SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-17}



Sanskar’s jaw dropped down …he was just mesmerized and was stunned to see her in a blouse skirt and a saree wrapped around her In a messy way …. He was staring her every part which was making him crazy for her with desire filled eyes

Swara: offo thz saree na …I’m unable to wear thz

She said irritatingly looking at the petals of saree just then she hears the whistle sound .. Making her jump in fear … She starts sweating badly coz she very well knows who is the owner of the whistle


She murmured as she saw him coming towards her from the corner of her eyes….. He was walking towards her with a smirk while she clutched her saree tightly closing her and covered her upper body with saree …..

He stands behind her and smirks seeing her fear …. He keeps his hand on her milky bare waist while she jumps in fear … He pulls her closer to him causing her back crushed his hard tone chest …. She closes her eyes tightly as he placed his hand on her milky bare belly and kept his chin on her shoulder

He makes her turn towards the mirror still holding her from back while her eyes were still closed in fear …he smirks

Sanskar: open ur eyes

He said huskily …. Rubbing his hand on her soft belly sensuously yet passionately ….she immediately opens her eyes in shock …as he travelled his hands to her saree pallu and snatched it from her hand and made it fall ….now her upper was just covered with the blouse …her cleavage were slightly visible from the blouse waking his lusty devil

Swara:?w…a…t … R… U … Doing

She fumbles as he pressed her soft belly and rubbed his nose on her shoulder … She gets teary eyes ….as he stared her lustily

Sanskar :(huskily) u r soo hot

He whispered against her ears .. She closed her eyes tightly feeling disgusted and uncomfortable by his touch …
While he smirks and turns her towards him pulling her more closer to him …. He rubs her cheeks sensuously and kisses her cheeks …. Then pecks her lips , their body was attached soo closely …. He caresses his lips from her chin to her neck line .. Placing open mouth kisses all over neck … He bites her neck she winces in pain … He smirks and moves his lips on her visible cleavages ….he gave her open mouth kisses over There

Tears of helplessness was making a way from her big doe hazel eyes but she stands still not protesting coz She knows it’s use less …. Just the a tear drop from her eyes falls on his cheeks …. Feeling wet on his cheeks he stopped his kissing and lifts up his head only to see her eyes filled with tears …. He looked deeply into her eyes…. something in her made him to feel bad seeing her innocent face ….he leaves her and takes the saree pallu covering her body with it …. He cupped her face …while she looks on shocked and confidential …..
He kissed her forehead and looks at her …who was looking surprised

Sanskar: I will send dolly to make u ready

He said patting her cheeks …. She nodes confusedly… He leaves from there

Swara:(mind) ?wat happen to him suddenly

She was shocked yet confused seeing his behavior ….but she least cared abt him …so she brushed off her thoughts and takes a relief couse now she is safe

Soon dolly knocks the door

Dolly: swara Beti …o Sanskar sir asked me to help u in wearing saree ..so.can I come in
Swara:haan dolly aunty …

Dolly comes inside and looks at her with a smile …she smiles back ..

Dolly:come I will tie the saree

Swara nodes …soon they got busy in getting ready


Sanskar’s room

Sanskar was standing near the window and was looking outside …he was lost in deep thoughts ….thinking something deeply …. Swara’s innocent face her tears came in front of his eyes … He closed his eyes tightly and banged his hand on the wall in frustration

Sanskar:? y the hell she is so needed to me … Y her tears r effecting me …wat the f**king hell is happening with me

He said in frustration and clutched his fist in anger

Just then he hears uttara’s voice

Uttara: bhai …we r ready let’s go ..

She shouted from down … He shakes his head and closes his eyes ….

Sanskar:uttu ……. U go sit in the car ….I’m coming
Uttara:okay bhai …come soon

She replied from downstairs and looked at swara who was standing beside her

Uttara:(smiles) come bhabi let’s go

Swara nodes both leaves from there

Both swautt were seated in the car ….Sanskar comes there and looks at them …. Uttara smiles while swara downs her head in fear ….. Sanskar was yet again mesmerized to see swara she was dressed nicely in a pink with golden border saree …. With light make over …. a sindhoor in her hairline and mangalsutar around her neck ….she was looking stunning ….Sanskar was just lost in her

Uttara:aoo bhai

Uttara said seeing him lost … He comes to sense and looks at uttara

Sanskar: hmm yeah

He nodes and sits in the car …. Drives away


Soon they reaches to laksh house and knocks the door ….. Laksh opens it and gets happy to see them

Laksh: hey hi dude ….

Sanskar gave him a cold look and comes inside …..he shakes his head with a smile and looks at swautt

Laksh: (smiles) hi uttu darling come in (pulls his cheeks)
Uttara:yup bhai …?

They comes inside ….laksh looks at swara and smiles …..she smiles back

Laksh :hi …u r swara rgt

He said extending his hand ….swara nodes but hesitates to shake the hand ….. Sanskar looks at thz and glares at laksh angrily ….laksh giggles

Laksh:Accha. ..okay …dude I’m not gonna touch ur wife …. Cum my sis ?

Uttara giggles ..while raises his eyebrows

Sanskar: u better be tat …
Laksh: (giggles) okay …okay … (To ragini) ….rags …ragu darling … Look they came .

Ragini: haan coming lucky

She replied him from inside in a happy tone …..she comes there and gets happy to see uttara and swara

Ragini: awww uttu I missed u sooo much

She said hugging her …uttara smiles and hugs her back

Uttara: I missed u too bhabi …(releases the hug) And look she only my swara bhabi

She said happily looking at swara …..swara smiles …. Ragini looks at her

Ragini: hey hi swara … I’m ragini uttu’s bhabi …Lucky’s wife
Swara:hi ragini

Ragini smiles and pulls her cheeks

Ragini: aww u r soo cute … Swara

Swara smiles

Sanskar: hey lucky … Get the drink man and ask ur irritating wife to shut her mouth for sometime
Laksh: haha okay dude
Ragini:? wat okay dude huh!…. Sanky u r too much nowadays …. U r not gonna drink today … I asked u to come for dinner not for ur stupid drink

Sanskar; over urs ….. Keep ur mouth shut …and don’t irritate me ….lucky …..
Lucky:(giggles) haan getting dude
Uttara giggles …while swara looks on confused seeing their bond

Ragini:? go to hell….. Come girls..u come with me

She said holding swautt hands … They nodes ….trio leaves from there ….sanskar shakes his head with a smile looking at confused swara

Laksh comes there with drinks

Laksh:come dude ?

Sanskar nodes both leaves towards the balcony…. And sits on the couch

Laksh: take dude …

He said giving him…. The bottle of alcohol …Sanskar nodes and takes it …..he opens the cap of the bottle and was abt to drink it ….but stops as yet again swara’s innocent face comes in front of him …..he was lost in a deep thoughts …..laksh who notices thz …gets confused and shakes him

Laksh: hey wat happen sanky

Sanskar comes to sense and looks at him …..then looks at the sky

Sanskar: uski ankh kuch kehti hai par mai padh nahi pata ….
Laksh: (confused) wat …
Sanskar: I’m unable to read her eyes lucky

He said looking at him ….

Laksh: who…
Sanskar: Swara

He whispered in a relief


Ragini:uttu …swara u both sit. .. I will get something to eat
Uttara / swara:(smiles) okay bhabhi

Ragini smiles and leaves from there ….

Swara:(confused) uttara … Can I ask u something
Uttara:(smiles) haan bhabi
Swara: o actually … Ragini o … I mean …Sanskar was so rude to her didn’t she felt bad

She asked confusedly …uttara laughs

Uttara:hahaha bhabi …. It’s normal for them….they r friends na tat too childhood friends
Swara:? childhood friends
Uttara: haan bhabi …lucky bhai, rags bhabi and bhai r bff .. They r very close to each other
Swara:oh …achha

Uttara: (smiles) hmm bhabi .. I was….

Her words left incomplete as there was a call on her Mobile
She looks at the caller I’d

Uttata:(confused) unknown number …kon hosakta hai .. Hmm let’s lift it

He confused lifts the call

*on call*

Uttara:hello …
(Other side): hey how r u baby

Uttara gets shocked hearing the voice ….swara looks on confused seeing her shocked face ….

(Other side): baby …u there rgt

Uttara gets Angry

Uttara: ? how dare u …to call me … SAHIL
Sahil:(laughs evily) Hahaha still remember me …not bad
Uttara’:? how can I frgt a cheap person like u
Sahil:?(shouts) hey don’t fly more … I will cut down ur wings …. Wait and watch
Uttara:? let’s see …who will cut who’s wings

Saying thz she angrily cuts the call …while swara looks on confused


How was the epi guys Hope u all liked it

Thank u all
Love u all??

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