swasan loves journey episode 6

Hey guys i am sry that i am late but i was not able to post due to wifi problem ……plzz guys u r my inspiration plzz comment on my ff either good or bad so dat i can improve…..

Precap: swasan meeting

@gadodia mansion
Swara and ragini just entered the mansion when every member shot questions at them about their day…..
Shekhar:beta how was d day of my princess?
Sumi: did u had any problem ?
Dida: did u enjoy?
Dadi:what did u do the whole day?
Dadu:what did u eat in there? Was it gud…
Iritated by this both swaragini shouts
Swara: this is so iritating can u plz stop we r not in a mood to talk we need rest….
Ragini: ma,papa,dida,dadi and dadu we enjoyed a lot and yes we had fun….now plzz let us sleep.
Sumi: but food?
Swara: ma it’s 8.. We already ate at a restraunt near the clg…we r tired and need to sleep bie…..

Screen shifts to d sanlak’s haveli

The minute they enter laksh doze of in his bed without removing his shoes aas from clg they went to a disco so they were damn tired…
Sanskar on d other side was restless he can’t sleep but think about swara…..
Sanskar:(to himself) sanskar maheshwari at last the time came when u fell in love but i never imajined that it will happen at first sight……i can still feel her in my arms her hair on my face…her voice is surrounding me everywhere……
Shut it sanskar sleep now u have clg tommorow sleep or else u’ll get late…
Sanky cleared the room move lucky in a comfortable position removed his shoes and slept…

@ gadodia mansion nxt mrng

the sun rays touch the face of our lovely swara and she woke up….
She went to bathroom to get fresh and change for the clg…
She came out wearing a black backless dress that reached a little above her knees..and black heels..
She went to wake ragini who was still asleep
Swara:rags get up we r getting late comeon get fresh..
Ragini wakes up and hugs swara..
Ragini:how can i get late when my shona is with me…
Saying so she get up and goes to get fresh meanwhile swara goes down to have breakfast.
Swara: maa…. Jaladi khana dou i am feeling very hungry plzz..
Sumi : swara i am sry but the cylinder is finished so i can’t cook today u have to eat outside.
Suddenly rags comes she was wearing a baby pink crop top that was tied up to her navel and a white skirt and her hair open…
Rags: ma don’t worry we will eat outside let’s go shona or else we will not reach clg on time…

Screen shifts to sanlak.
They were already awake and were ready to go to d clg when AP
AP: sanskar can u plzz do me a favor.
Sanskar: badi ma u don’t need to ask me just order what ur son can do for u.
AP: sanskar plzz go and meet Mr. gadodia as they r our very old frnds and they wanted to meer u both and take laksh with u.
Sanskar was shocked hearing the name gadodia. He remembered swara telling her full name and was happy as he got a chance to meet her outside clg…
sanky:ok ma we’ll go there after clg gets over bie..
Laksh ask what happened.
Sanskar tells him and they both goes for the clg…

Precap: swaragini and sanlak meet in gadodia mansion….

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