SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-14}


Sanskar: hey don’t be confused … She is my s*x slave for tonight just TONIGHT

He said looking at swara … Pulling the girl closer to him and stress the word “tonight”

Swara feels disgusted of him … But did she cared of him being with any other girl off course not y would she care … Does she love him no ! She doesn’t love him then obviously she didn’t care if he is satisfying his lust with any other girl or other girls Drool’s around him ….

She kept quiet as Sanskar was staring her to reply …. The girl looks at sanskar and side hugs him

Girl:baby come let’s move … Let’s enjoy our night ? y simply wasting our time on thz stupid girl when a hot girl like me is with u …(confused) waise who is she

Sanskar’s gaze shifts on the girl. … He raises his eyebrows looking at her dangerously …. She stumbles and pats back looking at him in fear

Girl: o I…ooo …

She fumbles in fear ….he let a smirk and pulled her closer to him sneaking his hands around her waist …he looked at swara with a smirk while she turns her face feeling disgusted

Sanskar: (huskily) maira baby …..rgt If a hot chick like u is being a slave of mine tonight then surely we will enjoy it a lot ?

He said caressing her neck sensuously but fixing eyes on swara ….while maira blushes he looks at her with a smirk and holds her hand

Sanskar: come let’s go ?
Maira:okay ☺

They were about leave …but uttara who was viewing all thz tensedly interrupts them

Uttara: bhai u r married and..
Sanskar: (cuts off) and wat uttu

He said looking at her with raised eyebrows …

Sanskar: uttu look may be I’m married but I’m still the same Sanskar Maheswari who can never change

He said straight away and left from there with maira before uttara could say anything
Whereas swara takes a relief and sits on the couch


Uttara looks at swara and sits beside her

Uttara; bhabi ? u r his wife na … Y didn’t u say anything
Swara:wat can I say uttara (confused)
Uttara:? bhabhii he is ur husband plzz do something …plz don’t let Him to commit thz sin plzzz

Swara looks at uttara sadly and nodes….. Uttara smiles …

Swara:hmm okay … Let me think ..and u think as well uttara

Uttara nodes with the smiles ….just then something strikes to swara’s mind …and she widens her eyes in happiness

Swara:idea ….?
Uttara:kya idea bhabi bolo ?
Swara:? come with me

She holds uttara’s hand and drags her from there … Uttara smiles
Though swara was same scary swara but uttara’s company made her feel protected thus, uttara is only person with whom she is so open …. She smiles …she feels happy

Uttara:arrey bhabi kitchen .. Kitchen mai kya idea milega

She asks confusedly as swara drags her to the kitchen

Swara: u will get to know ?

Saying thz she takes a glass and pours the juice in the glass while uttara looks confusedly

Uttara:(confused) bhabhi wat r u doing ….
Swara :1min ? ( to suresh) suresh Bhaiya ….suresh Bhaiya

Suresh comes there

Suresh :yes Swara bhahi … Kuch chahiye app ko
Swara:(smiles) croton tiglium powder …

Suresh and uttara looks on shock

Uttara: cronton tiglium powder … Y …y do u want tat …bhabi don’t say me tat u r gonna mix the tiglium in thz juice and give it to bhai ?
Swara:haan I will mix thz tiglium in thz juice …but the juice will be served to tat girl not ur bhai ?

Uttara: but suresh bhai do u have thz tiglium
Suresh:o…uttara di… I
Swara:(interrupts) haan uttara suresh Bhaiya have thz tiglium ..
U know yesterday only suresh Bhaiya was saying me abt their masti with frnds and they mixed croton on one of their frnd juice and all so, I got thz idea today

Uttara:wow tats nice idea bhabi … Let’s begin it ?
Swara: haan …haan uttara ?
Uttata:so…then suresh bhai …croton tiglium lai aaye na
Suresh:(hesitate)haan …. but if Sanskar sir got know abt thz …then … He will not spare ..me (fear)
Uttara:arrey suresh bhai … U don’t worry abt tat … We will not let bhai to know abt thz … And if at all bhai comes to know abt thz .. Then I’m there na … I will save u ? …
Suresh :(smiles) okay I will get it

Swara and uttara nodes … Suresh leaves from there and after sometimes he comes with the packet of croton tiglium
Swara and uttara smiles …. Swara takes it and mixes in the juice

Swara:lo hogaya (smiles)
Uttara:haa let’s proceed the next step ?
Swara: okay …I will give thz to tat girl ?

Uttara nodes with a smile
Swara takes the tray of juice and goes towards the room where Sanskar and maira r there …. She knocks the door hesitatly in fear …. And the door opens she closes her eyes in fear

Voice:hey girl … Y r u here … Don’t u have manners …. Disturbing our privacy by coming here huh!?

She hears thz… And opens her eyes only to find maira standing there with a attitude look … She scans the room and doesn’t find Sanskar anywhere …. She takes a relief and looks at maira … Who was looking at her confusedly

Swara:o…Sanskar…. I mean …o..I…
Maira:(cuts off) he is in the washroom ….now get lost and let us enjoy our night? (looks at the juice and takes it) aah aah wait give thz juice to me ….I want strength u know?

Swara nodes and leaves from there …..

While maira closes the door and drinks the juice in one go

Maira: Mmmm aaahhh

Just then Sanskar comes from the washroom dressed in white shirt and pant looking hot ….. She looks at him seductively and walks towards him …. Removing her clothes one by one while sanskar smirks and pulls her towards him by waist … She blushes and flips her finger from his head to lips seductively ….keeps the finger on his lips and moves closer to place her lips on his lips ….but he smirks and holds her hand ….twisting it on back … She looks seductively …he pulls her closer to him and was abt to nuzzle his head in her neck but just then her stomach started making the fearful sound ?? she immediately pats …and runs to the washroom … While Sanskar looks on confusedly

After sometimes she comes out of the washroom holding her stomach ….sanskar raises his eyebrows looking at her

Maira:? o …my stomach …I’m sorry SM sir …but I have ….to … Leave …or else I….(she takes her dress) … Ahhhhhh

She holds her stomach and runs from there …. While Sanskar was standing confusedly

Just then a melodious laugh attracted his ears and his minds towards it ….. He curiously rushed outside the room to take a view of owner of the voice ….


Uttara:hahahaha …. Swara bhabi … U r soo intelligent … Ur idea was fab ???
Swara:? but uttara … I have done wrong to tat girl I’m feeling bad
For her…. I’m soo bad na
Uttara:arrey bhabi … U r soo innocent (pulls her cheeks) … Don’t think abt tat attitude girl but think abt how she ran from here like a monkey ??????
Swara: hahahaha ?????????????.

Just then Sanskar comes there and was mesmerized to see swara laughing ….and was lost in her …. Yes finally swara laughed coz there is a saying tat the happy moments washes away the sad and sorrow moments of our life same goes with swara … Now it was her time to live happy enough of all sorrow

Her melodious laugh was making him more crazy for her … He keeps on staring to each splendours parts of her face … Her big doe hazel eyes…. Her cute nose and her soft pink lips which moving in laugh ….. But she stops laughing as her eyes falls on him ….standing gazing her deeply ….. Sanskar smirks while Uttara looks confusedly

Uttara:(confused) wat happen bhabi …
Swara:o ….there ….look…back…

She whispers slowly …. Uttara looks back and finds Sanskar standing with a smirk ….. She gupls in fear

Uttara:(mind) oh no !! did bhai heard us … (To Sanskar) bhai ….

Sanskar looks at her and walks towards them ….. Thus , Uttara and swara stands from the couch in fear

Uttara:(fear) bhai …o me …I
Sanskar: (interrupts) uttu … It’s night ….aren’t u feeling sleepy …

He said thz fixing his gaze on swara ….who’s head was down in fear…. While uttara takes relief

Uttara: (mind) haa thank god bhai didn’t heard anything (to Sanskar) haan bhai … I’m i mean we r feeling very sleepy … So bye … Good night …bhai …. (To swara) come bhabi let’s go

Swara nodes …. Uttara holds her hand and was abt to go

Sanskar: hey stop uttu …

Uttara closes her eyes and looks back

Uttara:haan bhai …

Sanskar goes towards them and takes off swara’s hand from uttara’s hand ….while swautt looks confusedly … He smirks and holds swara’s hand and pulls her closer to him …. Uttara and swara looks on shock

Sanskar: uttu u go .. Sleep
Uttara : but …bhai … Bhabi …
Sanskar: (intrrupts) uttu I asked u to go rgt …. And abt ur bhabi … I’m there with her ….. Her husband is there with her

He said looking at swara … While looks on with fear …

Uttara:no bhai …
Sanskar: (cuts off) accha u don’t wanna go …okay fine … U be here …

Saying thz he drags swara from there while uttara looks on shock and goes behind him …

Uttara: bhai ….stop …bhai … Stop …….bhai ruko …

Swara:(tears) plzz leave ..me … Leave me …

But sanskar was Sanskar … He didn’t paid any heed to them and drags swara to his room … Uttara was abt to go inside the room but sanskar closes the door in half and looks at her

Uttara:? bhai …u r doing wrong …
Sanskar: (interrupts) don’t u trust ur brother uttu … Huh! … Remember one thing tat I’m Sanskar Maheswari

He said raising his eyebrows …. Uttara keeps quiet … He smirks and closes the door …. Uttara leaves from there sadly

Sanskar’s room

Closing the door he looks back only to see swara …. Standing in fear and tears …. He smirks and moves closer to her …. Her heart started beating fastly in fear and she moves backwards … He raises his eyebrows
Holds her wrist not letting her to move and pulls her closer to him …while she looks at him in shock and fear

Swara:(tears)? wat r u doing … Plzzz …. Leave…me ….

He looks at her and nuzzles his nose in her cheeks sensuously while she feels disgusted by his touch and struggles to free herself from his grip while he tightens his grip more on her and whispers

Sanskar: hey stop it … I’m not gonna f**k u here…but u aren’t going anywhere …from now onwards u will sleep here got tat … And do not try to run from me … Still I’m in the mansion u should be in front my sight

She feels soo disgusted of him and gets teary eyes as
He warned her more than saying …and bites her soft cheeks …


She winces in pain … He lifs his head and looks at her …

Sanskar: go …sleep

He frees her from his grip … She takes a relief …. Nodes and goes towards the couch but he stops her holding her wrist

Sanskar: hey not there … Sleep there (points bed) on the bed
Swara:? but u …
Sanskar: (cuts off) u r sleeping or will I continue …..

His words left incomplete … As she literally runs towards the bed and sleeps covering herself in the comforter

He feels to laugh but controls … Letting a cute smile to play on his lips …he goes towards the bed and sleeps beside swara covering himself in the comforter as well ….. He pulls swara closer to him in his embrace … While she struggles to free Herself from his grip

Sanskar:hey stay… Don’t u dare to move …

He said dangerously … She keeps quite in fear ….. He smirks and pulls her closer to him on his chest … She helplessly sleeps on his chest while he keeps his head on her shoulder ….it was a perfect hug

Soon both dozes off


Hi guys …tanu is back … Hope u all missed … But I missed u all …

Thank u all
Love u all ????

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