SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-24}

********** EPISODE-24 **********


Swara will be all alone sleeping on the bed …her hairs were spread in messy way … Lipstick spread around her lips … She was sleeping but the sleep wasn’t fully peaceful …still there is something which is bothering her but wat !! She had already got wat she want …then now again wat is bothering her

The sun Rays falls on her ..she rubs her eyes with her tiny hands and opens her eyes disturbing her sleep … She looks around and finds all things scattered in the room

Swara:y thz things r scattered here

She said confusedly …suddenly last night incident pops into her mind …her eyes goes wider and wider turning into a blood shot filled with rage ..

Swara:? how dare he..blood bastard *****

She said clutching the bedsheets tightly in her fist …she looks around the room and doesn’t find Sanskar anywhere …. She thinks something and gets tensed

Swara:(tensed) I have to leave from here soon to meet him .. ?waise bhi thz devil isn’t here it will be easy to leave from here

She gets down from the bed and ties her hairs in the bun walking towards the door …she was abt to open the door but stops in the track …as she hears the whistle sound ..

Swara:?he is here only

she closes her eyes in anger aware of the fact who is the person whistling ..And
tightens her grip on the knob of the door pulling it to open the door …but the door doesn’t opens … She looks on surprised and finds tat the door is locked using Keys

She gets more angry and turns only to find he I.e Sanskar standing rgt in front of her with a smirk

Swara:? open the door

Sanskar ignores her words and pulls her closer to him sneaking his hands around her waist

Sanskar: y shld I

He whispered huskily rubbing his nose against her soft cheeks … She gets angry and jerks him

Swara:? hey look remember one thing I didn’t came here to be ur wife or to live in ur thz blo*dy mansion …All thz days I was just living here for my property which was with u …I just want it back ..so I got it …..I don’t have any enmity with u better u don’t force me to do so …just leave me

She shouts in anger .. Sanskar was just staring her with a smirk ignoring her words …just then they hears a sound …both gets alerted and looks towards the direction ..and gets shock to find uttara standing near the window in shock hearing swara….tears were making a way from her eyes knowing abt swara’s betrayal ..

Swara : ? uttara …

Uttara wipes her tears and runs from there immediately …… Swara feels sad for uttara coz she knew the reason behind her tears ….she somewhere feels guilty …but something strikes her mind yet again her face turns bold and angry

Sanskar: hmm how r u feeling to be the reason for da tears in the eyes of the girl who always supported u ..huh!

He said hugging her from back .. Placing his chin on her shoulder
Swara closes her eyes for a min and then opens filling her eyes with anger

Swara:? leave me …I want to leave from here …leave me

She almost shouted …he smirks and pulls her more closer crushing her back against his hard tone muscular chest

Sanskar: ARAV

He whispered in her ears … Her eyes widens hearing thz

Swara: ? Arav… how come u know abt Arav
Sanskar: I’m Sanskar Maheswari baby ..I have my own sources … Well Arav is with me darling and will always be with me only

Swara gets shock ..she breaks the hug …turns and looks at him in blood shot eyes….While he smirks

Swara:? (shouts) wat the hell ..y is he with u …did u kidnapped him
Sanskar: well yes …

She gets shock ..he angrily pulls her closer to him

Sanskar: (continues) ? I kidnapped him … Coz I want u to be with me .. Beside me being only mine
Swara:? just shut ur blo*dy mouth … How dare u kidnapped my arav …leave him don’t involve him In all thz
Sanskar:? no I will not leave him ..do get it …I want u to stay here with me
Swara:? oh!! Now u will blackmail me using Arav so tat I stay here huh!!
Sanskar:(smirks) no baby I’m not blackmailing u …u can leave but remember one thing I won’t leave Arav ..he is most imp person to u rgt then how can I leave ur imp person ..and u know abt me rgt I always mean wat I speak..

She gives a terrified expression and losts in the deep thoughts…
She would have fought with him if the matter wasn’t abt Arav …
now She have to think wisely coz he is rgt Arav is imp person to her for whom she can do anythiny….like the whole world she is also aware of the fact tat it isn’t easy to fight with thz devil
After thinking for a long time .. She looks at him

Swara:wat do u want

She asked looking straight into his eyes ….he raises his eyebrows with a smirk

Sanskar: you

He replied looking deep into her eyes

Swara:One night !! Is it enough to satisfy ur lust..

Sanskar eyes turned red shot in rage as he registered her words in mind …he angrily pulls her closer to him and pins her to the wall

Sanskar:? One night huh! .. Do u think I just want u as one night stand …no baby no …I need u till the end of my life

He said in dangerous tone pressing his body against her soft body roughly

Swara:? just go to hell …do u know Arav…
Sanskar: (interrupt) I know u don’t worry about him .. I had already told u tat I will never leave Arav ….think once again do u want Arav or do u want to leave me (smirks)

She losts in the deep thoughts but soon come to sense and looks at him

Swara:hmm okay….but but ? don’t u think I’m scared of don’t u …coz I’m not

Sanskar just smirks …she gets angry seeing the smirk on his face …and was abt to say something …but just then her phone rings

Swara:My mobile …

She looks here and there … Then finds her mobile on a table … She takes it and looks at the caller I’d it was showing “Parth” … She takes a relief with a smie and lifts the call

Swara:haan hello parth …

Hearing parth name from her mouth ….Sanskar gets angry …obsession was clearly seen in his eyes…. He clutches his fist in anger and goes towards her …and was abt to take the phone from her hand … But stops thinking something he smirks

He looks at her standing at her back ….she was asking parth abt his leg …he angrily sneakes his hand around her waist and pulls her closer to him crushing her back against his front ….with no moment he places his lips on her shoulder … takes her soft skin b/w his lips and bites ….she winces in pain


His sudden reaction makes her startled …the mobile falls from her hand on the floor ….

Sanskar:say him not to call u again if he loves his life

He said licking and giving soft kisses on her shoulder
She feels butterflies in her stomach feeling his soft touch .. But she ignores it and gets angry on him …and pushes him by her elbow …he moves back

Swara:? just stay out of my life … I have already told tat I will never fear of u

She said angrily and was abt to take the mobile from the floor … But he stamps on the mobile … Smashes it under his feet … So angrily with rage …she looks on shock ….

Swara:?Wat the hell…

Before she could complete he drags her towards the washroom … Opens it and pushes her inside ….

Swara:(mind) again he will start arggg

She thinks as he closes the door and turns towards her with a smirk … Pins her to the wall …she doesn’t protest coz she knows it is waste to protest or push him

He ons the shower tap … The small water drops from shower was falling on them making both wet with water …both were looking straight into each other eyes … She was looking more s*xy with tiny waters drops on her body …while he was looking more hot as well

He moves closer to her face and smashes his rough lips on her soft lips … Smooches softly … While his hands shamelessly roams all around her bare back under her top …. Caressing her bare back sensuously yet passionately ….
She clutches his shirt tightly standing still
His passion grew more wild as he remember her taking with Parth …. He deepens the kiss more harder and harder taking her lips b/w her teeth’s he bites hardly


She winces b/w the kiss … He just smirks and again bites … She gets angry and pulls him holding his collar in her fist … And bites his lower lip more hardly .. He smirks b/w the kiss and kisses her deeply as she bites him …she also reciprocates the kiss … Both kiss each other wildly and hardly

…..her legs got weak …she slowly sits down on the floor along with him still kissing each other wildly and hungrily

Hey lovely friends Sara here …tanu’s frnd hope u all remember me … I know guys tanu was being stupid yesterday .. but she was really hurt …or else she isn’t the girl of sentiment …OK leave all thz .. u all don’t worry I made her understand …she is not gonna end any of her ff … and feri warning for u if u dare to end then u know me rgt I well say abt u to *I’m not mad on you* ?????

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