SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-21}


SM mansion

Uttara:(happily) Bhabhi I’m soo happy now…..bhai’s behavior towards u is soo changed .. U r so sweet bhabhi

She said happily taking a seat on the slab while swara who was cooking the lunch smiles seeing her happy

Swara:hmm uttara when uncle I mean dad is gonna come??
Uttara:I guess 2mro bhabhi …
Swara:hmm okay
Uttara: (looks at her) waise bhabhi y r u cooking the lunch also!!! They r many servants they will do it na
Swara:(smiles) it’s k uttara … I’m habituated to it …I love cooking and doing works myself
Uttara:u r soo sweet bhabi … I love u soo much …u r my best frnd

She hugs swara …swara smiles and hugs back


Meanwhile in

SM company

Sanskar’s cabin

Sanskar was lost in a deep thoughts …he wasn’t able to concentrate in anything than swara her innocence her cute smile her melodious voice was ringing in him like anything

Sanskar: (smiles) you r making me crazy swara ….

He said closing his eyes in a peace where he could only see swara!! His lips curved into a cute smile thinking abt swara
But soon he comes out of his chain of thoughts hearing a knock on the door

Johan:(knocks) SM Sir
Sanskar: (bossy tone) come in

Johan nodes and does as he ordered him

Johan:SM sir actually everyone r waiting for u in the conference room

Sanskar looks at him ..as.he was least interested to attain the meeting for now coz of swara her thoughts which wasn’t letting him to concentrate in his work .. He don’t know but he is feeling to meet her …to see her. ..to talk her

Sanskar: (bossy tone) Johan postpone the meeting tonight

He ordered him strictly

Johan:(nodes) okay sir
Sanskar: good

He said and leaves from there


Soon he reaches to the SM mansion

Sanskar:dolly aunty …suresh

He calls looking at his mobile busy checking some mails
Suresh comes there

Suresh: yes sir
Sanskar: (looks at him) o …where is she !!…I mean swara where is swara !!
Suresh: sir ..bhabhi is in the room
Sanskar: hmm

He goes towards the room and finds swara who was cleaning his wardrobe

Swara:oh god how dreadfully untidy his wardrobe is… Same like his thoughts

She murmurs arranging his clothes in the shelf …. He smiles hearing her …if any other girl would have said those surely he wouldn’t have tolerate the girl in front of his sight for a moment also …
But it was different for swara … He is soo happy seeing her arranging his clothes and keeps staring her antiques with a cute smile

Swara:aaah …..

She tries to reach her hand to the top shelf of the wardrobe but couldn’t but still she keeping struggling to reach there while Sanskar who was staring her antiques with a cute smile leaning against the door … Thinks something and smiles naughtily

He slowly walks towards her and stands back of her

Swara:huh! I’m unable to reach there

She mumurs keeping her hands on her waist …he smiles looking at her waist….he keeps his hands on the either side of her waist … She widens her eyes in shock feeling his touch

Swara:(mind)? Sanskar

He smiles seeing her shocked face and lifts her up

Sanskar: take it

He said while she was still in shock with widen eyes
Sanskar see’s thz and shakes his head

Sanskar:stop giving those looks and do it fast

Swara nodes and hastily takes out the clothes from the shelf
He chuckles controlling his laugh

Swara: c…completed…

She said …he smiles and puts her down and keeps staring her …. She ignores eye contact and was abt to walk away ….but he grins and holds her wrist not letting her to do so …. She gupls

Sanskar: where r u going

He asked in a clam tone…. She jumps in fear and replies him


She fumbles …he pulls her closer to him ..her back crushes his front hard tone chest …he keeps his hand on her waist and turns her towards him …he looks at her who’s gaze was fixed to floor

Sanskar: u have such a handsome husband I guess than floor

He grins lifting his chin …. She blinks her eyes looking at him … He looks at her deeply lost in her he cups her face and moves closer to her lips

He looks into her eyes then on her soft rosy lips …. His desire waked up seeing her soo close Thus,he slowly places his rough lips on her soft yet Rosy lips
She widens her eyes in shock but keeps quite not daring to protest with him

He caresses his lips with her soft lips and began kisses passionatly rubbing his hands on her cheeks sensuously he pulls her more closer to him and travels his hand to her back while she stands quite not reciprocating the kiss which is making her uncomfortable like hell

He feels thz ….pats back and looks at her who was already looking at him…. He closes his eyes to let out his frustration then opens his eyes and finds her still staring at him

Sanskar: (raises his eyebrows) what

He asked questionly …while swara downs her head and points his lips

Sanskar: (confused) wat
Swara:look into the mirror

She said hastily and runs from there ….sanskar shakes his head in confusion and looks at the mirror ….finds lipstick spread on his lips …he grins and brushes his hands on his hairs thinking abt swara

Soon he cleans the lipstick from his lips and leaves from there


Uttara:? bhai when did u came

She asked in surprised as her eyes falls on Sanskar who was descending the stairs

Sanskar: o uttu .. Just now… Just now I came
Uttara: but y ? U never come at thz time rgt ??
Sanskar: (ignores eye contact) simply …I felt to come so I did
Uttara:(confused) hmm accha okay then come have ur lunch
Sanskar: okay

Sanskar nodes …uttara smiles they heads towards the dinning area ….just then they hears swara’s scream


Sanutt:? swara / bhabhi

They gets surprised hearing the scream and rushes towards the hall from where it came
There they finds swara holding her leg sitting on the stairs

Uttara: (concerned) wat happen bhabi
Swara:? my leg got twisted uttara
Uttara:? wat let me see

Sanskar who was viewing all thz with a concern in his eyes comes toward them and sits in front of swara ….swautt looks on shock+surprised ….while he touches her leg

Swara:(hesitates ) no…it’s k… I’m …
Sanskar gives her a glare she keeps quite uttara smiles while he caresses her leg and twits it again

Swara:(screams) aaaaa
Sanskar: now it’s fine ….keep quite

He said looking straight into her eyes …she closes her mouth with her hands and nodes ..

Sanskar: stand up

Swara looks at uttara then transfers her gaze on sanskar and blinks her eyes twice …. Sanskar raises his eyebrows she gupls and closes her eyes thinking tat her leg would pain .. She holds the railing tightly

Sanskar: stand up I said

He literally shouts …she jumps in fear and stands up immediately
Uttara smiles …Sanskar tries not to laugh seeing her actions
While swara opens her eyes and gets happy

Swara:? uttara ..now it’s fine… It isn’t paining
Uttara:hahaha I know bhabhi … Now come let’s have lunch

Swara nodes ….both leaves from there sanskar shakes his head and leaves as well

Soon they finishes with their lunch

Sanskar: hmm uttu … I’m leaving now ….TAKE CARE

He said looking at swara ..while uttara who notices thz chuckles

Uttara:okay bhai…I will take care of my bhabi don’t worry

Sanskar smiles and looks at swara who was avoiding eye contact ….he shakes his head and leaves from there



SM company

Except Sanskar and Johan no one were there in the office
Sanskar was checking some files while Johan was standing looking at his boss

Sanskar: hmm well it’s good … Give these files to Mr raichand

He ordered in a bossy tone looking at Johan

Johan:(nodes) okay sir

He takes the files …while Sanskar gets up and walks out … Johan follows him

Sanskar:(bossy tone) and Johan inform Mr obrio tat I wanna meet him by 2mro

He said sitting in his car ….while Johan nodes

Johan:good night sir

Sanskar nodes and drives the car …but he stops on the track as his eyes caught a black object entering the office without anyone notice …. He immediately steps out of the car … Johan looks on surprised

Sanskar: (cuts off) sshh …I guess the same girl had came again

He said pointing the office

Johan:(low tone) sir can I ask bodyguards to catch her
Sanskar: (looks at him) no Johan. .. 1st let me know y she came here …

Johan nodes ….while Sanskar slowly takes his steps towards the office ….he comes inside and looks here and there ….just then his eyes falls on the girl who was searching something in his cabin …her face was covered with the veil she was the same girl he guessed and walks towards his cabin and hides behind a pillar looking at her actions

She was searching everywhere but atlast her eyes was showing disappointment not getting the thing for which came here … She keeps her hand on the table just then her eyes caughts a small box kept on a shelf ….

Girl:I didn’t checked thz …let’s check

She murmurs and goes towards the box …she opens it and takes out a file …as soon as her eyes falls on the file her eyes glowed brightly…she immediately closes the box

Girl: finally I got it …

She murmurs with happiness
While sanskar who was viewing all thz gets angry + confused

Sanskar: (confused) wat file is tat y she came here ?hmm whatever how dare she enter here ….she is gonna face the worse me for doing thz

While the girl slowly walks stepping out of the cabin
Sanskar looks at her and gets angry

Sanskar’:? hey ….stop there

He shouts in anger ..the girl stops hearing his voice ….her eyes turned tensed ….she looks here and there for a way to escape from here as soon as possible just then her eyes falls on a room which has large window …. She takes a sigh and closes her eyes tightly

Girl: Run

She murmurs and runs towards the room…. While sanskar who see’s her running boils in rage and runs behind her
She runs more fast hearing his foot steps near to her

Sanskar:? hey stop there I said …

He shouts but the girl runs not caring abt his words …soon she enters the room and Sanskar as well ….she looks at window and runs towards it ….Sanskar notices thz in anger and runs fastly

She was abt to jump from the window but at the meantime Sanskar holds her wrist and angrily pulls her towards him
Their eyes met …sanskar’s eyes filled with anger + rage and same goes with the girl her eyes wasn’t showing less anger than him just then
Something strikes sanskar’s mind …Sanskar looks deeply into her eyes and was taken aback as he was thunderstruck ….his eyes goes widen and widen … he stumbles in shock …he whispers

Sanskar: SWARA!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi guys tanu here …hope u all liked thz epi ….I know now u all r waiting for me with ur showes, tomatos for hitting me as I left in suspense??

But but but u gonna beat me more * hiding …. Coz I’m not gonna post my ff still Saturday u know I’m a 12th class student I have lots of exams, test and so on….hope u all understand me

Thank u all
Love u all ???

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