SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-11}


Swara and uttara will be sitting on a couch busy in talking with each other

Uttara: bhabhi wat will u have for dinner
Swara:dinner …shall I make it
She asks hesitatly

Uttara:arrey bhabhi thz is urs house also …so be comfortable and abt the dinner u no need to prepare it …there r many servants they will prepare the dinner …u just stay peacefully( smiles)
Swara:but …..
Uttara:(interrupts) but wat kuch nahi …. Haan if u want to prepare something u can do it 2mro in ur first rasoie

She exclaims with a smile … Swara was feeling happy cause the care and the protection which she lost long back now have came across her life tat finally someone is caring her which she missed long back
She let a smile

Just then Sanskar comes there dressed in a white shirt and trouser with the wet tiny hairs looking hot ?? … His eyes was fixed on his Mobile …tat he calls uttara still staring the mobile

Sanskar: uttu

Hearing his voice swara gets startled …she gets scared and hids behind uttara clutching her dress tightly in fear … Uttara pats her hands assuring her with “nothing will happen” look

Uttara:haan bhai
Sanskar: wo actually… I…

His words left incomplete as he lifts his head and finds swara hiding behind uttara ..he wasn’t able to see her as she was hiding behind uttara but he got tat it is swara by looking at her hand

Sanskar: uttu move …and ask her to come in front

He say’s with seriousness looking straight in uttara’s eyes. .. Uttara nodes and moves….. His eyes falls on swara …he was spellbind to see her she was looking like a angel to him …he was just staring her…her every part which god has made so perfectly … Her big doe hazel eyes …cute nose and ravishing rosy red lips and all over her innocent cute face was making him crazy for her to the core….. His intense gaze on her was making her uncomfortable and to clutch her dress tightly in fear

A servant comes there

Servant: SM sir … Files

He say’s extending a file making Sanskar distract to himself …. As Sanskar looks back and finds the servant boy staring someone …. He follows his gaze and finds him staring swara lustly like any other girl …… That’s it for sanskar his eyes turned in a pure blood … He raged in anger and clutching his fist …he gives a tight punch to the boy …. Thus, His hard punch made the boy fall on the floor with blood ozing from his mouth …. Swara and uttara looks On shock cause of his sudden reaction

Anger and madness can be clearly seen in his eyes as he was beating the boy black and blue …harshly and ruthlessly while uttata tried to stop him

Uttara:bhai …wat r u doing. .. Y r u beating him … Leave bhai

She tries to push him away but Sanskar was ruthless enough not to stop beating the boy for eyeing swara … Who is only his

Servant: sir …plzz …don’t beat … Me ….wat …is ..my fault … Sir .. Plz don’t me sir

He cries out a loud
Sanskar stops and holds his collar making him stand

Sanskar: ? she is mine .. Only mine … Just I have the right to stair her …. Just I have the right to do anything with her

He say’s thz pointing swara so dangerously like warning him… While swara looks on shock …. The servant understood the reason of SM’s anger and gets scared ….

Servant: sir I’m sorry …
Sanskar: u r fired …. Just get lost from my sight before I make sure u will be dead

Servant glups and immediately left from there ….he gives a glare to all other servants who were looking at the scenario and gets scared …. They instantly gulps in fear and leaves from there

Sanskar looks back at swara … He goes towards her staring her with all his Right…swara’s heart started beating fastly in fear … She moves backward seeing his forwarding steps to her …. As she moves again her leg got hit to the couch and she was abt to fall … But in the meantime Sanskar holds her and saves from falling …. His hands were wrapped around her waist and her eyes was closed in fear of falling…..but then she opens her eyes feeling herself in a strong protective arms….. She opens her eyes and was shock to find herself in sanskar’s arms …. He was staring her continuously in passion …she gains some courage and stared him back their eyes met turning into a intense eye lock .. …. Uttara smiles and interrupts the

Uttara: Ahem….. Ahem

Swasan comes to sense … Swara avoids eye contact feeling embarrassed while Sanskar was still staring her holding her close to him

Uttara:bhai ….leave bhabhi na u r in the hall

She yells for which Sanskar shakes his head and makes her stand … Swara takes a sigh and was abt to move but sanskar holds her hand not letting her to do so ..she looks back in fear .. Sanskar took a glance of her and drags her from there .. While uttara follows them tensely

Uttara :(tensed) bhai…where r u going …bhai …

Sanskar ignored her and took swara to the temple area … While swara was fearing …. He took vermilion from the temple and looked at her who’s head was bend in fear … He took a pinch was vermilion in his hand and filled swara’s hairline with it thz made swara to look up him … Her eyes filled with tears …. He pulled her closer to him by her waist and touched her cheeks turning it red cause of vermilion

Sanskar:don’t ever frgt to keep thz sindoor ….cause thz indicates tat u r just mine

He exclaims dangerously caressing her cheeks while she can see a madness + passion in his eyes which was only for her
She winces in pain … As his grip became tighter on her waist … He squeezed her soft waist in madness and passion

Swara:(winces) aahhh

She winces in pain getting teary eyes
Uttara comes there and gets tensed seeing their position and tears in swara’s eyes was making her sad

Uttara: bhai …..

She calls him…. Hearing her voice … Sanskar looks at her questionly raising his eyebrows

Uttara:bhai …wo it’s late night … We have to sleep so can u leave bhabhi …cause she is gonna sleep in my room with me

Sanskar nodes not questioning her back cause he also thought tat it is better if she sleeps In uttara’s room rather than in his room coz he knows tat he wouldn’t be able to control himself if she stay with him for a long time ….. He left swara from his hold …swara takes a relief as uttara drags her from there …
Sanskar also shakes his head and leaves from there


Next day

Early morning

Swara wasn’t able to sleep properly the whole night she was crawling in the bed as sleep didn’t took her away …. She gets up and looks at the clock it was 5:00 clock … She was feeling thirsty by now

Swara:pani …

She looked the side table and finds a empty jug .. She takes it and looks at uttara sleeping beside her peacefully

Swara: she is sleeping hmm let not disturb her sleep …I will get the water by myself ….

She say’s thz and gets up from the bed

She was descending the stairs …she takes a glance of whole mansion and gets fear as she was all Alone standing there

Just then there was a ring on the landline

Swara:(confused) phone … kiska call hoga iss wakt …should I pick it …(it’s rings again & again) hmm let’s pick all r sleeping it might disturb there sleep

She lifts the call

*on call*

Swara: hello …

” so it’s u only sl*t ” comes a evil voice which makes swara shiver in fear


She replied in a trembling voice

Kaveri:ayy chori Bas kar apna yeh natak and dare u call me maa?
Swara:(tears) maa I’m sorry I…
Kaveri:just shut up u sl*t … Stop faking me …. Coz of u .. Only coz of u my kavitha my ladoo didn’t got her happiness …. U snatched her happiness ….u snatched her place in tat house

Kaveri cuts off her saying thz rudely and harshly

Swara:no maa I …(tears)
Kaveri: (cuts off) u and ur mother is same …blo*dy money minded b*t*hes chi ur mother snatched my husband and now u snatched my daughters would be husband
Swara:(tears) maa I’m sorry … Plz maff kardo mujhe ……plzz maa

Her words left incomplete as the call ends ….she falls on her knees and cries out

Swara:(tears) I’m sorry maa … I’m so bad I snatched my sister’s happiness and living here happily …. I’m sorry ..

She cries miserly …. Just then her eyes falls on the main door which was slightly open …. She thinks something and wipes her tears ……

She goes towards the door … Peeps out slowly and finds watch man sleeping & body guards sitting chit chatting with each other

Swara:no maa I will not snatch my sister’s happiness….. I’m coming maa

She wraps her duppata around covering herself she slowly goes out ….hiding herself from the body guards … She moves towards the gate and was abt to open the gate but just then she hears a Whistle sound which makes her shocked ….. She turns and only to see the owner of such a whistle sound sitting on car with blood shot eyes .. She starts sweating badly ….her body was shivering in a known fear


So guys how was the epi hope u all liked it

Thank u all
Love u all???

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  1. Yaar the story is fabulous but i want sanskar’s love to begin soon because i want to read about his love and care and moreover also have some stuff like how together the help each other in problems but still the episodes are going on fab but also waiting for love to begin

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    Waooo ???amazing episode dear…..suupeerbbb
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    Tanuuu.. i love it..uughhh this possessive obsession nature of Sanskar, this innocent Swara.. just EPIc…let their feeling change in nature way, slowly but sure.. omg….i love it

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