SwaSan! Lust obsession Love!! {Episode-10}



Swara was still crying hugging uttara …whereas uttara also gets teary eyes seeing her condition
Cause a girl can only understand another girl’s pain deeply and clearly … After sometime swara’s cheeks get dried … Tears stopped flowing from her beautiful eyes …but still she was looking pale ….uttara feels thz and releases the hug … Looks at her pale face ….she smiles sadly and cups her face

Uttara:bhabhi …

She say’s concernly while
Swara looks up confusedly

Swara:(confused) who r u …

She asks in a confused yet soft tone …

Uttara:I’m uttara ..Sanskar bhai’s small sis

She replies with a smile … Whereas Swara gets scared after knowing tat she is sanskar’s sis
And moved backward


Her words left incomplete cause uttara moves towards her and keeps her hand on swara’s shoulder

Uttara: bhabhi don’t get scared .. I will not harm u …I’m ur friend …(smiles)
Swara:(trembling voice) but…ur…brother
Uttara:(interrupts) I know bhabhi according to u wat my bhai did is wrong ….but sometimes wrong things is necessary to make a good thing

Swara looks confusedly but she looks at her with tears

Swara: I wanna go to home … Ma and kavitha would get angry on me….plz let me go

She say’s thz in a chocked voice

Uttara:I’m sorry bhabhi ..u can never go from here and plz don’t cry for those people who always gave u pain ….
Swara:(tears) then wat abt ur bhai ..u know he is lus…..
Uttara:(interrupts) I know bhabhi….I know everything ..and I’m promising u tat I will never let bhai to cross his limit without ur will …okay
Swara: if u know then y don’t u make him understand tat all thz is wrong …even u r a girl rgt

She says thz with teary eyes
For which uttara let a laugh and looked at her

Uttara:bhabhi let’s talk afterwards …1st u get fresh up
Swara:(tears)? no I wanna….
Uttara: (cuts off) bhabhi shekar uncle’s last wish was to get u marry with my bhai …plzz at least for him u don’t be like thz … Go fresh up …plzzz

Swara looks at her and nodes with teary eyes …uttara smiles

Uttara:there is washroom u fresh up …(points washroom)
Swara:but my clothes
Uttara:(smiles) don’t worry bhabhi I have already ordered some dresses for u … I will get it … Still u fresh up

Swara nodes and leaves to the washroom


Sanskar comes to study and finds ram busy with some files …he shakes his and walks in

Sanskar: hi dad ..

He say’s taking a seat with a smile ….ram looks up

Ram:sanskar …take thz files and give it to laksh ..
Sanskar: (takes it) okay i will hand thz to Johan….
Ram:(cuts off) Son it’s a imp files give it by urself …and now itself
Sanskar: now ..but…
Ram:u can leave

He said cutting him in the way of ordering him ….he just nodes with a smile cause he likes obey just two person order I.e uttara and his dad

Sanskar: okay dad …bye

He leaves from there


Soon he reaches to laksh house and knocks the door …laksh opens the door and gets surprised to find Sanskar …. Sanskar gets in not caring of his permission and sits on a couch
While laksh turns back

Laksh:(suprised) bro ..u here ..I mean u were ..
Sanskar: (cuts off) hey stop ur shit man …take thz files (keeps the file on a table) and make a drink for me

He replies irritatingly…. Laksh smiles

Laksh:sure dude …

Just then ” Lucky who’s tat in the hall”voice comes from inside

Laksh:it’s sanky… Ragu

Ragini comes there surprisingly

Ragini:sanky u came
Sanky:ahhh u guys don’t understand I’m in front of u then obviously I came right

He say’s irritatingly …laksh chuckles whereas ragini gives him a death glare

Laksh:okay calm down bro … U sit in the balcony …I will come with drinks

Sanskar raises his eyebrows …for which laksh shakes his head

Laksh: huh! Okay plzzzzzzz
Sanskar: it’s better

He say’s thz and leaves to the balcony

Ragini: arrey r u mad … Y r u letting him to drink

Ragini whispers pulling laksh to a corner

Laksh:don’t worry my wife….some times wrong things is necessary for making a good thing

He say’s thz taking a alcohol bottle and leaves to the balcony while ragini looks confused

Laksh goes to balcony and finds Sanskar sitting there looking at the moon ….he smiles and sits beside him …

Laksh:dude …ur drink

He say’s thz pouring the alcohol in a glass …Sanskar looks at him and takes the bottle …smirks and began to drink it …. After sometime he wasn’t in his sense
Laksh smiles

Sanskar: u know lucky …I’m married now
Laksh:wat married …r u kidding

He asks surprisedly ….Sanskar laughs ..

Sanskar: no lucky I’m not kidding Herr ……I’m married …and u know to whom I got married …

Laksh nodes in no

Sanskar: (smiles & shouts) to my lust ….swara I married her … Finally she is mine …
Laksh: but she refused to satisfy u rgt ….then how come now she gave herself to u (confused)
Sanskar: aah no lucky …. She is mine but I didn’t touched her still
Laksh:y? …if she isn’t agreeing with u … Then u can froce her right … (Hits his head) oh I frgt u won’t froce girls for thz na ….but I have a idea dude
Sanskar: wat?
Laksh:I know thz type of girls doesn’t give up ….so y don’t to fake to love her make her trap and get wat u want from here .. And betray her ?

Sanskar looks at him with blood shot eyes …though he wasn’t in his sense but still he did listen him

Sanskar: I’m Sanskar Maheswari .. A man ..dude I may be a womanzier but forcing a girl is to rape her and betraying is to shatter her which I never did to any girl cause it doesn’t suits the real man …. Be a real man and get wat u want thz is Sanskar Maheswari who plays and wins the games being a man not being any coward

He exclaims proudly … For which laksh smile

Laksh:(smiles) oh okay ….waise wat is ur lust name dude

Sanskar instantly looks at him .. His eyes turned red in anger

Sanskar: it’s non of ur business she is mine got tat in ur f**king mind

He warns her giving him a death glare …laksh let a smile

Laksh: so finally want is turned into a need huh!
Sanskar: (confused) wat. ..
Laksh:nothing dude … U have a drink

He takes another bottle and gives to Sanskar…

Sanskar: it’s enough for today … I have to go now …

He say’s thz getting up from the chair

Laksh;okay bye dude

Sanskar nodes and leaves from there


SM Mansion

Swara was neatly dressed in a red anarkali looking ravishing with her long silky open hairs
Uttara and swara were descending the stairs ….uttara was making sure to keep her distracted so tat she doesn’t think abt her stupid peoples .. Whereas Swara found a frnd in uttara and was happy enough not think abt thoz b*t*hes

Just then Sanskar comes there looking at his Mobile … Seeing Sanskar … Swara immediately hides behind uttara in fear

Sanskar: uttu get me a lemonade

He say’s thz and looks up … Was confused to see a girl behind uttara

Sanskar: (confused) who is tat behind u ..
Uttara;wo swara bhabhi hai … Leave all thz u go and fresh up .. I will send lemonade for u

Swara closes her eyes and holds uttara tightly in fear …

Sanskar: okay ..

He nodes and leaves to the room


Hope u all liked thz epi

Thank u all
Love u all ??

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