swasan loves journey episode 1


hey everyone as i am new in dis feild i hoppe i’m able to stand on ur standards and requirment..
Scene 1
my story starts from the beautiful city of kolkata and delhi..
Scene 1
Gadodia mansion
the scene starts with sumi shown doing aarti of godded durga. She then goes to give prasad to shekhar. Shekhar is reading a newspaper and sees sumi comming….he in a naughty mood makes sumi fall by sticking his leg in her way,they both have a laugh.shekhar after taking prasad asks sumi ‘sumi where r my darling daughters swaragini? ‘. Sumi replies ‘ ur daughters are still sleeping as they came home very late ‘. She then goes to swaragini’s room to wake them.

Swaragini’s Room
a girl with a cute face and fair skin in seen yawing while she sits cross leged on her bed, she is wearing a pink colour T-shirt with minnie mouse and a pink pajama. She have tied her hair in a pony tail. She is our sweet swara…
She seed d time and gets tensed and calls someone. Her call is connected and a girls picks it she have long brown hair left open and is wearing a red dress that ends a little above her knees. She have a fair complection and have a tall hieght. She is non other than ragini.swara says..rags tu kahan rehgai hai maa kabhi bhi aati hogi.plz come fast or else you will get me scolded for letting to go to the party. Ragini is seen standing outside and says..shona i am right outside d window come fast and help me. Swara takes a bedsheet and throws it down the window ragini cluthes it and swara pulls her up. Ragini thanx swara and quickly changes and slips into d bed.Right at that moment sumi is seen coming in their rooms.sumi then tells them to wake up and swaragini goes and hug her and says gudmrng..Sumi tells them to get ready fir the collge and goes.both girls take a relieved breath and says aal tou bach gai hum varna marte..both laughs…..

Precap : introduction of sanlak

Credit to: shagun

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      i am glad dear rosy that u liked it..

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      i am glad maira that you liked it..
      keep reading and commenting it means a lot to me

  1. Fantastic.

  2. Hey shagun your back and its really good

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      dear tobba i am a new writter u have a misunderstanding dear i am shagun dhiman a new writer

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