SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-12}



Swara hears a Whistle sound which makes her shocked ….. She turns in fear only to find the devil Sanskar Maheswari sitting on car whistling with blood shot eyes .. She starts sweating badly ….her body was shivering in a known fear seeing him …. His eyes was filled with a rage which can kill anyone ….

He jump’s from the car and walks towards swara in rage full eyes while she moves backwards in fear Thus, her back crushes the gate she widens her eyes in shock+ fear as there was no way to escape her from this devil
She starts sweating badly as her heart began to beat fastly by his one step towards her ….. He stands in front of her looking at in pure blood eyes … She looks back in fear …. He takes a gun from his pocket and points straight on her forehead … She widens her eyes in shock … Her throth got dried and eyes filled with tears of helplessness

He touched the gun’s muzzle to her forhead

Sanskar: u r going against me by evading from here

He said in a dangerous tone tat made her jump in shiver …. He slids the muzzle on her cheeks …she looks on in fear

Sanskar: do u think it is so easy to escape from me…from Sanskar Maheswari

He say’s thz so dangerously moves closer to her pinning her to the gate keeping his one hand on gate .. While holding the gun in another hand …he caresses her cheeks with muzzle staring her in rage … He slides the muzzle to her neck caressing from her cheeks to neck …. The muzzle was touching her neck … He was so close to her tat his hot breath was blowing on her pale face … She downs her head in fear …. His instantly took off the duppata from her neck by the gun and throned … She looked up in shock and immediately covered her chest with her hands …but he holds her hand pinning it back and moves more closer to her …. Tears rolled down from her cheeks as he was caressing her neck by the gun’s muzzle … A madness and passion was clearly seen in his chocolate brown eyes

Sanskar: Is it so easy …. Answer me

He shouts in anger sliding the muzzle to her belly caressing from her neck to her belly while jumps in fear and winces in pain as he pressed the muzzle against her belly hardly and harshly …. He looked at her eyes which is filled with tears but he didn’t care of her tears cause he was just obsessed to her … He just need her to be his only his

Swara:(tears) plz….leave…. Me …
Sanskar: ssshhh

He shuhs her placing the muzzle on her rosy lips … Now his eyes was just fixed on her soft lips … His eyes filled with lust… He throws the gun and presses himself on her such tat their body touched perfectly … She feels uncomfortable and disgusted by this …while he caresses her lips by thumb in madness yet in passion … And instantly placed his rough lips on soft yet rosy lips pressing him more on her ….while she widens her eyes …..she was unable protest as his was holding her hands so tightly and strongly pressing himself on her … Tears of helplessness was continuously making a way from her beautiful eyes ….as he was kissing her lips madly in passion … He took her lips into his mouth smooching it passionately …he kissed her again and again not letting her to take a breath ….after sometime finally he was out of breath so patted back to take oxgyen … He looked at her who was tried of struggling and was weeping silently by now …. Yet again his eyes falls on her lips which is covered with his saliva …. He smirks and pulls her closer to him and bends a lil …placing his rough lips on her bare neck ..

Sanskar: will u ever think of leaving from here….. Leaving ME

He asks stressing the word “ME”
And He bites her neck giving Hickeys to her while she winces in pain and feels disgusted by thz devil

Swara:(tears) aaaahh… Plzz leave me ……I…
Sanskar: You r mine ..right answer me first (dangerously )

Swara cries seeing his madness & passion

Swara:(tears) plzzzzz mujhe chodiye ….it’s paining me
Sanskar:? I don’t care ….answer me first

Just then ” Bhai stop it” shouts Uttara in anger and comes towards them … Swara gets happy to see Uttara while Sanskar was looking straight in anger

Uttara:wat r u doing is thz a way to behave with girls …leave bhabhi ?

Say’s Uttara keeping her hand on swasan’s hand as Sanskar was holding her …. But Sanskar kept quiet looking straight not freeing swara from his grip …
Uttara takes a sigh and speaks further in a soft tone

Uttara:bhai …look ur sister is a girl as well will u keep quite if any boy does same with me as u now doing with swara …. Forcing her ….u r forcing her bhai will thz suit u ….to Sanskar Maheswari

He immediately left swara from his hold and left from there not replying uttara ….while Swara runs and hugs uttara … Uttara smiles sadly hugging her back

Swara: (trembling voice) Uttara ….he …wo …I….
Uttara:(cuts off) shhh it’s k .. Leave it …

She releases the hug and consoles her wiping her tears

Swara:uttara …plzz … I want to go my home ….plzz let me go (tears)
Uttara:I’m sorry bhabhi u can never go from here and plz frgt abt those people
Swara:no uttara …I don’t want to be here snatching my sister’s happiness …it’s bad I’m a bad sister…..I want to leave from here
Uttara: & bhabhi Do u think if u leave from here …bhai will keep quite ….no bhabhi he won’t .. Just do the hell of ur so called mom and sis …hmm come with me
Swara:but where …(confused)
Uttara:u will know ..

Saying thz she drags her inside the mansion and goes towards study where ram was sitting busy in work


Ram looks up in surprised to find uttara and swara standing there

Ram:uttu kya howa ….u here and swara Beti y r u looking so pale aren’t u feeling well

He asks concernly for which uttara replied

Uttara:dad wo bhai nai (she tells everything) accha howa my sleep go disturb and I didn’t find bhabhi beside me …so went out to search her ..or else halaat bigad jaate

Ram looks at swara and goes towards her

Ram:I’m sorry behalf of my son Beti …
Swara:(choked voice) …it’s ..k uncle …isme …apki …koi galti nai thi …..but u …tat ur…son ..is ….
Ram:(interrupt) haan ..I know swara …..I know but he doesn’t know tat I’m aware of his doings … He doesn’t want me to know abt it so I act as he need cause I doesn’t want to hurt his pride in front me but still I want him to take from the wrong path
And wants a life partner to him as well who will suit him …I wanted a pure hearted girl which.. I found tat in u swara ….all girls would like to marry him but for his mere money and so ur step sis …. U know swara Once I promised to shekar tat I will marry my son to his daughter swara .only…see it came true …. (Keeps hands on her head) My son is ur husband now so I’m giving u the responsibility to bring him on the right path … Leave abt those people who gave u pain Beti …. Now thz is ur life u cannot run from it …. Face it and grow stronger

He say’s thz and pat’s her cheeks before living from there ….. Uttara goes towards swara who was lost in the deep thoughts ….

Uttara:bhabhi chale

She say’s keeping her hand on her shoulder ….. Swara comes to sense and looks at her …. Nodes .. Both leaves to uttara’s room

Soon uttara dozes off but swara was lost in the deep thoughts thinking abt Ram’s words

” this is ur life u cannot run from it ….face it and grow stronger ”

Was the words ringing in her mind …..she remincies all the tortures she had beared from Kaveri and kavitha ..abt her cruel and gets teary eyes but again those words rings in her mind

“This is ur life u cannot run from it …face it and grow stronger”

She thinks something
….wipes all her tears and stands up from the bed

Swara:ram uncle is right

She say’s thz and leaves the room …. She goes towards sanskar’s room as she was passing her eyes falls on sanskar who was sitting in hall … His back was facing him … Her eyes filled with fear at once but she consoles herself

Swara:no swara thz is ur life u should face it

She say’s thz with some courage and goes towards sanskar … She was standing at his back slowly lifted her shivering hand and tapped his shoulder …
He feels a soft hand on his shoulder and turns …


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