swasan loves journey episode 3


Hey everyone i hope u liked my previous episodes and if not plz suggest me how i can improve them as they are written for u only so ur views are most welcm..
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Scene 1
Swaragini’s college
Swara and ragini both are seen entring the college gate.everyone looks at them with admiration.
Swara sees a boy’s eyes gazed at her while she is walking suddenly the boy colapse with a pole and falls swara laughs seeing this and is shocked to see the reaction of the fellow students..
Swaragini goes to the reception and enquires about their classes and depart from their.Both swara and ragini are in the same year.
they entered their first class.every eyes rolled on them.(girls due to jelousy and boys due to their beauty).
Ragini: (nearly in whispers)shona just look at them. They r looking at us like they will engulf us.
Swara:rags what else will they do. Don’t you know that we r the bst.
Ragini:ok shona, abb thoda padh lete hai…..

Scene 2
Delhi airport
laksh and sanskar are about to board the flight.
They are doing last minute audieu
Sujata:delhi main itne sare ache college hai patta na tum dono ko kya zarurat hai kolkata jane ki.
Sanskar: maa app kyun tention leti ho hum bade ho gai hai.
Ap: beta apna khayal rakhna or ache se padhna.
Laksh: app log apna khayal rakhna. We both will have fun and will tace care of ourself.
Dp: cholo beta tum dono jao varna flight miss hojaygi.
Rp: puhonch kar phone kardena.
Tumhare rehne ka intezam vahan ke humare purane hawali main ho gaya hai.
Sanlak: bie everyone.
And thus they board the flight thinking about what the future holds for them.

Scene 3
Kolkata airport
sanlak’s flight had reached kolkata.
They are exited about their college life.they take their luggage and calls a taxi and goes to their hawali.
Laksh:sanskar we have to hurry.we r already late for the college.
Sanskar:haan lucky lets get fresh and go.
They gets fresh and change.
Laksh in a light blue denim and red shirt with his infamous rayban glasses and sanskar in a black denim and blue shirt.
They both take the car’s keys(they car was arranged for them in the hawali) and goes to the college.

Scene 4
Swaragini’s class room.
Swara:oh god ragini this class is so boring if it continues for another minute i’ll sleep.
Ragini: yrr swara sahi main agar pata hota itne boring hai tou bunk marlete.
Suddenly the class is distracted by the entry of two new boys. The wishes the lecturer and settels.
Swara:rags look how handsome those boys are. Atlast something intresting happened in this boring class.
Ragini: right shona but stop staring them for now as the whole class is looking at us and it feels awkward.
Swara sits straight just then the bells ring….

Precap: sanlak and swaragini talks…

Credit to: shagun

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  1. pls update in english alone pls….its nice

    1. shagun dhiman

      dear abi
      I have already updated the nxt episode in a lot of hindi but i promise dat from ep 6 i will only update in english sry for the inconvienence

  2. shagun give equal importance to raglak also

    1. shagun dhiman

      ok rosy i will

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