swasan loves journey episode 5

hey guys i am happy dat u liked my previous episodes and i am waiting for ur suggetions.. And yes as i told u i will not update but here i did but dis episode is a small one from 3rd i’ll post a big ff but till then excuse me

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Recap: swasan love story starts..ragini and laksh’s rude start..

Sanskar’s class
sanskar tries to concentrate but his mind shows him the fb of him saving swar,he face,her way of talking……he can only think about one thing,one name……SWARA GADODIA……..he keeps thinking if she will come to meet him after the class…..if he will be able to talk to her…..
While sanskar was day dreaming the bell rang everyone started moving but sanskar.
he was busy in his own thoughts, when one of d classmate shook him that was when he realised that he was getting late for his and swara meeting..he runs to laksh class..
screen shifts to swaragini..
Swara meanwhile told about the incident to ragini who was still angry at that boy(laksh as she don’t know his name)..
Swara:rags tu mere saath chal library i want u to meet him he is a sweet guy plzz rags chal na…hum late horahe hai chal….
Ragini:shona tu ja mujhe ek kaam hai il come after completing dat..
Swara takes he bag and rushes out of d class while telling her to come fast..

Laksh’s class
Sanskar reaches there and hold laksh by is hands and in hurry literaly drags him to d library…
Laksh:sanky bhai thoda aram se varna my arm will get dislocated plzz…itni jaldi kyun hain..nd where r u taking me..
Sanskar: to the library. Kyun ..baad main main bataunga we r getting late..
Laksh:ok but plzz leave my hand and don’t drag me..
Sanskar leaves laksh as he realizes dat everyone is staring at them..
Laksh:now u go i’ll come later as my sir called me to talk about a project…i promise i’ll come.
Sanskar:ok..but be fast.saying so he rushed to d libraray..

Scene 2

Sanskar is waiting in d library for swara wondering if she will come.suddenly his heartbeat incresed to see someone enter the library….she was nonother than his love his swara……
Swaraa waved him hie but he was so dumbstuck dat he was not able to reply..swara shakes him out of his dream and he feels embaresed
Swara: sanskar wake up…..what r u thinking….with a funny voice she then tease him……r u thinking about a girl tell me i will help u …
Sanskar: now don’t start this girl thing…..
Swara:ok.. Vaise u said u’ll introduce me to ur brother..where is he ?
Sanskar: actually he went to his sir to talk about a project will come later..
and vaise tumhe bhi apni bhen se milana tha right..
Swara:even she had some work so she will join us in sometime…
They both then talk about their day…where they live…about their classes..
Sanskar: oh no !….
Swara : what happened sanskar ?
Sanskar:i have a class right now sry but i have to rush..
Swara: even i have to rush bie….
She walks away but suddenly turns and said
Swara: bie d way it was gud knowing u MR.SANSKAR MAHESHWARI. Hope to see u tommorow..bie
Sanskar:bie swara..hope to see u soon..

Precap: swasan in d same class..and raglak fight..

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