*******LUDUS AND PRAGMA*******

The lake was surrounded by huge boulders of rock and lined with high, red and green firs which had roots tangled together over each other deep in the soil. The enchanting aroma of the organic soil invaded the air and one could hear the mesmerizing orchestra of birdsong hidden in the branches of the trees. The place was full of magical

A girl was standing on the soil near by the lake and a boy was sitting on his knees in front the girl with the bunch of red roses held in his hand both were looking happy with a happy smile on their faces …

Boy: For once in my life, I don’t have to try to BE HAPPY, when I’m with you, it just happens…I LOVE YOU BABE!!!

The boy said with cute smile playing on his lips
Girl laughs looking at him

Girl:get up idiot how many times will u propose me more huh!
Boy:(smile) till the end of my life my love
Girl:(smiles) arggg stupid

She smiles and pulls him up and hugs him …he smiles and hugs back

Girl:I love u more my baby
Boy:I know my jaan

He said pulling her back and placing a lovely kiss on her forehead …she smiles and wraps her hand around his arms resting her head on her shoulder … He smiles and keeps his hand on her waist ….both were silently hearing each others heart beat ??which beats for their loved ones …

Just the girl eyes falls on something …she widens her eyes in happiness

Girl:baby look at there

She said to the boy pointing something on the small waves on soil
Boy looks on

Boy: (confused) isteems like a dairy …but who’s dairy it is
Girl: don’t know but (happliy) it looks so attractive let’s go and see

Boy nodes with a smile seeing her excites …both goes towards the wave and takes the dairy from the soil the dairy was fully covered with dusty soil and small amt of water making it wet

Girl: take clean it

She gives him a handkerchief boy takes it and cleans the dairt…. Now the dairy was cleaned looking more attractive … Their eyes falls on a name written on the top of the dairy decorated with glittters and paints

Boy / girl: TANU ??

They reads the name and was abt to open the dairy but stops hearing voice

“Heya …hey …lovely couples don’t open it” they hears a girl shoutingfrom their behind …they shuts the dairy and turns only to see girl panting heavily
As if she came running

Girl : who r u ….wat happen is everything alright ..

“Hey I’m Sara ? lovely girl ” replied the girl panting heavily

“Actually da dairy in ur hand is my frnd Tanu’s .. I frgt it here so came here to take ….so can I…” She continues

Boy:(smiles) oh we r sorry …. Take it
Sara:hey it’s k

Sara passes a smiles and takes the dairy …while the girls eyes were fixed on the dairy it seems like she wants to read it …sara notices thz and said

Sara:u wanna read it …
Girl:(instantly) yup ?
Boy:(looks at girl) love ..its someones personal dairy we shouldn’t read it

The girl pouts and makes puppy eyes ….Sara laughs

will never mind if we read … Comes let’s read
Girl: (interrupt) plzzz na janu

She says sweetly with a pout …the boy melts and nodes with a smiles … Girl gets happy

Girl:? come sara let’s read

Sara nodes …trio sits on the sand …sara opens the dairy
Boy: Ludus- a playful love story
He reads the word highlighted on the page

Girl: ?wow it seems interesting

Sara smiles and turns the other page

Sara:Girls P.O.V
She reads

Girl:but who’s the girl (confused) …name any name

Sara looks at her ..thinks something and smiles

Sara:girl is Swara ..and there is boy as well he is Sanskar okay

Boy and girl :(smiles ) okay
Sara:let’s start ??

Swara’s P.O.V

Oh god yet again thz tiering Sunday ….I’m still sleeping on the bed or say pretending to sleep as I’m lazy to get out from the bed

“Shona Shona …shona wakeup its already 10 more how much will u sleep ”

I heard mom calling me from the kitchen …arggg it’s irritating y people doesn’t let me to live peacefully
But the next word mom said made me to jump up from the bed in excitedness
“shona wake up …Sahil ka call hai won’t u talk to him”

My lips cuvered into a cute smile …I immediately rushed outside the room and found ..mom and dad sittting on the couch with a landline phone in their hand I think it is on speaker …

” good morning shona my doll”

I heard a voice from the phone

Smiling brightly I replied

“Hey hi Sahil Bhaiyu”??i replied to sahil Bhai my cousin bro

Sahil:how r u shona … Aren’t u coming here don’t u know it’s my marriage after 3days and still u , masi and uncle aren’t here

Sahil Bhai sounds angry .. And I’m with him …he should be angry … I have told mom before itself abt leaving for sahil bhai’s place but mom!!!! Huh!! She will never listen to me (mocks) u exams r near .. U have to go for cllg regularly blah blah blah ….

“Beta o….” Sahil Bhai interrupts
” no massi I’m not gonna listen to u …u all r coming here today itself and tats final massi ….or else u know me …bye”

He cuts the call … Mom looks on helplessly while I and dad giggles

Now I’m sure tat we r leaving to sahil bhai’s place

“Come let’s pack our bags”
Said mom ….me and dad giggles with a node

Soon we got ready packing our luggage

“Bye sweet home ur shona will return soon” I said before leaving the house


Soon we reached Bhopal .. Sahil bhai’s hometown

” hey ..hi massi …hi uncle” said Bhai taking the luggage in his hand

Mom:(smiles) hi beta how r u …dekho u asked us to come and we did so … Now u r happy na
Sahil:haan massi of course I’m happy ??

Mom and dad laughs …

“Okay where is kaveri di”
Asked dad
“Mom is busy in some work uncle …u go inside she was waiting for all of u” said Bhai

Mom and dad nodes with a smiles and leaves from there

Sahil Bhai looked at me … We both bursts into laugh

“Hahahaha bhaiyu nice acting Hahaha ..massi u have to come or else u know me” I mocked him

“Hahaha now stop it and
Listen mom will leave for kavi…I mean kavitha’s house now …u accompany her with her okay” said bhai
“Y …wats the matter romeo ji telll me tell me” I said raising my eyebrows

” o acctually take thz …I want u to give thz ring for kavitha ”

He said giving me a ring .. I teased him ..he blushed

After sometime me and kaveri aunty left to kavitha di’s place …kavitha di is really a sweet .. I like her so much ….she is my bro I.e sahil bhai’s would be wife

We reached to kavitha di’s place ..all the elders greeted us ..kaveri aunty asked me to sit with kavitha di .I agreed..as elders were busy in discussing the preparations of marriage

” kavitha di …Bhai asked me to handover u thz ring” I said winking at her ??

Hahahah she blushed as well and took the ring
We got busy in gossiping abt some movies …songs and so on

“Kavitha di..u know I’m a big wala fan of SRK?????? I love him soo much “?????
I said to which kavitha di laughs

Just then we hears a voice
” hey kavitha di ”

I cognizant it is a boy ….he was standing behind me … I was least cared to look back

“Hey sanky” ???Said kavitha di
“When did u came ” she continued in surprise
“just now di” I heard him saying
“Well I thought u will not come for my marriage” said di with a grin

“Hahaha very funny .. Urs marriage aur mai na hon impossible” he replied

kavitha di laughs and asked ” waise were is suju aunt and ram uncle huh”

“they might come by night ” he replied with a grin

“oh accha” said kavitha di

just Kaveri aunt calls di

“yaa ma I’m coming ….Shona u be here I will in a min okay” said kavitha di

I nodes …she leaves from there … and got busy in my mobile though I know tat boy was still present in the room but still I didn’t cared to look at him

as I was busy checking my watsup msgs …I felt his continuous gaze on me …I got irritated and looked at him by corner of the eyes …. and found him staring at him with a smile but still I didn’t saw him clearly ….

“Hi I’m Sanskar ” he said with his so sweet voice ???

I immediately looked at him …omg omg ..he is so cute ??? …I was lost in him but came to sense hearing his sweet grin ….I downs my head in shy .. oh god I’m shying ..haan I’m shying ???? but but ..he isn’t the 1st boy who made me feel shy …???
coz my one and only crush my Senior ??????is the 1st boy who made me feel shy and the 2nd is he cute boy ??

I smiled on my own thoughts …

“u didn’t replied me … chalo chodo tell me wats ur name” he asked

I was feeling shy …so I didn’t reply him
he notices thz and smiles …

“wat r u doing ….watsup huh” he said looking at my mobile … I immediately hided my mobile while he laughed at my antiques….I blushed ???

just then we hears kavitha di calling us ” Shona …sanky …come here lunch is ready ”

“haan coming di” he replied and looked at me “so u r shona haa” ? … he asked with a wink …. I blushed hard ?? and ran from there


“Shona come have ur lunch dear” said Kaveri aunty

“no aunty I’m not feeling to have. …my stomach is already full ….I had enough of snacks” I replied

“aww …shona u had lil only … u should eat lunch come I’m not gonna leave u until u have ur lunch …u know maa have prepared chicken ur fav na” said kavitha di

*chicken * ??my mouth started watering????

I immediately agreed and left to dining area ….where da lunch …tasty tasty chicken was served ????

I sat on chair fixing my eyes on the chicken deciding to eat it more (??)
kavitha di served me lil rice and chicken

I kept my hand on the chicken to eat it 1st ? …but he ..wats his name haan Sanskar came there and took a seat opposite to me …. my hands automatically travelled from the piece of chicken to rice as he was staring me continuously …I felt shy to eat… so I took lil lil rice and fed myself like decent girl ?? ….

Huh!!! thz idiot is still staring … oh god I sacrificed my chicken ?? …
after sometime we I.e I and kaveri aunt left to kaveri aunt house … oh he was staring me with a smile still I left the house ….I felt shy and blushed too ???

Days passed ..everyday he used to visit Kaveri aunt house with one or other work …sometimes I feel tat he comes here to stares me …jobless fellow ??

it was haldi in kaveri aunt house …everyone were applying haldi to sahil bhai ….some ladies were dancing ..I was enjoying too with my cousins … just then he came there with” a bowl of haldi in his hand … kaveri notices him and asked me to take the haldi bowl from him as she was busy …

I noded with no option ….and went towards him while he was yet again staring him with tat smile ..oh god so cute ?? …

“O haldi ” I asked him with shy as he was staring me

“u r looking beautiful ” he said with a smile …I blushed at his complement

“I asked u for haldi” I said tuking my fringes back …he smiles and handovers the bowl of haldi to me …I took it immediately and left from there

“let’s meet tomorrow at marriage” he shouts at him

I blushed hearing him .. after haldi ceremony completed ..all left to sleep as it was marriage 2mro

I also tried to sleep but sleeping wasn’t taking over me …. I was remembering abt him …his smile …his talks his laugh ??? I liked ..in fact I loved each and everything in him …..

As a fan of romance ka baadsha SRK .. when ever I used to see any of his movie …I used to imagine Sanskar ? in the place of SRK and me in the place of actress romanising with SRK ??
mostly kojal ..in tat suraj hua matam song ?? ……. hahahaha silly me ??? …..I think I have fallen in love with him ?? and I think he also loves me …soon I dozed off thinking abt him


Next day …finally it was a marriage day of Sahil bhai and kavitha di oops now bhabi ….

I dressed in a pink lehenga with diamond hearings and bangles. … my hair were left curled and applied a light makeup tat suits me … I was making sure to look stunning ?? as Sanskar will also be there …..I should look him beautiful na huh ?

checking myself in the mirror for every 1min …I left from the room as my cousins glared at me …..
as soon as I stepped out of the room I found him standing in corner with his road side Romeo types frnd ?

but whatever he was looking soo cute and handsome ?? …
his gazes falls on me …I turned away feeling shy …he smiles and comes towards me

“Hey beautiful …at least today can we exchange some words” he said winking at me …I blushed and nodes in agreement

“hmm then wats ur name” he continued with a smile

“Swara ….Swara gadodia” I said in nervously …

“oh beautiful name ..but not beautiful than u ” he flirts ? ….winking at me ?

I blushed ..he made me so me busy in talks tat I myself didn’t realised when I started speaking to him openyly …laughing …teasing ..him

“haan ..haan don’t stare soo much Mr ” I teased him ?
“wat can I do…if the person whom I staring is so winsome …I can’t resist myself staring her na” he said with a wink ? …I laughs …while he was just staring me …I looked at him

“wat happen” I asked
“Swara I LOVE YOU ” he replied

I looks on shock ….I was feeling so happy ?? but before I could rply him back ….my stupid cousins (?) came there & dragged me from there ….not letting me answer him

Then I got busy in masti with my cousins …tat I didn’t remembered abt him but …when I saw one of his frnd …I remembered confession

“oh shit ..I didn’t reply him ” I said and started searching for him ….but I didn’t find him anywhere

“I have to rply him …tat I love him too” ?? I said as I passed by a balcony I heard his voice ?

I got happy and before i entered the balcony …I saw him standing with a girl …holding her hand …both were looking at each other ? like any lovers …I got angry and was abt to go inside …but stopped In the track hearing their conversion ..or u can say romantic talks ?

“u r soo beautiful ” he said ?
“hehehe thank u ” the girl replied
“I really love you u soo much” he said

wat the f*** …my eyes popped out ..I got angry on the blo*dy idiot … and was abt to enter the balcony … but just then someone pulled me … I looked at the person who pulled me ..
It’s kavya ..kavitha bhabi’s sister

“shona …where were ..all r waiting for u know” she said
“o ..I…o…” I said looking at the couple ? standing in the balcony ..
she notices thz and looked at balcony …and then looks at me

“Shona? …. wat happen do u love him ” she asked questionly

I nodes …she looks surprised

“Shona ….thz idiot Sanskar is very bad flirty idiot ..don’t love him ..okay frgt abt him” she said

I looked shock and asked “he is ur cousin and now u r…..”

“yeah I know he is my cousin bro so I know abt his habits ….u r my frnd swara so telling u to don’t love him… he is a flirty idiot ” she said

I got shock+angry …thinking abt his staring …his confession which was all lie huh! …I hate him ..

“now leave thz …..come Yaar let’s go” she said

“hmm okay u go …I’m coming ” I replied her she nodes and leaves from there

I again took a glance of him and the girl ….angrily stams my feet making noise …I left from there ….

I think he heard the sound …and finding me leaving ….he came behind me in tensed

“swara ……swara…swara stop ..I love you Yaar” he said descending the stairs along with me and held my hand

“I love u ” he said yet again …
I got furious thinking abt he with tat girl …confessing the same words to the girl

I jerked him and looked at him

“but I don’t love u ?” I said angry

“Hey don’t lie ..u r attracted towards me rgt” he said

“Just shut ..I never was attracted towards u …god tat” I replied him in anger and left from there


Sara: so I’m Tanu and thz is my ludus …oops (bites her tounge) Sry it’s …I’m Swara and thz is my ludus – a play full love story which never had any future .. After thz I never felt to love anyone …but my crush is always my all time crush ??

Sara reads the last lines on the page and looks at the couple I.e the girl and the boy who were smiling at her

Suddenly something strikes to girls mind and she looks at the boy sitting beside her raising his eyebrows while the boy gives her ?ly look

Girl : our love ..isn’t LUDUS rgt SANSKAR

She said glaring at him angrily he gupls in fear

Sanskar: no no SWARA wat r u saying ..it was just a story of a girl and a boy which tanu wrote and Sara addressed them by our name to make the story easily understand … In real our love is PRAGMA ..everlasting and which has future …my jaan

Swara:awww tats like my baby .. I know ..my baby

She said pulling his cheeks … He smiles …..Sara looked at them … Thinks something and smiles

Sara:accha swara and Sanskar have to leave now ..bye .. Enjoy together ?

Swara:ohh accha okay Sara ..but b/w did da girl find her love by now
Sara:Hahaha …haan yup ..u know now she shows her tantrums and attitude to boys if they propose her and always she says ..my all time crush my senior and my love is……is……is…..
Swara:? who’s tat tell na …
Sara:is Sanskar so cute ..so handsome so sweet ???

She said and immediately runs from there …while swara glares at Sanskar …he gupls yet again in fear

Sanskar: baby I don’t know any girl ….I don’t love any girl … I love only one girl ..it’s u ..only u jaan ..
Swara:then y didn’t u kissed me today

She pouts …he shakes his head in impossible and smiles pulling her closer to him ..still in the sitting position

Sanskar: oh so my love wants kiss haa ?
Swara:? hmm yes janu ..

She said playing with his shirt buttons blushing hard

He smiles and pulls her closer to him by waist ..and smashes his lips on her soft lips … Both kisses each other ….passionatly lovingly and wildly ….soon they brokes the kiss and looks at each other … Panting heavily

Sanskar: I love u jaan
He confessed nuzzling his nose with hers
Swara:I love u more janu ?

She replied kissing the tip of his nose


The End

Hey guys tanu here …I know the os was not at all nice …I too dont like thz ….but I wrote ?? … Coz of idiot frnds dare …sorry for boring u

Thank u all
Love u all ???

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