SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-18}


Swara: who’s tat uttara and y r u soo angry on tat person

She asked confusedly … Uttara looks at her and sits beside her …

Uttara: (takes sigh) swara bhabhi … ? He is a disgusting cheap person his name is Sahil I just hate him

Swara:y wat happen uttara is anything there …if u r comfortable u can share with me
Uttara:(smiles) bhabhi u r like my mother … I love u sooo much tat can hide things from bhai but not from u

Swara lost’s in a deep thoughts hearing uttara ….uttara looks confused seeing her lost and shakes her

Uttara: wat happen bhabhi ..
Swara:(looks at her) no… Nothing uttara …accha u tell me abt tat sahil
Uttara:(smiles) okay …actually bhabi ..me and Sahil met in a party …there we became a good friends …I thought he is a nice guy seeing his polite behavior towards me ? but I was wrong he is a cheap person …I just hate him

Swara:wat did he do uttara
Uttara:? tat night when I was sitting with my friend … He came towards me and started molesting me ….I was shocked at 1st but then i gave him a slap … He got angry stated forcing me on him ….but my friend pushed him and asked me to live …. I did so … But nxt day (tears) he ..
He….(choked) he raped my Friend bhabhi …he is such a disgusting man …chii

Swara gets teary eyes and hugs her ….uttara hugs her back


Laksh:oh so swara is the sole reason behind ur restlessness

He asked in a chuckling tone
Sanskar turns and looks at him

Sanskar: Y is she soo innocent

He asked lost in a deep thoughts

Laksh:(laughs) Hahaha nice she is innocent ….or else nowadays girls r very cunning thank boys hahaha

Sanskar comes to sense as something strikes his mind …. He looks at laksh

Sanskar: Lucky today in office a girl (he tells everything) ? I want tat girl at any cost … I will not spare her if I get her

He said in rage full eyes … While laksh looks on shock

Laksh:? wat r u saying …bro a girl entered ur cabin …. Sanskar Maheswari’s Cabin and no one came to know abt it …. Wah all praises is less in front of her courage (giggles)

Sanskar:(raises his eyebrows) better shut ur shit mouth if u r not capable enough to think by ur f**king mind

Laksh: hahaha okay …dude calm down …but the girl is really very courageous (giggles)

Sanskar gives him a death glare and was abt to say something but interrupts by ragini

Ragini:dinner is ready guys … Come have it

She said from inside

Laksh: haa dinner itseems bro … Come let’s have it
Sanskar:u better go and have … Don’t irritate me

He said looking at his mobile … Laksh thinks something and smiles

Laksh: (smiles) haha nice .. U be here …so tat I can talk with swara with any disturbance ?

Sanskar immediately looks up with blood shot eyes

Sanskar: and the nxt moment u will live without any disturbance forever and ever

He said in rage ….laksh laughs

Laksh: let’s see ?

He leaves from there … Sanskar gets angry ….he thinks abt swara and leaves as well


Raglak and swautt will be sitting in dinning area ….just then Sanskar comes there … Laksh chuckles seeing him …. Sanskar gives a death glare to him

Laksh: Sanky u doesn’t want to have dinner rgt
Sanskar: (glares) I doesn’t want to do many thinks as well ..so. Don’t force me to do tat with u

Laksh gupls ….ragini chuckles
Sanskar looks at swara who was having a smile on her face… He losts in her … Her smile was giving so peace to him …. Swara feels his gaze on her and gets uncomfortable ….but soon his actions were interrupts by ragini ….who was chuckling seeing him staring Swara

Ragini: Ahem …Ahem … Sanky I guess the dinner is on the table (chuckles)

Sanskar comes to sense and looks at her

Sanskar : yeah ….but it isn’t winsome compare to the thing which is under my gaze

He said with a smirk turning his gaze on swara …. Swara downs her head in embarrassment …..
Raglak and uttara chuckles

Sanskar let out a smile …. He Comes towards swara and sits beside her …. He looks at swara who was having the dinner avoiding his gaze. … He thinks something and smirks ….he looks at her plate and takes a spoon. .. And eats a bite of rice from her plate ….. All looks on shock …. Laksh spits out the water which he was drinking

Sanskar: wat happen …..

He said looking around ..raising his eyebrows

Laksh:? Shock …dude shock … The great Sanskar Maheswari who doesn’t touch others plate with his any finger … Is now … U know ….huh!

Hearing thz Sanskar lost in deep thoughts coz he himself was confused now by his behavior as he agrees with laksh …. But then smirks

Sanskar: so wat she is my wife …. We should share everything rgt

He said with a smirk looking at swara while she looks down avoiding his gaze

Laksh:but then…
Sanskar: Rags stop ur carking man
Ragini: (looks at laksh) luckyyy

Laksh shakes his head …. Just then Sanskar gets a call …it was Johan’s call …Sanskar lifts the call

*on call*

Sanskar: yes Johan …
Sanskar: hmm okay I’m coming

*call ends*

Hanging up the call .. He looks at everyone ….

Sanskar: uttu I will send the car … U both go by the car to the mansion

Uttara nodes

Laksh: but where r u going sanky
Sanskar: have some imp meeting so have to leave ….

He said with full seriousness … Seeing ths laksh keeps quite

Laksh: hmm …okay

Sanskar shakes his head and was abt to getup from the chair …. Just then his eyes falls on swara sitting beside him …. He looks at her innocent face with some desired full eyes ..his eyes is looking different from before
He moves closer to her …. Sensing his closeness … She immediately turns her face to him ….he smirks and kisses her cheeks …. Raglak and uttara chuckles …while swara looks on shock and gets embarrassed

Sanskar: Bye

He whispered huskily against her ears and leaves from there

Uttara looks at swara’s uncomfortable ..and diverts the topic

Uttata: wah ragini bhabhi … The dinner is soo delicious wah
Ragini: hahaha thank u sweetu

They gets busy with dinner ….
Later the car comes

Uttara:bye …Bhai…bhabhi

Said uttata hugging raglak .. They smiles and hugs back

Laksh: bye uttu …take care of u and of (looks at swara) swara too ohh another sister of mine

Swautt smiles ….soon both leaves from there to SM mansion


SM Mansion

Night 1:00

Swara will be sleeping all alone In sanskar’s room as he ordered her to sleep there and Sanskar didn’t come still


Uttara will be sleeping as well alone in her room just then her sleep gets disturbed as she feels cold ….she opens her eyes and gets confused seeing the window open

Uttara: (confused) window …. I closed the window before I went to bed …..then how come thz window Is open ……hmmm let’s close it

She said getting up from the bed and walks towards the window …. Was abt to close it ….just then she hears THUD …sound … She gets shock and immediately turns only to see a person standing in front of her with a smirk

Uttara:(shock) Sahil
Sahil:yes baby Sahil ..

He said walking towards her with a smirk

Uttara:? how dare u came here …. I will not spare u
Sahil: who is asking to spare me …but 1st let me satisfy myself

He said looking at her lustily

Uttara:? chi disgusting man .. Let me show ur place …

She said dialing a number on her mobile

*on call*

Uttara: hello bhai …
Sanskar: haan uttu
Uttara: bhai o

Her words left incomplete as Sahil snatches the mobile from her hand and throw’s it on the floor

Sahil:? how dare u huh! .. U r gonna pay for it

He said pulling her closer to him by waist so roughly tat it cause marks on her waist …. While Sanskar gets shock hearing a male voice
Uttara winces in pain as he tightens his grip on her

Uttara:aahhh…? leave me … If my bhai got to know abt u ….he will not think even a once before killing
Sahil: I don’t care ….waise bi at tat time u will lose ur dignity by me rgt …hahahaha

He laughs evily caressing her cheeks ….she feels disgusting and pushes him … He gets angry and slaps her hard … She falls on the floor ….

Other side
Sanskar who was hearing thz was raged in anger and leaves from the office immediately

Sanskar: uttu …uttu …uttu

He shouts from the mobile as he hears the slaps sound ….he feared at 1st for losing his sis … But he was Sanskar Maheswari who doesn’t lose over anyone. .. His eyes was turned blood shot as he hears the slaps sound again & again …..his eyes was indicating tat now devil is waken up and will go back to sleep only after seeing the death of his prey


Hi guys tanu here….hope u all liked the epi

Thank u all
Love u all ???

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