swasan loves journey episode 4

Hey guys thanx for the response.. I may not be able to upload for 3 days but will try my bst as my exams are cmning.. My pairs as the ff name suggest is swasan and raglak but if u want i will change d pair so plzz tell….
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Recap: sanlak reach kolkata, swaragini gets bored in class, two boys entry in their class….

Scene 1
College canteen
after the class swaragini goes straight to d canteen as they were very hungry.
Swara’s mind is still stuck on the new boys
Ragini: shona…..shona….tu sun rahi hai ya nahi
Swara:ya rags u said something?
Ragini:what r u thinking about.you look so lost in something..
Swara:nothing rags it is just dat i can’t keep my mind off them.
Ragini:this is a bit suprising MISS.SWARA GADODIA are thinking about a boy.. R u in love darling(in a joking tone).
Swara:no rags this love shuv is not my kind of thing. I was just wondering how diffrent they were from d rest, while d whole class hume ghur rahi thi,they didn’t even look at us.
Ragini:swara kya bakwass hai ye u want their attension…..now stop daydreaming and eat.
Just then the new boys come their and they were non other than our sanlak.
swaragini doesnot sees them and runs out of the canteen as they were getting late for their nxt class.

Scene 2

Laksh and sanskar were sitting in the library..
Sanskar:lucky tu baith..i’ll just come,i have to search for a book.
Suddenly as he was searchin a girl came running as she was looking back she slipped on d wet floor and was about to fall when sanskar grab her by her waist and saved her.
The girls face was for a moment hidden by her hands but as she realised that she waas saved she removed her hands it was our swara..
Sanskar:(thinking to himself)..how prety and adorable she is….no sanskar stop ur mind u came here to study not for this….
Swara:thanx Mr…….?
Sanskar:sanskar maheshwari.
Swara:thanx sanskar.has u not been there i would have got injured for sure..
Sanskar:it’s ok but plzz be careful now onwards…

The screen shifts to laksh…
Laksh:where is sanky now?
He stands to go search for him but as he pushes his chair backwards to stand the chair hits a girl All the books she was carying falls down and the paper of a file flew to places The girl stand up and she is ragini..
Laksh:sry, i didn’t see u there. R u ok?
Ragini: wow first you triped me with d chair and now u r asking if i am ok. Whom do u think u r?
Laksh: i said i am sry right. Why d hell r u talking so rudely?
Ragini: i don’t need ur concern mister,so plzz don’t act like u care.
Laksh silently picks her books and goes in anger.
Laksh to himself : how rude of her.what do she thinks of hersellf. I said that i was sry. How rude of her….

Screen shifts to swasan.
Sanskar:by the way wats ur name?
Swara:swara gadodia.
Sanskar: it was gud to know you, but now i have to rush as i have a class.
Swara:bie sanskar.
Sanskar: why bie? We will meet again and i’ll introduce u to my brother. After my class , is it fine?
Swara:fine then. Even i’ll introduce u to my sister bie.
Sanskar goes from the library thinking about swara..
For him it was love at first sight…

Precap: laksh and ragini argument

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  1. plz dnt chnge d pair i lov raglak n swasan plz dnt chnge it

  2. I just love it as it is swasan and raglak… :p but seriously the story line is good… 🙂

  3. Good…

  4. Hey u cn make it swasanlak luv triangle btwen swara sanskar nd laksh..i jus give my suggestion bcz nw in every ff direct pairs r reveled so fr sumthng diff u cn make luv triangle bcz i lyk both pairs swalak nd swasan dats y..pls think once fr it

    1. shagun dhiman

      kittuu thanx for ur suggestion but i already have a story line so i wl follow day but don’t worry even then u will enjoy it…i hope :p

  5. Pls don’t change the pairs waiting for the next epi

  6. Wow superb

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