SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-8}


Next day

It is a day of raglak’s engagement
All were busy in one or other preparations

Gadodia mansion

Our cute swara who was dressed in a peach lehenga and the choli
A duppata on her one side shoulder was looking gorgeous and stunning ….her milky soft belly was visible making her hot and s*xy in a traditional dress ??

Swara:arrey dada put tat flowers properly
Servant:okay ma’am
(He leaves)
Swara:oh god abbi bhi koi kaam tik sai nahi howa (her eyes falls on the roses which were desinged in front door ) look at there thz also isn’t in a proper way ….haaa swara better u only do it proper …rather than saying anyone else

She nodes her head …takes a stool …keeps it in front of door and stands upon the stool …
Gets busy in arranging and designing the roses over there

Just the Sanskar comes there he was looking hot in a black kurta sleeves folded still elbow? …he see’s her from top to bottom

Sanskar: (mind) haha 4futt 2inch wild is busy doing work wah kya baath hai (raises his eyebrows….. thinks something and smiles teasingly)

He goes towards her….slowly without making any sound ….
And looks at her who was still busy in designing the roses … He smiles teasingly and pinches her bare belly and immedeatly hides behind a pillar

Swara: aahhhh (rubs her belly feeling the pain) (confused)
Kya tha yeh
….hhhaaa leave it

Sanskar chuckles seeing her reaction …while swara gets busy
Yet again Sanskar smiles teasingly …and pinches her belly
And hides

Swara:aahhhhhhh ( turns and looks around ) did someone pinched me….(but doesn’t find anyone ) hmmm hhhaa may be it’s an ant …

She turns to design the roses
……in thz process her duppata falls on the floor …. She doesn’t notices and gets busy in her work

Sanskar who was viewing all thz widens his mouth…..he looks around and finds tat some mens
Were staring swara ….he gets angry and passes a death glare to them ….they gupls in fear and turns their faces

Here swara completes her work of designing the roses ..she was abt to get down from the stool but stumbles and was abt to fall
But in meantime our hero Sanskar see’s thz and saves her from falling …..
He looks at her whoz eyes were closed due to fear of falling
And smiles
While she feels a strong arms holding her ….saving her …..
She feels so protective in his arms ….slowly she opens her eyes and gets suprised to see Sanskar ..

Swara:u …
Sanskar: haan me wild cat …
(He makes her stand ) waise u know tat u r a 4fut 2inch ..then why r u so interested in doing stunts …u may ask anyone to design theses things ?
Swara:? argggggggggg oh god …
Y can’t u stay without irritating me
Sanskar:hey wild cat make it as ur habit …it will be useful in future ?
Swara:(confused) wat

Bends Down ….takes her duppata and handles it to her

Swara:? my duppata …I was wearing it …then how come …(
She looks at Sanskar doubtedly )
? it’s u right …I’m sure u would have taken …how..da…
Sanskar: (cuts off) hey stop … Mujhe koi shok nahi hai to do all thz things …it’s coz of u …when u were doing thoz stunt’s it fell down …now wear it …u aren’t s*xy so I’m not interested to see u
In thz way?

She gives him a angry looks and keeps the duppata at on side
Her belly was showing still
He shakes his head and pulls her duppata

Swara:? how dare ….idiot leave my duppata ….
Sanskar: u r a girl and u don’t know how to wear a duppata also huh!
Swara:? my wish …however I Wear it wats ur problem ..y r u soo interested in my dressing …
I’m not s*xy right
Sanskar:haan u r not but as I told u before I’m not interested in seeing u in thz way ?(takes her duppata)
Swara:? y shld care abt ur interested or not ..give my duppata (trying to take the duppata)
Sanskar: nah ..?

He pulls her by her waist …
She looks on?? as current passed her body by his touch
But soon she comes to sense and starts struggling

Swara:? leave me …stupid idiot
I will kill u …leave me

He smile teasingly and tightens his grip more on her belly squeezing it

Swara:aaahhhh stupid (beats him) leave meeee?
Sanskar: k I will leave u but wait a minute ?

He takes a corner of the duppata and tucks it in her lehenga …
She feels butterflies in her stomach …he rounds the duppata and puts it …it was like half saree while doing thz both were sharing a cute eyelock

Sumi:arrey Sanskar beta …come here

Both comes to sense ….Sanskar leaves her immediately

Sanskar: haan aunty coming

He leaves from there ….
While swara was standing confusedely ….

Swara:(confused) wats happening to me

Soon she brushes her thoughts and gets busy in her work


All preparations were done perfectly all guestes r arrived .now it’s a time for raglak’s engagemen

Shlok:(points to a slim & a beautiful girl) sanky wat do u think abt thz girl ….her’s and mine’s jodi will be perfect na
Sanskar:no dude I don’t think so
…u r soo handsome and tat girl she isn’t perfect for u … For u na hmmm haa (looks around ) haaan
(Points a fat girl) thz girl will be perfect …u both will look like a romeo and Juliet …..lela and majnu ….and…..? and…

Shlok:(angry)? r u praising me or making fun of me
Sanskar: obvio making fun of u dude …but I’m serious she is perfect for u… Hahahaha???
Shlok:? if she is perfect for me
Then…for u..hmm haaa hmm.
Sanskar: Kavya
Shlok:? wat kavya no sanky plzzzzz kavya ko chod….
Sanskar: (cuts of and hits his head) stupid look at there ..kavya (points to kavya)
Shlok:wat kavya …(looks ) wow???? she is looking so beautiful ..

Kavya comes towards them

Kavya: ? hi sanky
Sanskar:? hi kav

She was abt hug Sanskar …but shlok comes in b/w …and she hugs shlok

Shlok:? hi kav

Kavya releases the hug and looks at him angrily ….shlok gives??
Sanskar chuckles
Just then … The lights goes off ….all wonders and looks here & there ….just then a spot light falls on a girl whoz back was facing

Gopiyon sang ghoome Kanhaiya
Raas rachaiya Ragha na jaaye re
Abb saanwra na bhaaye

{She does same steps as aliya does in the movie (guys I don’t know any dance?)}

Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)

{The girl turns …it’s non other than our elegant swara who was looking more beautiful in a dim light }

Shlok:? devil swara

{Sanskar smiles looking at her
She gives him a angry look and goes towards raglak ….ask them to dance}

Panghat pe aake saiyyan marode baiyaan
And everybody crazy on Radha
Chhedde hai humka daiyaan bairi Kanhaiya
And everybody crazy on Radha

{Raglak dances on the above lines …in a romantic way}

Hoga woh lakhon dil ka chor
Humka toh laage woh
Hua hai aise baawla jo kehta jaaye:

{Swara & kavya comes and teases laksh …swara pulls his hairs he gives a death glare to her}

“O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya” (x2)

{The raglak & swakav enjoys and dances on the above lines …shlok also joins them and does a monkey dance
Swara gives him a “stupid ” look
And shlok??}

Radha on the dance floor
Radha likes to party
Radha likes to move that s*xy Radha body (x2)

{Swaraginikav dances beautifully on the above lines}

O o…
Maathe pe pankh more
Kehte hain makhan-chor
Bajaye bansuri
Bada aaya chitt-chor
(But Radha wants more)

{Kavya and swara dances on the above lines …shaking there body beautifully making actions according to the lines }

Dhoondungi charon aur milega koi aur
Dungi main haathon me mere dil ki ye dor
(Cuz Radha wants more)

{Ragini dances on the above lines giving a naughty and teasy smile to laksh}

O Radha Radha bholi deewani hai
O Radha Radha do pal jawani hai
O Radha ko sambhalo koi isey bata do
Ki milega na koi Sanwariya

{Laksh dances on the aboves giving her reply for her teasing}

O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya

{Raglak ,swakav ,shlok dances on the above lines }

Hey Radha Radha kaahe itna guroor bhala
Chhodo bhi nakhre ye kaisi ada
Tune kya socha ek tu hi mash.hoor yahaan
Laakhon hain Gopiyan bhi humpe fida
Ho saari hi duniya ye naari hai
Shuru humse teri kahaani hai

{Sanskar holds swara’s wrist and pulls her towards him … She looks at him angrily and jerks her hand ….all girls along with kavya comes towards him … He holds kavya …and smirks looking at her}

O rehne de re Kanha
Bhoolega tu sataana
Jo girungi main ban ke Bijuria

{Swara smirks back and dances on the above lines}

O Radha teri Chunri
O Radha tera Jhalla
O Radha teri natkhat najariya
O Radha tera jhumka
O Radha tera thumka
O peechhe peechhe saari nagariya

{All dances on the above lines ….
Shlok falls on kavya …she looks at him angrily and pushes …he falls on the floor giving??look}

Now finally after enjoying the dance its a time to exchange the rings

Sujatha: bahut howa nach gaana
Abb rings phenao tum dono

Sumi:right suju …shona wo rings leaana
Swars: okay ma

Swara brings the rings …raglak nodes with a blushes …and
Makes wear the rings to eachother
All claps

Shlok:oh god finally engagement hogaya ….now I can eat nicely?
Come sanky
Sanskar: (nodes) bhukad

Both leaves

Here swaraginikav were busy in talking …just then

Sumi:shona just check tat methaiwala came or not

Swara nodes with a smile …goes towards the door …and checks but doesn’t find anyone ….she was abt to go ….but stops as her eyes falls on a paper tat is beautifully decorated with hearts ….she takes it and reads


Swara it’s ur secret admire

Tumhai mujhse Milne ki chahat thi ?
{U wanted to meet me}

Tumhai uss din ka intezar tha jab mai tumhare ankhon kai samne apne pyaar ka ikraar karon ?
{U was waiting for tat day when I confess my love to u …in front o ur eyes}

tho lo wo din aayaga .?
{Then see the day has come}

Swara come to the lawn area of ur mansion I’m waiting there for u come fast


Swara gets suprised and blushes

Swara:(blushes) oh god he is here …I can’t believe finally I’m gonna meet him …(looks up)
Thank u god …thank u sooo much

She immediately runs towards the lawn area and looks at the person whoz back was facing to her ….she gets happy

Swara:(happily) secret admire

He turns …swara was super suprised to see the person who was giving her a smile

Swara:(suprised) SAHIL ..u …r ..
I mean r u …my secret admire

Sahil smiles ..sits on his knees and extends a rose to her

Sahil:(smiles) yes swara I’m only ur secret admire who loves u a lot now I’m in front of u ..and wanna express u tat ….


Sumi:arrey where is shona she didn’t came still ..(tensed )

Sanskar comes there

Sanskar: wat happen aunty u r looking tensed
Sumi:Sanskar ..it’s nice u came …
Sanskar wo i asked shona to check mithaiwala …but see she didn’t came still …
Sanskar: oh don’t worry aunty I will see her …she might be some doing stunt’s outside (smiles)
Sumi: (smiles) okay

Sanskar nodes and leaves from there…. He comes outside and looks here and there….finds swara standing at lawn area …but doesn’t see sahil

Sanskar: lo she is here ..oh wild cat

He walks towards her and was abt to call her but stops hearing

Sahil:(continue) tat I Love you swara …I love u soooo much

Swara was standing still …she was waiting to see her secret admire every day ….she always wanted to express her love before him ….and today her secret admire was standing before her but she isn’t feeling good …don’t know y she isn’t happy …but she brushes her thoughts thinking tat she always loved her secret admire no matter who he is

Where as Sanskar was just staring swara without blinking his eyes …clutching his fist tightly

Swara:(smiles) I Love u too sahil

A drop of tear escapes from his eyes …he immediately wipes and leaves from…and goes towards MM ….soon he reaches MM…
Goes to his room …
His eyes were red …there were no tears it’s like he is controlling the tears ….he walks towards wardrobe ….takes his clothes and puts into a suitcase ….
Sits on the bed …dails a number

#on call#

Sanskar: Aman….(aman is his P.A)
Aman:hello sanskar sir
Sanskar:Aman book a ticket for Landon …
Aman:sir but…
Sanskar: (cuts off) book it for next flight got tat …(strictly)
Aman:okay sir

He cuts the call and types something on his Mobile
Later he leaves from there


Sahil:swara can a hug u
Swara:(mind) god y I’m feeling it’s wrong …no swara he is ur love and u know how much ur secret admire loves u…and sahil is ur secret admire …there is nothing wrong

She smiles and hugs him …
Soon he releases the hug …and looks at her …keeps staring her ..she feels uncomfortable but by his gaze but keeps quite …
He smiles and cups her face …
Moves closer to her face …
She hesitate was abt to move but

Swara:(mind) swara he is ur love …..there is nothing wrong

She obeys her mind eventhough her heart doesn’t want her to do tat ….she smiles but not heartdly
Sahil moves more closer to kiss her …there lips were a inch a part


Hi guys ..hope u all liked thz epi
It’s a diwali special ….plzz do comment guys
Thank u …love u all ???

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