SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-20}



SM mansion

Swara and uttara will be sitting on the couch ..both were still in shock and fear thinking abt wat happen with them a moment before

Just then Sanskar comes there and finds them lost in their own deep thoughts ….he shakes his head understanding their condition and goes towards them

Sanskar: uttu

He said keeping his Hand on her shoulder making her to come in sense ….she comes in sense and looks at him

Uttara: bhai …

She said with teary eyes getting up from the couch….she hugs him and he hugs back

Uttara:(tears) bhai ..he .. tried to …
Sanskar: it’s k uttu …I came na u don’t cry my angle

He said releasing the hug and cupping her face in concern
She nodes with tears

Uttara:(tears) thanks to swara bhabhi ….bhai if she wouldn’t have beaten him at the rgt time …then he….he…

Sanskar: (interrupt) hmm I know …u don’t cry now

He said wiping her tears …uttara smiles while he looks at swara who was sitting still in shock
He pats uttara’s cheeks and goes towards swara …

He keeps a stool in front of her and sits on it …. He stares her who was lost in a deep thoughts
His eyes was soften like any petals filled with some kind of feelings …no it isn’t lust or obsession but something which is so different…. He takes a sigh and keeps his hand on her shoulder ….she doesn’t react but still sits like statue …. He shakes his head in concern

Sanskar : SWARA

He said in soft tone …uttara who hears him calling swara by her name was beyond surprise yet happy coz he never talked with swara by indicating her by her own name

While swara looks at him in surprise as well ….

Sanskar: Swara don’t fear … It’s k nothing happen rgt … Everything is fine now hena

He said cupping her face in concern ….she gets teary eyes and hug him tightly in fear
While he let a slight smile and hugs her back

Swara:(tears) I didn’t….. Wanted … To….hit ….Sahil….by….tat …vase … I …..

She said in choked voice while he interrupts releasing the hug

Sanskar: sshhh it’s k leave it .. U haven’t committed any crime swara …..so stop blaming urself whatever happen it’s happen … Now don’t cry

His voice soften than ever in concern ….she nodes with tears he smiles and places a kiss on her forehead showing his concern towards her …. While uttara smiles seeing the change in the behavior of her bhai ….
She was surprised but still happy …if the whole world see’s thz side of the great rutheless Sanskar Maheswari they would be shock to hell uttara thinks and smiles

While Sanskar sits on the couch beside swara ….uttara sits beside Sanskar and keeps her head in his lap

Uttara: bhai I wanna sleep in ur lap like before …when mom left us alone …how u used to make me sleep u remember

Sanskar: (smiles) yes uttu

He said caressing her hairs lovingly …uttara smiles and closes her eyes …. While Sanskar smiles as well and turns his face only to see swara staring them with a smile + tears …. He smiles and keeps his hand on hers …. She looks at him while he pulls her closer to him and places her head on his shoulder

Sanskar: Sleep

He whispers staring her with soften eyes … She was enough of protesting now she was tried actually now she needed a shoulder to let her pain go away …she simply closed her eyes and sleeps on his shoulder

He smiles and keeps staring her innocent face …which was giving him so peace and he lost in her innocence ….soon swautt dozes off …while sleep was far away for Sanskar as he was still staring his innocent beauty ..swara hugs him tightly in sleep he feels so happy and keeps his one hand on her waist still staring her with some different feelings which was neither lust nor obsession or madness
But some fringes on her face makes his view disturb …he irritatedly tucks it behind her ears and places his hand on her cheeks …. They were soo close to
Each other …her innocent and cute face was giving him so peace …he Kisses her cheeks with a smile and keeps head on her head …still staring her he dozes off soon



Swara was still hugging Sanskar in sleep while sanskar’s one hand was placed on her waist and the other hand on uttara’s head who was sleeping in his lap
Trio had a peaceful smile on their respective faces

Soon the sun rays falls on swara disturbing her sleep she opens her eyes and feels herself in a warm and a protected embrace
She confusedly lifts her head and was surprised to see Sanskar who is embracing her

Swara:? Sanskar

She murmurs and tries to free herself from his embrace which disturbs his sleep ..he opens her eyes and finds swara struggling in his embrace ….she looks at him awaken and fears

Swara: (fears) o ..I was…

Her words left incomplete as he frees her from his grip …. She looks at him in surprise while he was already staring her …their eyes met …they had cute lovely eyelock which neither of them wanted to break
But soon it was broke cause of uttara who giggles seeing them lost in each other

Uttara:hehehehe …bhai enough of staring my bhabhi

She said b/w her giggles … SwaSan comes to sense … Swara gets embarrassed while Sanskar smiles

Swara:o uttara come… let’s go and fresh .. We have to make breakfast na

She said avoiding her gaze on Sanskar ….sanskar smiles

Uttara:okay bhabhi

They leaves from there …. Sanskar shakes his head with a cute smiles and leaves as well

Soon swautt fresh ups and gets busy in cooking breakfast

Sanskar gets ready as well for office ….descending the stairs he finds swautt who were busy watching TV …he looks at the news in it and smriks


“Sahil sen Gupta was brutally killed by some people’s ”

” sahil sen Gupta got a worse punishment of his life ”

They were showing Sahil’s body which was coverd with blood really he was killed brutally and mercy lessly for messing up with Sanskar Maheswari

Sanskar smirks and goes towards swautt who was watching the news in shock

Sanskar: uttu is breakfast ready

He asked diverting their mind … Uttara looks at him and smiles

Uttara:yes bhai …wait a min I will serve it
Sanskar: okay

Uttara nodes and leaves from there …. Swara looks at her leaving and was abt to leave as well ….but Sanskar holds her wrist not letting her to do so

Sanskar: do u wanna ask something

He said coz he can see the questions on her face


She replied in fear while he pulls her closer to him by waist

Sanskar: (calm tone) spit out wat wanna ask me
Swara:(looks at him) o actually … U could have put sahil in prison … But ….u killed …him

She asked in fear …he smirks and places his palm on her cheek

Sanskar: thz is Sanskar Maheswari’s empire where he is the sole person who gives the punishment and abt killing him .. I killed him coz he messed up with my family ….my sister my wife

He said looking straight into her eyes …she downs her head just then Laksh comes there and closes his eyes seeing their closeness

Laksh:aah open romance

He said in a chuckling tone … SwaSan immediately looks at him ….Sanskar frees swara from his hold she runs from there
Laksh laughs while sanskar smiles

Sanskar: y did u came here

He asked raising his eyebrows

Laksh: arrey just like tat bro … Can’t I come to meet my frnd
Sanskar: no u can’t

He said looking at his mobile
Laksh laughs and goes towards him …

Laksh: well jokes apart ..and let me know y thz great Sanskar Maheswari is looking different
Sanskar: (raises his eyebrows) huh! Cut crap man

Laksh: nah… 1st tell me wat happen to u …u r looking different surely there is something

Sanskar: u understand me well

He said sitting on the couch

Laksh: yes off course

Laksh smirks …Sanskar raises his eyebrows and smiles

Laksh: oh smiling …wat a shock dude ….smiling for no reason r u alright …or any diseases caught u ….

He asked in a shock…while Sanskar closes his eyes resting his head on the couch

Sanskar: Swara

He whispers with a smile while laksh chuckles

Laksh: ohh wat happen
Sanskar: she is so different lucky I don’t know …but she is becoming my habit …it’s like I don’t want any girl rather than her ….I want her but I want her …

Laksh: (confused) huh!
Sanskar: I mean now my feeling is different I want her in my life forever and ever …no matter she doesn’t let me to touch her I don’t care but I just I want her presence in my life … For the 1st in my life I’m so confused wats happening to me …I myself don’t know …but when I see her … Her innocent face …I just wanna see her through out my life … It’s gives me some…. Some… Some kind of peace and happiness

Laksh smiles understanding the reason behind all thz

Laksh: oh my god finally …finally u heard my prayers …. Sanskar Maheswari is in love thank u thank u god

He said looking up in a chuckling tone …while Sanskar looks on confused

Sanskar:(confused) wat do u mean huh! …
Laksh: u r in love dude ….u r in love ….u love swara
Sanskar: wat the hell …get…..
Laksh: (interrupt) u think by urself y she is so effecting u …. Y u feel some different feeling to her which u never felt to any other girl …..

He said with a smile ….. Sanskar gets lost in deep thoughts
Just then uttara’ voice comes

Uttara:bhai breakfast is ready

Sanskar comes to sense and looks at Laksh

Laksh: haan uttu coming …( he looks at sanskar) think dude think and feel ….y do u have soft corner to swara which u never had to other girls

He said and leaves from there

Sanskar: do I really love swara

He shakes his head with a smile thinking abt swara and leaves from there
He comes to dinning area and looks here and there ..to see swara but she wasn’t there anywhere

Sanskar: uttu where is swara
Uttara: o bhai ….bhabhi got some work so she left to the room

Sanskar takes a sigh ….both sanlak finishes with their breakfast and leaves from there


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