SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-13}



He feels a soft hand on his shoulder Thus, turns back & was surprised to find swara standing
… He raises his eyebrows questioningly yet in a confusion looking at her … while swara looks back
Though she was standing valiantly still there was a fear in her eyes for him but she valiances herself and answered his gesture

Swara:wo …actually …hmm I … Will not …leave … From … Here … U asked to answer u….so…. I…. Did

She said in a trembling voice yet looking straight into his eyes ..
While he titles his head in surprise …and raises his eyebrows….. While she downs her gaze from him and was abt to leave … But he holds her wrist not letting her to go …. She startled her heart started beating fastly in fear but still she closed her eyes in order to gain courage and turns to him in fear yet in the way of questioning him
While he leaves her hand and smirks

Sanskar: well good… But I have asked to answer my another questions as well but u didn’t answer me

He looks straight into her eyes who was looking confusedly at him …. While He smirks and goes closer to her face … She widens her eyes but stands still … He moves closer to her ears and whispers

Sanskar: you r mine right?…was the questions …now answer me

He said with a smirk and moved back while she looks at him with widens eyes not wanting him to answer

Sanskar: answer me ….I’m waiting

He asked raising his eyebrows whereas swara looks at him

Swara:wo…I …mmmm… Haan…. Uttara is alone in the room so I have to go ..

She literally runs from there saying the last sentence in one go …

Sanskar: hey listen …

He exclaims at her …but she already ran upstairs …. He shakes his head and his lips curved with cute smile … He leaves from there as well



Ram and uttara will be having the breakfast while swara will be serving them

Ram:wah …mazza agaya swara Beti …the breakfast and specially thz kheer is so tasty after a long time I’m having thz type of food .. It is so delicious (smiles)

Uttara:(smiles) don’t worry dad abb bhabhi aagai hai tho u can have thz food every day … Really bhabhi it is so tasty I guess there is some magic in ur hand

Swara:(smiles) thank u uncle… Thank u uttara…
Ram: arrey Beti uncle nai .. Call me dad …u r my daughter as well

He said caressing her head with a smile … Swara gets teary cause …. She is getting love and care by someone which she never got in her cruel life
Uttara looks at her tears and tries to lighten the moment

Uttara:,uffu dad u made my bhabhi cry …very bad
Ram:(understood & smiles) oh is tat so … Swara Beti I’m so….
Swara:(interrupts) no no … D..a..d it’s k … I’m not crying anymore

Ram feels happy as swara called him as “DAD” while
Swara wipes her tears and smiles whole heartily which she never did cause life wasn’t so in favour of her still now …but not now .. Now she is smiling …. Uttara and ram smiles as well

Ram:good u called me dad (smiles)

Swara and uttara smiles back …. Just then Sanskar comes there as usual his eyes was fixed on his mobile … Ram’s gaze falls on him Thus, he smiles

Ram:hey Son

He said in a happy tone ….
Sanskar lifts his head and looks at him with a smile .. While swara downs her head in fear seeing Sanskar

Sanskar: good morning dad … U sounding happy today (smiles)

Ram: haha …it’s cause of my son’s wife ….. Look how delicious she made the breakfast

He said with chuckle …

Sanskar: wife ….

He murmured and transfers his gaze on swara ..yet again he was mesmerized and spellbound to see her ….she was looking stunning in a blue anarkali without any make over … She is a example for a simple yet elegant beauty….. The vermilion on her hairline was glowing her not less than a light…. His lips curved into a smile as he saw her hairline which is filled with his name of sindhoor
He was just lost in her …while she feels uncomfortable of gaze on her ….. Ram and uttara smiles

Ram:ahem… Wat happen son

Sanskar comes to and looks at ram

Sanskar: nothing dad …. Waise if the one who made thz breakfast is so winsome then the breakfast should be delicious as well right

He replied ram for his compliment on swara …as He said thz just staring at swara with a smirk while she downs her head not meeting his gaze

Uttara:Ahem ..Ahem … Bhai … Come have ur breakfast

She interrupts his staring … Sanskar looks at her and nodes with a smile
He takes a seat ….. Swara comes towards him …. He looks on raising his eyebrows …. While she silently starts severing him the food in thz process he intentionally touches her hand. .. She looks at him with widen eyes and takes off her hand while he smirks at her

Swara:(mind) Devil
Sanskar: and u r my angel

He whispers taking a bite …while she looks on shock and keeps quite in fear

Ram:hmm okay son u carry on … Mine is over ..and uttu get those files to study

He said wiping his mouth by a cloth ….Sanskar just nodes his head

Uttara: okay dad

Uttara replies …both ram and uttara leaves from there
While swara looks on shock cause now she was alone with thz devil ..Sanskar

Swara:(mind) swara escape

She thinks thz and was abt to leave but Sanskar holds her wrist and pulls her on his lap … She gupls in fear …

Sanskar: where r u going …when ur husband is here

He said staring at her … While she looks back in fear …. There eyes met

” saiyaan saiyaan ” BG plays

.. His eyes filled with madness + lust and her eyes filled with fear + innocence …made a intense eyelock b/w them …. His hands travelled to her waist while her hands was clutching his shirt
He pulled her closer to him a heat of desire took place in his heart… But soon she comes to sense and avoids eye contact ….
He smirks and pulls her more closer to him …. She widens her eyes in fear

Swara:wo …. I …

Her words left incomplete as he shushs her keeping his finger on her lips

Sanskar: sshhh …

She looks at him … Who takes a chain from his pocket … She realises tat it is mangalsutar and was surprised … While smirks looking at her expression and keeps his hand on her neck. .. She gets startled and moves back. .. But he pulls her closer and whispers dangerously

Sanskar: stay … I have the right on u …

Saying thz … He keeps the mangalsutar to her neck and travels his hand on her back keeping all her hairs on a shoulder he ties the mangalsutar …. He does all thz while touching and caressing her back passionatly and sensuously
She protests in his arms feeling uncomfortable and disgusted but he didn’t let her from his hold

Swara:leave me …..u said …. U will…..not …. Force me…

She said in a trembling voice yet valiantly …. While he widens his eyes raising his eyebrows but smirks

Sanskar: who is forcing … I’m I forcing for s*x …

He said pulling her closer to him and brushes his lips her neck ..she gets scared on cause she can clearly see the madness in his eyes … While he touches her neck line with lips and whispers

Sanskar: don’t ever remove thz shit chain … Though I don’t believe in all thz but still u have to wear it

He said dangerous against her neck leaving his hot breath over there … She feels helpless cause the more she is trying to free herself from his grip he is making it more harder to not let her to do so….. But just then uttara comes there


Hearing her voice …. Sanskar’s grip on swara was loosen as lifts his head to see uttara … Swara takes it as a chance and gets up from his lap ….runs towards uttara who was descending the stairs and hides behind her in fear.. Uttara understoods and looks at Sanskar …. While Sanskar avoids her gaze and leaves from there …smirking at scared swara
Uttara turns to swara

Uttara:bhabhi… Did bhai…
Swara:(cuts off) wo … Uttara .. Wat should I make in lunch … Tell me wat dad likes
Uttara:bhabhi actually dad is leaving for London
Swara:? wat London …will not come back
Uttara:(smiles) no no bhabhi he will come …but after a week
Swara:ohh okay …. When will he leave
Uttara: now he is going for a meeting ..so he leave from there itself
Swara:hmm okay ?
Uttara: arrey bhabhi don’t be sad he will return soon

Just then ram comes there dresses in a nice suit … He looks at them and smiles

Ram:swara Beti ….u don’t be sad .. Uttara will be with u …stay happy (smiles)
Swara:(smiles) okay dad ..
Ram:accha now I have to leave ..bye

He hugs them

Swautt: bye dad( smiles)

Ram smiles & leaves from there



Swara and uttara will be talking .. While Uttara was looking tensed swara observes thz and asks her

Swara:wat happen uttara … U looking tensed
Uttara:(tensed) actually bhabhi wo… Bhai …

Just then uttara hears the horn sound of sanskar’s car and gets startled …she looks at the door tensedly …. Swara follows her gaze and finds sanskar coming but but but not only Sanskar there was a girl with him as well …swara looks on confused while uttara was looking tensed

Sanskar comes in and looks at them ….he smirks at swara

Sanskar: hey don’t be confused … She is my s*x slave for tonight jut TONIGHT

He said looking at swara … Pulling the girl closer to him and stress the word “tonight”


Hope u all liked thz epi

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