodia house property papers as per ur information tho she wanted those papers for arav’s treatment ..then wats thz ..I’m unable understand anything wats going on … After the morning incident the way swara behaved was really so weird …and who’s thz parth …I didn’t asked her abt him… Hmm let me ask her

Johan nodes …Sanskar leaves from there

Sanskar’s room (or Swasan’s room)

Swara was selecting dresses for party…. As sanskar asked her to be ready for some business party

Just then Sanskar comes there … He looks at her and takes a sigh before walking towards her

Sanskar: swara ..

He said in a calm tone … Swara turns and looks at him

Swara:wat?? (questionly)
Sanskar: who is parth

He asked straight looking into her eyes …

Swara:he is my childhood frnd
Sanskar: hmm u wanted those gadodia’s property papers for arav’s treatment rgt
Swara:hmm yes …any prblm
Sanskar: no ..nothing ..u get ready soon ..we have to leave in
half-an- hour

He said …swara just nodes .. He walks towards the couch and sits on it ….swara looks back at him … He raises his eyebrows questionly

Swara:I have to change
Sanskar: then change ..
Swara:? how can I change … When u r here
Sanskar:? I’m ur husband not any stranger …and dare u argue with me

He said in a dangerous tone … She looks at him angrily .. Takes her clothes and leaves to washroom …while Sanskar chuckles seeing her angry face
After sometime she comes out of the washroom … wearing a blouse and a skirt ..with saree wrapped around her in a messy way ….Sanskar hears the knob sound and lifts his head… looks at her from top to bottom with widen mouth …he was yet again awestruck to see her in thz way
She looks at him and smirks

Swara: staring is bad Mr Maheswari …

Sanskar comes to sense and looks at her who is smirking looking at him …he thinks something and smirks back

Sanskar: u r the one who want my attention on u …tats y u came out from the washroom without wearing ur clothes properly rgt(smirks)

Swara;? just shut up …I wasn’t able to wear thz saree there.. Tats y I came here …not for ur lusty attention did u get it ..

Sanskar: no I didn’t …

He said dangerously … Standing from the couch…he walks towards her staring her lustily … While she gets irritated by his lusty gaze and angrily looks at him

Swara;?..stay …

Before she could say anything .. Sanskar immediately pulls her closer to him sneaking his hands around her milky soft bare waist

Sanskar: wat did u say??

He asked staring her deeply and intensely into her big doe hazel eyes and caresses her milky waist sensuously yet romantically ….her heart started beating fastly feeling his intense gaze on her ..his gaze is so intense ..tat simply made her to loose all her sense in his hand
He smirks and pushes her on the bed …and comes top of her

He starts rubbing and caressing each and every part of her body so sensuously yet passionately .. While she closed her eyes feeling his touch …. He places his lips on her neck and kisses & licks all over her neck giving open mouth kisses …..their body is pressed against each other touching each other parts ..

Her hands travels to his back … Caressing his back sensuously and pressing him more on her … She araches giving him more excess to kiss all over her neck
He smirks and lifts his head … Goes closer to her face and cups her face …placing his rough lips on her soft lips …they moves their lips according to rythm of the romance …..they smooches again & again ….rubbing their body against each other body …their legs were rubbing shamelessly against each other .. While her hand is busy in stroking his hairs ..deepening the kiss and as sanskar hands is busy in massaging and caressing her cleavages both were lost in the world of romance .. Whereas swara is too reciprocating sanskar’s action equaly coz there is something in her heart for Sanskar tat she wasn’t able to resist him

But soon they comes to sense and breaks the kiss immediately by a knock on the door

” Sanskar beta ….ur tea” said dolly aunty

Sanskar shakes his head smirking at swara … Who was avoiding his gaze … ..he gets up from the bed…. Goes towards the door …opens it and finds dolly aunty standing there with cup of tea in her hand ….Sanskar takes the tea from her….dolly ws abt to leave ..but Sanskar thinks something and stops her

Sanskar: dolly aunt
Dolly: Haan Sanskar beta
Sanskar: hmm actually u help swara in getting ready

Dolly nodes with a smiles looking at swara .swara smiles back

Sanskar: get ready soon … We have to leave from here

He said in a strict tone …swara nodes …Sanskar leave from there

Soon swara was ready …

Swara:(smiles) thank u dolly aunty
Dolly:my pleasure ma’am .. Now I think u have to leave Sanskar beta might be waiting for u

Swara nodes with a smile and leaves from there

As she was descending the stairs …her eyes falls on Sanskar busy in his mobile…he was dressed in a black tuxedo looking Greek god , handsome , hot and wat not ???

“Hot” she thinks …and gets angry on herself realising wat she just thought…

While sanskar turns and looks at swara…. He was awestruck and mesmerized to see the beauty standing in front of him with a angelic smile…. She was looking really s*xy to him dressed in a black and red combo saree … He was staring her with all his rights …

Both were yet again lost in deepness of each other eyes but soon comes to sense

Arav:Shona di u r looking so cute ?
Swara:Hahaha ..thank u aru mera baccha …u r also looking cute my chuto

She walks towards arav and pulls his cheeks …arav smiles swara smiles back and transfers her gaze on uttata

Swara:(smiles) uttara …
Uttara:(cuts off) bhai …I will be waiting in the car ..plz come soon

She said looking at Sanskar … Swara gets sad seeing her silent treatment …. While Sanskar nodes ….

Arav:? uttu di …I will also accompany u …u will be bored being alone na
Uttara:Hahaha ..okay

Arav and uttara leaves from there ….sanskar shakes his head and transfers his gaze on swara who was looking so sad

Sanskar: let’s leave ..

He said looking straight into her eyes …swara just nodes shrugging off her thoughts
Both SwaSan comes outside the Mansion ….finds uttu & Arav sitting In the car

Both smiles looking at their siblings respectively

Arav: ?shona di comes soon na … I’m very excited to go for party

Said arav waving at swara … Swara nodes with a smile and looks at Sanskar ….he looks back and holds her hand both walks towards the car Soon both sits in the car in their respective seats and leaves from there


Soon they reaches the venue … As soon as sanskar’s ravishing Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. Stopped … A huge paparazzi rushed towards it and started clicking the photos crowding all around … It was all looking so beautiful so ravishing

Johan made a way towards the car and opened the gate for Sanskar … Sanskar stepped outside the car wearing his black shades as usual with a devil smirk on his face the paparazzi started clicking his photos … While Johan opens the gate for swara ,uttara and arav respectively …

As soon as they stepped out of the car …the paparazzi’s attaintion went towards swara … Who walks and stands nxt to Sanskar …they were abt uttara as she is SM’s sister ..but not swara or arav …. The paparazzi was looking shocked yet confused as Sanskar sneaks his hand around swara’s waist and pulls her closer to him

“Who is the girl SM sir ” askd a man from media

Sanskar looks at him through his dangerous eyes … The man gupls in fear and keeps quite .. While Johan clears the way for SwaSan and uttarav … Sanskar smirks proudly and walks inside the venue along with swara and uttarav …while swara was looking least interested and uttarav had a smile on their faces

As they entered into the huge ravishing mesmerizing hall .. Decorated so good …
All the peoples presented there .. Caught their attaintion towards SwaSan and uttarav … They were also looking confused and surprised as well seeing a girl and small boy with SM

“Who is the girl !! is she another Mistress of SM !!.but y would he take a mistress to a business party!! which he never did so !!
Then who is she!! ” peoples presented there started gossiping …

Sanskar over hears it and smirks
Just then Mr obrio a business client cames towards Sanskar and greeted him

Mr obrio : Good evening Mr SM
Sanskar: (bossy tone) evening Mr obrio
Mr obrio: well if u don’t mind ..can I ask abt the girl nxt u

He asked permission pointing swara …. Sanskar shakes his head and was abt to say something …but interrupts by a voice… Sanskar looks at the direction and finds laksh holding a mike in his hand

“Ladies and gentlement I know u all r reasoning abt the girl standing nxt to SM … So let me tell to u all gents , boys , and uncles don’t u dare to look at her coz she is WIFE of SANSKAR MAHESWARI and u know wat I mean ” said laksh with a grin

Everyone gupls and kept quite and was shocked too but no one dared to question back … Sanskar smirks looking at laksh .. Laksh walks towards him

Laksh: hey hi Swara uttu and u … Small boy … Wats ur name

He said pointing arav

Uttara:arav ..lucky bhai he is …
Laksh:(interrupts) haan I know abt him ..Sanskar told me

Uttata and swara smiles … While laksh looks at Sanskar and hugs him

Laksh:hey dude
Sanskar: hmm u r quite intelligent huh!
He said pulling back

Laksh: yeah ! …drink (smirks)

Sanskar shakes his head with a smirk …

” rags come here ..be with uttu and swara” yells laksh at ragini who is busy gossiping with some girls

“Coming lucky” she yells back from far

Laksh looks at Sanskar .. Gesture him towards bar ..he nodes both leaves towards the bar

Ragini comes towards swara and uttata

Ragini: hey hi sweeties .. Both r looking gorgeous haan ?

Compliments ragini hugging swautt ..

Uttara : hahaha .. Bhabhi u r looking more stunning

Uttara compliments back ..

Ragini: haha I know …

Soon they were engrossed in gossiping … Swara feels sad as all the while uttata ignores her .. But feels happy as well seeing her taking care of arav


“U Love her ” asked Laksh gulping a white wine

Sanskar: Hmm she is mine

She said avoiding his question

Laksh: she betrayed u … She was just fooling u dude .. For a mere property papers .. And u .. Where is the great SM ..u didn’t even replied for her dare

Sanskar:hmm I can’t .. I can’t hurt her .. Seeing her in tears I feel pain … my heart feels pain

Said Sanskar resting his head back …thinking abt swara …her smile , her tears , her laugh , her fear , her boldness .. Each and everything of her made him crazy for her

Laksh:(smiles) So dude u r in LOVE …I’m damn sure ..u think abt it

He said with a smile and walks towards swautt , arav and ragini
While Sanskar lost in the deep thoughts

Laksh:hi girls wats going on ..
Ragini: non of ur business… Stay out of girls talks
Uttara:(giggles) hehehehe ..
Laksh: oh stop it … (Looks at swara) hey swara ..u tell me wats going on .. Ur husband is so changed all of sudden huh! Wat magic did u do ?

Swara’s cheeks unknowingly turned into light reddish .. She was actually blushing but y she wasn’t aware of it …
Just then the lights goes off ..

Ragini: r they giving us any surprise lucky
Asked ragini excitedly
Laksh: a kind of ..?
Replied laksh as if he is already aware

While swautt and arav looks on confused …just then the music plays …the spot lights falls on the great SANSKAR MAHESWARI … Who is holding a guiter in his hand playing the tune … Everyone looks on shocked and surprised .. The spot lights falls on swara as well .. Swasan were in the center of attention…

__________ (my fav song ??)

Teri aadao main kuch aisi kasis hain
Tujhe apana bananeki khwayishain hain

{ he walks towards swara .. Staring her deeply with a cute smile …thus, she too matches his gazing him back …while he says his heart out in the above lines.. Tat there is some intoxication or attraction in her charm or beauty .. Tats makes him to wish her as his ..only his … }

Tu jaba ati hain mere samane
Dil ki dhadkan rook jati hain

{ he stands in front of her and touches her face romantically saying his words in above lines .. Tat his heart always stopped beating…whenever she comes in front of him … She stares into his eyes where she can she everything lust obsession love }

Belosikha aalam kya main batauuu
Khamosi meri juba banjati hain

{ he pulls her by waist and nuzzles his nose against her cheeks ..she doesn’t protests but keeps staring him … While he express his feeling in the above lines saying tat … How I say u !! Wat can I say!! U always made me wordless}

Teri aadao main kuch aisi kasis hain
Tujhe apana bananeki khwayishain hain.

{ he looks at her who was staring him …he smirks and places her left hand on his shoulder taking her right in his hand .. He moves romantically as per the music
Yet again saying.. his heart out in the above lines.. Tat there is some intoxication or attraction in her charm or beauty .. Tats makes him to wish her as his ..only his … }

Akhome teri itni geherahi
Inme samaneki gujaris hain
Tujhse meri itni sifaris hain
Mere dilme samaneki gujaris hain

{ he twirls her at once .. She arounds and falls on his chest .. He deeply stare into her big doe hazel eyes expressing tat there is so deepness in ur eyes tat he request her to allow him to sink in her eyes …he also recommends and requests her to sink in his heart }

Tu jaba ati hain mere samane
Dil ki dhadkan rook jati hain
Teri aadao main kuch aisi kasis hain
Tujhe apana bananeki khwayishain hain

{ both were staring each other having a passionate eye lock .. He caresses her cheeks pulling her closer to him by waist and twirsl her again ..saying his heart out tat Tat his heart always stopped beating…whenever she comes in front of him
Tat there is some intoxication or attraction in her charm or beauty .. Tats makes him to wish her as his ..only his … }

He cups her face both were staring into each other eyes .. A heat of desire raised in them .. She feels so loved ..her hands automatically travels to his chest ..while he pulls her mover closer to him and cups her face .. With no moment he captures her rosey red lips into a kiss … Both kisses in equal passion and desire … It was a sweet and soft kiss … Soon they comes to sense hearing applause from everyone present there …

Swasan looks at everyone …raglak were looking happy …uttata was quite ..arav confused .. … They Again transfers there gaze on each other … He again stares into her cups her face staring her with all his rights ..he moves closer to her lips …yet he was abt to place his rough lips on her soft lips … But

The lights goes of. …..
Dishkiyon .!!!!!!! …they hears bullet ..ones, twice , 3, 4,5 …

Immediately the ligts on …
All looks on shock …while swara shouts with terrified expression

“SANSKAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”


Hi guys tanu here ..hope u all liked thz special long Episode .. perhaps thz is a last epi till my exams.I.e April ???.. I knw u r all ready to beat me now for leaving in suspens ??… But don’t worry if I get time I will surely update nxt part …till then bye .

Thank u all
Love u all ??

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