SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-16}



Johan: guard’s catch her ..

He shouts at the guards standing down …they nodes and runs behind the girl who’s face was covered with a viel … Johan takes a sigh and looks at Sanskar

Sanskar:? who the hell she is .. And y did she came here…. In my cabin

He roared angrliy …. While Johan fears seeing his anger

Johan:SM sir …I will … I will get CCTV potage …will check in tat

Sanskar: ? do it fast …
Johan: (nodes) okay Sir

Sanskar turns …while Johan was abt to go but sanskar stops him as something caught his eyes

Sanskar : leave it …it’s waste .. Look at there …

He said pointing the camera in his cabin …

Johan:? there is something covered on the camera
Sanskar: ? yes …take the thing .

Johan nodes …takes the stool .. Stands on it and takes the object ….. Looks at it

Johan: ? it’s a clear pic of the cabin …. She kept …thz so …
Sanskar: ? (cuts off) so tat she doesn’t get caught by camera … By us … The girl played a trick on us ….who the blo*dy hell is she

He said angrily keeping his hands on the table …. He stares the table deeply like he is scanning something …tat will lead him to know abt tat girl coz he was and is the man who can predict the things around him easily …. While Johan looks at him confusedly

Sanskar: ?? she was searching something here …the things on my table isn’t in there rgt place … She was searching something

He said angrily clutching his fist
While Johan gupls in fear coz he very well know tat the girl’s bad time has started by entering in Sanskar Maheswari’s empire …

Sanskar:take the car out
Johan: but …sir meeting (fear)
Sanskar: ?cancel it … I just need thz girl at any cost … She has so dare to enter into my empire in Sanskar Maheswari’s empire … I need her … She will pay for it

Johan: okay sir

He nodes in fear ….Sanskar walks out …Johan brings the car …and he gets out of the car…… Sanskar sits in the car and leaves from there

He drives fastly in anger in rage … Just then his eyes falls on his guard’s running behind the girl …he looks at the girl in rage and drives fastly ….the girl turns and finds him coming in full speed …. She tensedly looks here and there ….just then her eyes falls on a bike with keys … She takes a relief and runs towards the bike ..

She sits in the bike ….starts it and drives fastly …. Sanskar was driving car in full speed in rage to catch her ….while she drives the bike as well in full speed not letting him to do so …

He gets more angry …his eyes turned red in anger …he speeds the car more and drives … He reached near her bike …. He puts his hand outside the car and was abt to hold her ….but she drives more fast and a truck comes in
B/w ….. He looks at the truck man with his blood shot eyes … He gupls in fear and moves the truck ….he looks on but the girl was disappeared …he gets out of the car and looks here and there
But doesn’t finds her anywhere

Sanskar: f**king shit

He roared in rage …kicking the car ….

Sanskar:? I will get her at any cost ……

He clutched his fist in anger and leaves from there


SM Mansion

Uttara’s room

Uttara will be arranging the clothes in the wardrobe just then she gets a call ….she looks at the caller I’d and gets happy

Uttara:ragini bhabi ?

*on call*

Uttara: hello ragini bhabi ?
Ragini: uttu…how r u sweetu
Uttara:I’m fine bhabi …wbu ?
Ragini: I’m fine as well … Accha listen …u r coming to house okay .. I have prepare ur fav dish
Uttara: chicken ?? huh
Ragini:hahaha haan baba
Uttara:? okay (something strikes to her mind and she becomes sad) but bhabi … Sanky bhai …and swara bhabi …

Ragini: (interrupt) arrey don’t worry I have already asked his permission ….he agreed to send u and swara as well actually he said tat he himself will drop u both here
Uttara:? (suprised) wat really…r u serious
Ragini: (smiles) haan baba now get ready …sweetu bye
Uttara: (smiles) okay bye

* call ends*

Hanging the call …she shouts swara’s name ..

Uttara: swara bhabi…. Swara bhabi. ….. Swara bhabi …bhabi

Swara comes there and looks at her worriedly

Swara:(worried) wat happen uttara … U r fine na
Uttara:(smiles) arrey bhabi .. Nothing happen to me .. U come here

She said making swara sit on the bed …while she looks on confused

Swara:(confused) then y did u called me …
Uttara:I will let u know …. 1st take thz …

She said handling a packet to her

Swara:(confused) wat is thz
Uttara: (smiles) its a saree bhabi .. U know I ordered thz saree da day u came to here it’s for u bhabi …
Swara:(hesitate) but uttara .. U already had ordered soo many dress and gave to me ….now wat is the need of thz
Uttara:bhabi …it’s all urs okay don’t hesitate na … And abt the saree u r gonna wear thz saree now
Swara:? now but y …
Uttara: o actually i told u abt ragini bhabi na …unka call tha she want us to come there so get ready

She said happily …swara gets happy as well cause at least now she can go out of thz prison but soon her face turned sad thinking about Sanskar

Swara:? but sanskar ..he…
Uttara:(interrupt) bhabi .. Don’t worry ragini bhabi asked bhai and bhai agreed itseems …. Now leave thz sad face and get ready soon

Swara:? really

She ask innocently … Uttara smiles and pulls her cheeks

Uttara:yes bhabi … Now get ready here …wear thz saree …I will get ready as well in other room ?

Swara nodes happily … Uttara leaves from there

Swara smiles and looks at the saree ….soon something strikes her mind and she hits her head

Swara:? oh god I don’t know to wear saree ….wat should I do now …shall I ask uttara’s help … (She was abt to go but stops) ? no even she should get ready na …Hmmmm let’s try to wear

She looks at the Saree and takes it ….


Sanskar comes to the mansion …

Sanskar: uttu ….uttu ..
He said looking at his busy
Dolly comes there

Dolly: sir Uttara Beti and swara beti is getting ready

Sanskar: hmm accha

Saying thz he leaves towards uttara’s room and opens the door
Lifts his head only to see swara struggling with her saree ….
His jaw dropped down …he was just mesmerized and was stunned to see her in a blouse skirt and a saree wrapped around her In a messy way


How was the epi i know its short and not so interesting but hope u all liked it
Thank u all.
Love u all ???

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