SwaSan! Lust Obessesion Love! {Episode-40}


Hey guys Ridz is back with “Marriage and Suhagraat special” ??? it has mature content so if you are uncomfortable thn dont read from where it has been told. 

So here you go. 

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Part 40

Next morning Laksh came and took Swara from Maheshwari Mansion. Sanakar assured her that he will come in the evening on time and maje her his with all proper rituals. 


Taneja Mansion was decorated like a bride on the occasion of its daughter’s wedding. Orchids were all over decorated inside the mansion with purple and yellow lights in coordination. In the middle was mandap set up for the wedding. Durga Prasad and Laksh were looking after the arrangements while ladies were getting ready. 

Swara with the help of the beauticians and Ragini was all ready in her Red lehenga with heavy golden embroidery,kundan jewellery, hairs in bun with a veil over it. 

“Haaye mhara khatu shyam ji, kisi ki nazar na lage. Bilkul pari lag rahi hai mhari poti. ” Dadi said putting a kala teeka behind her ear. 

Annapurna was observing everything with teary eyes. 

” What happened maa? ” Swara asked

” You know what Swara, I always wanted a daughter. I had dreamt of making her ready and doing all her rituals of wedding. Its because of you my dream come true. I fulfilled all my wishes in this marriage. Always be happy my child. You will always be the daughter of this house no matter what. ” Annapurna said pecking her forehead. All smiled in tears while Swara hugged her. 

” Baraat has arrived. ” someone shouted from outside. 

Making swara sit in room everyone left to welcome the baraat. Swara stood by the window looking at it smiling. Ram and uttara were dancing happily with some other relatives and friends and her prince charming was on a white horse. It was appearing like a fairy tale where the prince has come to take his princess on a white horse. He was wearing a cream sherwani with red design complimenting with her lehenga. 

Feeling a gaze on himself he looked towards the window just to see his bride standing there looking at him. They smiled and blinked their eyes to each other. 

The baraat was welcomed by Tanejas. Durga Prasad hugged Ram while Annapurna did Sanskar’s arti. All entered while Sanskar was made to sit on nandap. Ragini and Annapurna went to bring Swara who was eagerly waiting for her call. 

It was like a dream come true for her. Being with KavKav she had never imagined that she could have such a peaceful and happy life but God has sent his angel in form of Sanskar to make everything right in her life. 

Soon she was taken down by Ragini and Annapurna where Laksh joined them on the way and Durga Prasad blessed her by keeping his hand on her head. 

She was made to sit besides Sanskar who has till now not even blinked once after seeing his beautiful bride. 

“Bhai, full life is there infront of you to stare bhabhi, for now concentrate on rituals. ” Uttara whispered in his ears after doing their gathbandhan making him embarrassed while swara blushed. 

Wedding started. AnDu and RagLak did her kanyadaan and then they were asked to stand up for pheres. First four round Sanskar was infront and in last three swara, promising each other to be together in every situation in this and next seven births. 

Completing the pheres, sitting on their respective places Sanskar was asked to fill her hair partition with holy vermillion which also fell on her nose indicating his love for her followed by tieing of nuptial chain around her neck. 

“Wedding is completed, now you are husband and wife. ” Pandit ji announced 

A lone tear escaped swara’s eyes as she stared at her love of life. Today she was his with all the proper rituals. 

After photo session and dinner it was time of bidai. Swara hugged RagLak crying her heart out. They were always a constant support to her. Then AnDu and Dadi because without any hesitation they accepted her as family and never let her felt that she was an orphan.

Sanskar led her to car following Ram and Uttara who were in other car. After waving a bye they started their journey to Maheshwari mansion. 

Sanskar took her in his embrace while she rested her head on his chest. 

“You fine? ” he asked pecking her forehead 

 She nodded smiling. They started talking randomly just thsn Sanskar received a call from Ram

” Sanskar ask the driver to take the by pass route. Here a tree is fallen on road jamming the traffic. Me and uttara have reached home somehow but you people take that route. ” Ram informed

Sanskar told the driver to take the long route and got busy in talking with Swara again. 

Moving for about half an hour swasan came out of their world with the jerk of car. 

” Driver what happened? ” Sanskar asked

” Sir I guess we have lost our way and now car has also got some problem. Let me check. ” driver told. 

He opened the bonnet checking the car

” Sir we need a mechanic. There will be none at this time. ” he told

” Now how will we go. Arghh, phone is also dead. Swara where is yours? ” Sanskar  asked 

” My phone is with Uttara sanskar. ” Swara said 

” Now what? ” he got irritated 

” Sir there is a resort at some distance. You both can soend night there. I will bring car in morning. ” Driver suggests. 

” Yes. Sanskar that is a nice idea. From there we can inform dad as well. ” she said holding his hands. 

He nodded and they started moving. After around ten minutes they reached the resort. Swara throughout the way didnt let her tiredness come on her way lifting Sanskar’s mood. He was really irritated over the situation. 

On reaching the reception of the resort while sanskar talked she leaned on his shoulder relaxing a bit. The receptionist blinked looking at their wedding attire. 

” You both got married by running away? ” receptionist asked. 

Sanskar was going to shout on her to mind her own business but swara held his hand. 

” Yeah we just got married an hour back in temple. Actually our parents wete against our love so we eloped but see we were going back to our parents but our car broke down. ” Swara told pouting. 

The receptionist was looking lovingly at them while sanskar was in shock ??? ‘what the hell is happening’ is all he could think of. Swara looked at him and winked. 

” Oh we have a room for you both. Just wait for five minutes in sitting area. The bellboy will take you. ” receptionist said being excited while swasan were confused seeing her excitement. 

Sanskar made a call from hotel phone booth to Ram informing about the situation. They went and sat in the waiting area. 

” Why did you lie? ” Sanskar asked

” Just for fun ??” Swara told while he shooked his head. 

After few minutes they were taken to their room and as the room opened they stood shocked. 

“Its your wedding night technically and we didn’t wanted to get it spoiled because u have to stay here tonight. So we made arrangements for you. Afterall eloping needs guts.  ” The receptionist chirped from behind. Sanskar smirked looking at Swara from corner of his eyes while she was blushing.

It was a honeymoon suite with candles and roses all around decorated exactly like a wedding night room. 

” Oh thank you so much. That was very thoughtful. ” Sanskar thanked them and closed the door behind while Swara was standing infront of the mirror shying. 

He came towards her and back hugged her lovingly. 

” Seems like your lie has done really an awsome thing. “he said kissing her cheek lovingly while she closed her eyes breathing heavily as he caressed her bare waist. 

***Mature Content***

He slowly removed the veil from her head and unpinning her dupatta made it fall on floor. The atmosphere of the room suddenly changed to desirous. 

He slowly started removing her jewelery. Starting from the kundan necklace she wore. He placed a kiss on her nape after removing it. Swara dared not open her eyes breathing heavily out of anticipation. 

Suddenly, it started to rain but Sanskar didnt stop his sweet tortures. Her backless blouse made her silky bare back visible for him which he caressed and placed trial of kisses there. With the sound of thunder swara immediately turned and hugged him. 

BG: Tera hoke rahoon from behen hogi teri

He broke the hug and she looked in his eyes which held the passion and desire to have her. He removed her mang tika and pecked her forehead where the vermillion of his name was smeared making swara close her eyes to feel him.  Then kissed her eyes, nose, cheeks, chin and finally placed his lips on hers kissing her lovingly. She reciprocated equally. Breaking the kiss with laboured breathing he further removed her bangles and kissed her hands. Swara was really too shy. She tried to move but sanskar held her hand pulling her towards him. Her back crushed his chest. She was just smiling with closed eyes throughout. 

 He started opening her bun patiently. Slowly the locks of her hairs spread on her shoulders. He slowly started to massage her hairs and a relieved sigh escaped her mouth. This was feeling so good. 

He smiled and did it for few minutes. He shooked his head thinking about her. All these hours in heavy lehenga and jewellery and then walking in high heals. She us indeed tired but isnt showing it to him. He turned and again pecked her forehead. 

“Go and change. We will sleep then. ” he said caressing her cheek. She looked at him confused. 

” What? I know you are tired. Lets just sleep tonight. We have many more nights for us in future. ” he said winking. 

She was in awe with him. How lucky she was to have him. But its the truth no matter she is tired but she too was waiting for this night as eagerly as sanskar was. He was controlling himself from the day he saw her and for him she is never tired. She wanted to be his in all senses. They both had been waiting for this night and definitely not for sleeping. 

Sanskar started to move when she held his hand and pulled him towards himself. 

“We may have many nights to come but I want to be yours tonight. ” she whispered in his ear biting his earlobe. She then placed her soft lips on his kissing him with all her might. Sanskar was in shock on his wife’s actions. He came into senses when swara guided his hands around her waist and hers in his hairs pulling him more on her. 

He held her tightly kissing her back as he knew that she is going weak on knees. He pinched her waist making her gasp, taking the opportunity he pushed his tongue in her savouring her. Breaking the kiss with short breaths he dugged his face in her neck kissing, biting, licking all the way to her collar bones then shoulders and coming back to her mid throat. 

“Saaanssskaaar” swara moaned arching her in pleasure as he licked her weak spot behind ear. He untied her blouse thread from back and unhooking the hooks made it fall on floor. 

His touch was electrifying and it gave goosebumps to her. She was continuously caressing his hairs and nape in pleasure. 

He looked in her eyes which held the same molten desire as his. 

He carried her to bed and came on top of her after removing his sherwani. Removing her upper inner her true beauty came infront of him. 

Swara closed her eyes shying as she saw him admiring her. 

“Beautiful ” he whispered and trailed kisses from her mid throat to sternum. He took her one asset and sucked it while kneading the other one. 

” Ah.. Ssanskaar.. ” she moaned scratching his back passionately which encouraged him to go wild. 

Repeating the process with the other one he teailed down to her belly and dipped his tongue in her naval swaying it making her squirm. Desires were pooling thick in her stomach. 

He then loosened her lehenga and removed it along with the inner in a go. Touching her core he realised how much she was wet for him. Spreading her legs, removing his boxers he placed himself in between her legs. 

“Are you ready Jaan? ” he asked her

She looked at him with a tinge of fear. It was her first time and she knew it would pain. 

” I will be gentle. The pain will be temporary after that it will be only pleasure. ” Sanskar said pecking her forhead. She nodded. 

He kissed her once again and entered into her. She screamed in his mouth but he diverted her mind by kissing her lips, throat and assets. Tears came in her eyes which again he kissed away. He felt bad seeing her this way but no one could help. This has to happen one day. He was still inside her giving her time to adjust

Suddenly something expanded in her and the pain was gone. 

“Oh Sanskarrr” she moaned and he knew this was the time to move. 

It was indeed not first time for him but earlier it was only meaningless s*x but this time it was with Swara, his love of life which itself makes it special. He was making love for the first time. 

They both climaxed and swara with a sweaty body threw herself to her side of bed breathing heavily covering her naked body with the silk duvet. Sanskar smiled looking at her flushed face. 

“It was the best night if my life swara and you are a blessing to me. I love you. ” he said back hugging her and both slept with a smile on their face.

Finally they were one in all senses now. 

***to be continued***

Done with a major part. Hope it was not vulgar ?? if it was then forgive me. Let me know your views through comments. Till then this is Ridz signing off. 

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