SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-19}



Uttara:aaaaa bhaiiii

Uttara cries as sahil slapped her

Sahil:? dare u again raise ur hand on me ..

He said slapping her again

Uttara: (tears)? my bhai will not spare u…he will kill u be ready to face death Sahil sen Gupta

She shouts at the top of voice … Sahil gets angry and pushes her on the bed

Sahil:? u b***c how dare u shout at me ……

Saying thz he tores her sleeves
Uttara looks on shock and tries to push him but he was strong enough not to let her to do so

Uttara:leave me sahil …or else u will face the hell for ur doings

She feared for losing her dignity but still she said valiantly indicating her trust on her bhai

Sahil: haan okay…..but 1st let me feel as heaven baby

He said lustly caressing her bare shoulder …she feels disgusted and uncomfortable …. She tries to push him but he angrily pins her hands above her head and leans to kiss her …he was abt to place his lips on her but just then THUD …the door opens … Sahil gets startled ….uttara looks at the person and gets worried

Uttara:(whispers) ? swara bhabi

Yes it swara who was standing shock seeing the scenario in front of her

Swara:? uttara

Sahil hears the voice and looks back ….he was just stunned to see swara … He gets mesmerized by her beauty

Uttara:? bhabhi go from here

She said worriedly …sahil looks at her and smirks

Swara:? uttata who is he
Uttara:I will tell u bhabhi…. But now u leave from here ?

Sahil: ta ta ta …uttara u have a bhabhi tat too so beautiful u didn’t told me ?

He said getting up from her and walks towards swara staring her lustily ….swara gets scared


Sanskar who hears swara’s voice from the mobile gets shock

Sanskar: swara …

He whispers in concerns the nxt moment his eyes filled with rage hearing sahil …he clutches his fist in rage and drives the car more fastly …his obsession was clearly seen in his eyes


Sahil holds swara’s wrist ….
Swara looks on shock…..while he smirks

Uttara: Sahil don’t touch her

Shouts uttara …hearing the name sahil …..swara remembers uttara telling abt sahil and gets scared …while sahil looks at her lustily

Sahil: (lustliy) she must not be pure I guess …(laughs evilly) hahaha wat I’m saying obviously she is impure …how can a girl be pure with tat SM ….

Swara feels disgusted and cries

Swara:(tears) leave me….

Sahil smirks and pulls her closer to him by waist

Sahil: how can I leave u baby … U r so irresistible

He said looking at her lustily

Uttara: sahilll plzz don’t touch

Uttara cries helplessly …as she wasn’t able to move from the bed coz of weakness….Sahil smiles evilly

Sahil: well let me know where did tat SM touch u …. did he touched u here

He said touching her neck lustily ….while swara fears and struggles to free herself … Sahil pulls her more closer and touches her belly

Sahil:(lustily) did he touched u here ….or did he kissed u here

He said touching her lips lustily

Swara:(tears) uttara …leave me .. Plzzz …uttara …uttara

Swara cries struggling to free herself from his grip while sahil smiles evilly and was abt to place his lips on her …but

Uttara:?.my bhai isn’t like u he is far better than u ..at least he doesn’t rape girls like u …u bl**dy rapist …leave my bhabhi

She shouts angrily ….sahil gets angry …he leaves Swara from his hold and goes towards Uttara…..

Sahil:I said not to shout at me rgt …….u will never change let me teach u a lesson

He said pulling her hairs …. She winces in pain ….he smiles evily and tears her dress from waist

Swara who was standing viewing all thz gets scared seeing uttara’s condition …

Swara:(mind) uttara….. Swara … U have to save uttara

She looks here and there ….her eyes falls on a vase …she takes the vase in her trembling hand and looks at sahil …who’s back was facing her …she goes towards him ….her body was shivering in fear …. She looks at sahil who was abt to remove uttara’s dress …. Swara lifts the vase ….closes her eyes and hits sahil hardly on his head ….he falls on the floor unconsciously
Uttara smiles ….while swara leaves the vase in fear … Just then Sanskar comes there running

Sanskar: Uttu ….

He said looking at uttara and boils in anger seeing sahil .. Uttara gets happy seeing him ….. While Sanskar goes towards uttara

Uttara: bhai

She said and hugged Sanskar tightly ….he hugs back

Uttara: (tears) bhai …don’t leave ths sahil bhai …he …tried
Sanskar: uttu …I came na U don’t cry

He said releasing the hug and cupping her face ….uttara nodes while swara was still standing in shock

“Aaah…aahhh” they hears sahil’s voice …. Sanskar looks at him with blood shot eyes and goes towards him

Sanskar: hey …hey …get up

He pats his cheeks ….sahil gets some sense and was shocked to see Sanskar …. He gupls in fear coz he wasn’t unaware of sanskar’s anger

Sanskar smirks and makes him stant holding his collar …. Sahil looks at uttara and then swara ….
Sanskar clutches his fist in rage seeing him staring Swara

Sanskar: so u like her

He said raising his eyebrows … Pointing to swara ….while sahil gupls in fear

Sahil:no …I…
Sanskar: (cuts off) it’s happens I know ….well I didn’t touched her ….u know y coz she doesn’t let me to do so …so y don’t u try her

He said pushing Swara lil forward ….swara looks on shock and feels disgusted …. Uttara smiles coz she knows abt her bhai ….while sahil looks confused

Sanskar: hey don’t be confused…. I’m a man I can understand how lusty we r abt a woman … U can try her ….but leave my sis

He said looking at him….. Sahil smirks thinking tat he is worried abt her sis

Sahil:hmm okay not bad offer ….. Actually it is a bumper offer

He said looking at swara lustily … While stands shock not getting wats happening with her life …

Sanskar: haan I know …k take her and leave from here

He said in a dangerous tone which sahil failed to feel … Sahil nodes lustily and was abt to hold swara’s hand ……but just he gets a hard and a bad punch .by Sanskar… Sahil holds his cheeks and looks at Sanskar …who’s eyes filler with rage …he gupls in fear
And moves backward …

But Sanskar holds his collar and drags him from there …he comes outside the mansion and throw’s him in the car ….sahil gets scared while Sanskar sit in the car and drives away

Soon they reaches to a isolated place ….Sanskar stops the car and drags him outside the car …. Pushes him ….he falls on the floor

Sahil:SM sir ….I’m sorry …sorry … Galti hogai …I’m sorry …. Plzz leave me

Sanskar:? sorry huh! …sorry hmm… no sorry can save the person who messes with Sanskar Maheswari’s Family

He said in rage and takes out the gun from his pocket ….. Sahil gupls in fear …he starts sweating badly and crawles on the ground to move or get up ….Sanskar smirks and sits on the car

Sahil:..SM sir ….plzzz leave me … Plzzz ..leave me …

Sanskar: thz is the hand rgt … By which u touched my sis and my WIFE

He said pointing the gun on his hand …he shivers in fear while sanskar pulls the trigger and shoots …..his hand gets hurt … He screams in pain


Sanskar remembers how he lustily stared Swara and looks at him in blood shot eyes

Sanskar’: and thz eyes …how dare stare u My girl

He angrily shoots bullets to his eyes ….sahil holds his eyes and screams in pain but the devil is back he didn’t show any mercy on him ….he smirked on sahil’s condition

Just then Johan comes there

Johan: SM sir

Sanskar :send them

He said looking straight … Johan nodes and shouts

Johan:come in

Peoples ..man,woman,girls all comes there ….sanskar turns his face and looks at them with a smirk

Sanskar: he is the one who is guilty for ur tears rgt ….he is the one who raped …ur daughter ,sister or wife rgt

Peoples: ? yes sir

Sanskar: u too rape him

He said with a smirk looking at sahil ….sahil gets scared … Peoples goes towards him in anger ….while Sanskar leaves from there wearing his shades style


So guys how was the epi … Hope u all liked the epi

Thank u all
Love u all ??

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