SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-23}


Swara:?leave ..me ..I said leave me

She shouts as Sanskar’s drags her inside the SM mansion completely ignoring her words

It seems uttara has already slept and so all the servants ….Thus, the mansion was dark no lights … But the fire in the devil’s eyes was brightening the mansion
, sanskar’s eyes is filled with rage who’s one glare can kill any person but swara too matches his anger not fearing of him …now it’s time for devil and devil …here there is no angel ..they itself r devil and angel to each other

He drags her inside the room and frees her from his hold … She gets happy and was abt to walk out from the room …but in the meantime he pushes her a lil and locks the door….. While she beats him with her tiny hands

Swara:? open the door … open … Open …open …open

She keeps on shouting while her hands were busy in beating his back ….he gets irritated and immediately turns after locking the door ….holds her both the hands and pulls her closer to him by waist

They looks into each other eyes ..
Her eyes were reflecting anger .. Now …while his eyes filled with LUST , OBSESSION , ……. And ….
“*LOVE* …yes there was love too
Though his new found love came across a betrayal by her … Still there is a love in his eyes



(my kiddo friends don’t read it ?? coz I’m not reading as well (??)

He looks at her hands and remembers how parth holds her hand …he gets angry … And bends a lil… gives open mouth kisses on her hands sensuously
She looks on shock

Sanskar:? How dare tat bustard hold u …he touched u … Only I have the rgt to hold u …and touch .. U swara …only me …. Coz u r only mine …only mine

He said with obsession filled eyes …. While she feels disgusting and jerks her hand

Swara:? Wat the hell r u doing Mr Maheswari …

He looks at her and caresses her face in lust

Sanskar: I’m doing my business baby …u only told me do to my business rgt

He whisphers in her ears huskily …caressing her face lustily …while she pushes him away feeling disgusted by his touch …and moves a back

Swara:? don’t …u don’t u dare to touch me …I’m not the swara who will get scared of u ..and agree with u ..no I’m not …got tat

She said pointing her finger towards him …he raises his eyebrows and smirks

Sanskar: oh is tat so …

He said walking towards her looking straight into her eyes … While she stands still not fearing her …meeting his eyes … He smirks seeing her courage and slowly takes a rope which was on the table without her notice

Swara:? I’m not scared of u … U should better register this thing in ur f**king mind


He raises his eyebrows as he stands in front of her … And immediately pulls her closer to him sneaking his hand around her waist …he goes closer to her face and whispers in her ears

Sanskar: if my mind is f**king … Then let me f**k u baby

He said in dangerous tone … She immediately looks at him in rage … He smirks and pushes her on the bed …. Before she could realises any thing he ties her leg with rope …

Swara:? wat the hell. ..

She gets up in a sitting position and was abt to get up from the bed unknown of the fact tat her legs r tied … But yet again he pushes her on the bed and comes top of her ….she starts beating his chest …he smirks and holds her both the hands …and ties the rope around her hand

She widens her eyes in shock … She tries to move her leg but then realises tat he had already tied the rope around her legs

Swara:? how dare u bastard ..Casanova . . Leave me …

She said struggling herself to free from the rope … While he smirks and nuzzles his nose in her cheeks

Sanskar: U r something … Which is so irresistible baby .. So Hw cn I leave u …
Swara:? oh now u wanna rape me rgt …(feeling disgusting) wat can a man like u can do rather than satisfying his inner lust

Sanskar: correct baby ..I’m a man I don’t rape.. u better register thz thing in ur mind …
Swara:? is tat so ..then leave me
Sanskar: huh! ..nah…. Raping is diff ..wat I’m doing is ..my business ..u r my wife and thz is my business towards my wife

He said raising his eyebrows
She gets angry and shouts …

Swara:? I’m not ur wife … blo*dy womansir and …

Before she could complete she feels his rough lips on her soft lips ….she tries to pushes him but wasn’t able to do so coz her legs and hands were tied by him …still she struggles

Whereas Sanskar begins to kiss her wildly and hungrily ….. Holding her face closer to him .. He gives open mouth kisses on her lips leaving his saliva on her lips …. He smirks looking at thz and bites her lower very hardly


She winces in pain parting her lips ..he takes it’s an opportunity and enters his tounge into her mouth and starts exploring his tounge to each corner of her mouth …he tastes her saliva inside her mouth and gives open mouth kisses leaving his saliva inside her mouth … He takes out his tounge and bites her lips yet again more harder …she gupls as the result of drinking his essence ….He smirks and kisses her harder and harder … Deeper and deeper not letting her to take a breath in b/w though he was too out of breath ..still he keeps kissing her lips passionatly and wildly caressing her cheeks sensuously …. Lust were clearly seen in his deep brown eyes ….

But soon he breaks the kiss .. As oxgyen became must needed .. Both were panting heavily … He was staring at her with his naked lusty eyes with a devil smirk
She wasn’t able to shout or scream as she was panting really very heavily

He smiles with a smirk and bends a lil …to match his head to her neck ….nuzzling her face into her neck …he inhales the sweet fragrance of her body

Sanskar: U r making me crazy darling….

Her neck was raising up and down …as she was panting heavily as the result some drops of water Formed on her milky bare neckline …his eyes turned more lusty feeling her look more s*xy …he immediately places his lips on her neckline …and started sucking the water from there … He began to give open mouth kisses all over her neck making her to clutch his shirt in anger … As she wasn’t able to protest coz still she was panting

He smirks wetting her neck with his kisses

Sanskar;thz suites more on ur soft skin darling

He whispers huskily removing the front zip of her leather jacket ….she widens her eyes in shock …he let a smirk looking at her expression …and gazes on her cleavages above her hot pink top ….his lusty devil became more crazy to satisfy his lust with her ….he bends a lil and places his lips on her raising up and down cleavages ….her eyes filled with rage …as he touches her boss*m …and caresses it sensuously

Swara:(panting)? ..t..a..Ke .. U..r .. Ha…nd. ..r..I.gt …no..w

She said panting ..still in rage .. He smirks and squeezes taking her one boss*m in his palms… While giving open mouth kisses on her other boss*m


She let out a soft winces .. As he squeezes her boss*m more harder and harder …giving open mouth kisses on her cleavages .. He makes her top wet and to give a light glance of her cleavages

Sanskar; no ..baby …I have already told u tat u r just mine .. Tat means u r not even urs …got tat

He said in dangerous tone … Kissing and squeezing her boss*m more hardly ,wildly and hungrily

She got more angry … As she gets her strength back …she finds tat they r laying at edge of the bed ..she thinks something and smiles evily

While he was engrossed in kissing her cleavages above her top …she angrily pushes him by her shoulder …he pulls him too .. As the result both falls on the floor …such tat she was laying upon him …… He raises his eyebrows giving her a death glare …her eyes filled with rage .. She immediately puts her tied hands around his neck and pulling him closer to her
She bites hardly on his side neck
He closes his eyes as she keeps on biting his side neck at the same place …more harder and harder ….his face turned red …his eyes were closed not letting to express his pain but he didn’t pushed him rather than he pulled her more closer ..allowing her to bite him

After biting his side neck for a long time …she pats back and looks at his side neck… Which was turned so red…her bite mark was so reddish … A small amt of blood oozing from his neck coz of her bite …she smirks and looks at him in rage

Sanskar; not bad biting huh! .. Then y not u too feel a bite from me

He said with a smirk … She frowns as he rolled pinning her beneath him …

Swara:? don’t u dare …
Sanskar: let’s see …

He said with a smirk …placing his lips on her neck ..he took her soft skin b/w his lips and bites it
She winces In pain

Swara:aaaaah…leave …

He ignores her words and starts biting all over her neck leaving his marks all over her neck marking her as his …only his
He takes her coverd boss*m inside in his mouth and bites it hard …she struggles to protest as he was biting more hard and hard …sucking her boss*m above her top …he caresses her soft bare belly inserting his hand under her top
Soon she gets tiered her hands and legs starts paining as the rope was tied around …
He feels her silence and looks at her immediately …only to find her tiered …her eyes were half closed coz of wearied .. He goes closer to his face and cups it

Sanskar: hey r u okay..baby

He asked in concern

Swara:..my..ha..nds …

She replied in half conscious coz of wearied …he realises tat her hands and legs r tied ….thus, he immediately got up from her and unties her legs and hands

Takes her in his arms and places her on the bed ….he too laydown beside her ……. her face was looking so tired … As the result She was already fallen in sleep
…he takes her in his embrace and places a soft kiss on her forehead lovingly yes lovingly ….

Sanskar: u r making me crazy baby… I’m falling more for every shade of u ..
u r mine swara …for whatever purpose u came here
i don’t care but I will not let u go back

he said with LUST OBSESSION LOVE filled eyes ….he keeps on admiring her and soon dozes off


hey guys tanu here …hope u all liked thz epi and sorry if anyone didn’t feel comfortable by thz epi … I’m feeling shy ???coz after a long time …after you r my life ended I never wrote a mature part … hope u all will like it

Thank u all
love u all ????

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