SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-22}



“Ummmm yummy yummy aunty chicken is soo delicious as always ”

Say’s swara while eating the chicken prepared by sujatha especially for her

Sujatha: (smiles) I’m happy shona tat u liked it
Swara: aww I loved it aunty..it is so tasty (smiles)

Sujatha smiles and caresses her hairs ….. Just then her eyes falls on sanskar who wasn’t having anything as he was busy in starting swara lovingly… She notices thz and looks confused

Sujatha:sanskar …

Sanskar comes to sense and looks at her

Sanskar: yes mom
Sujatha: y r u not having anything
Sanskar:wo mom I’m not feeling to eat
Sujatha: y wat happen … Aren’t u well

She asks concernly touching his head

Sanskar: arrey not like tat mom I’m fine …wo actually today a person gave me dessert which was so sweet tat I had more so stomach is full ….hai na swara ??

He say’s thz winking at swara looking at her lips … While she gives him a death glare for his teasing …he smiles

Shlok:? umm dessert … Was it so tasty dude …even I want tat desert

Sanskar immedeatly looks at him angrily … While swara chuckles ..

Shlok: sanky my mouth is watering for dessert … I want tat dessert i wanna eat it ????

Sanskar gets angry … He looks at chilli powder kept on the table …. Takes it and pours in Shook’s plate ..

Shlok:? wat is thz ..
Sanskar:? u wanna eat desert rgt so have it …it is tastier desert ever
Shlok:it’s tat soo ???

Sujatha chuckles ..as sanskar looks at him angrily …

Swara:accha aunty mines is over .. Have to go now

She say’s thz standing up from the chair

Sujatha: arrey shona have some more
Swara:no no aunty…I’m full really the chicken was tasty … Thank u for it … and bye for now … Goodnight

She hugs sujatha and kisses her cheeks …while sujatha and sanskar smiles

Sujatha: ur welcome shona (smiles) ….good night

Swara smiles leaves from there .. While sanskar follows her out .. And holds her wrist pulling her closer to him … She widens her eyes in shock cause of sudden pull

Swara:? sanskar ..Idiot u scared me
Sanskar:oh 4fut 2inch wild cat got scared huh! ?
Swara:arrg stop it don’t start ur irritating again ?
Sanskar: accha okay darling I won’t….. But u r so mean u didn’t Even cared to bye me before leaving huh! (Fake anger)

She looks at his fake angry face and smiles pulling his cheeks

Swara:awww u r looking so cute

He rolled his eyes raising his eyebrows ..while she immediately take off her hand and blushes
He smiles and hugs her …&
Whispers in her ears. ..

Sanskar: ur sweetness towards me is nice …but I love my angry wild cat the more

Saying thz he punches her belly ..

Swara:aahhh idiot …

She winces in pain pushing him away ….while he laughs … She pushes him again in anger ..

Swara:?go to hell …stupid fellow

He laughs and pulls her cheeks

Sanskar: tats like my wild cat ?
Swara:u will never change ?

She angrily walks from there
While He smiles cause he always loved thz …to make her irritate

Sanskar: bye sweetheart … Good night ….sanskar’s dreams … Love u …….

He shouts at her back …. While she smiles

Swara:pagal …..(shouts back) bye idiot …good night .. And haan swara’s dream …love u too

She say’s thz …running inside GM …he smiles

Sanskar: aaaa finally u r mine … My love

He shakes his head curving his lips into a cute smiles and leaves from there


Next day


Sujatha will be doing arti .. Just then swara comes there happily

Swara:good morning aunty
Sujatha:? shona
u got up so early today

She sounds surprised

Swara:wo actually aunty I wanna talk to sans …(she stops at once and bites her tounge realising wat she was abt to say) I mean .. Rags aunty …so got up early ..
Sujatha: oh accha ..she in her room shona (smile )
Swara:okay aunty

Saying thz swara rushes upwards …just then she collides with ragini


rubbing her head ragini looks at swara and gets surprised

Ragini: swaru tum yahan … At thz time so early ?

She say’s surprisingly .. While swara smiles with a blush

Swara:actually rags I came to meet sanskar ?
Ragini: ohhh accha (teases) love is in the air huh! …by the way how was the proposing day … Kuch ahem ahem howa
Swara:(blushes) rags shut up
Ragini:(smiles) okay baba … Now go to ur Romeo …he might be sleeping still now as u

Swara gives her a death glare .. While ragini laughs and leaves from there

Swara shakes her head with a smiles and goes to sanskar’s … And finds him sleeping peacefully with a cute smile
She smiles looking at his cute face

Swara:awww he is looking so cute while sleeping … But now I have to wake up him par kaise

She thinks something and smiles naughtily ….she sits beside him and leans a lil over him .. kisses his forehead ..& whispers

Swara:thz kiss is for u my love (She kisses on his rgt cheek) thz one is for me (then she kisses on his left cheek) thz one is for u (she kisses on his tip of the nose) thz is for me …and thz is …

She smiles teasingly and stops near his lips leaving her soft breath on his rough lips .. He smiles as he was already awaken the moment he felt her touch … And was enjoying his love’s touch

Swara:hmm thz kiss isn’t imp rgt …

She say’s teasingly and was abt to get up …but sanskar holds her wrist and pulls her closer to him

Sanskar: it is imp ..darling ?

He say’s winking at her .. And rolls pinning her beneath him .. While she blushes and downs her head in shy …. He smiles naughtily and lifts her chin … There eyes met staring each other lovingly they had cute romantic eyelock … Her fringes on the face was disturbing his view of his my love ..he pushed her fringes back of her ear and cups her face closer to him … Was abt to place his lips on her’s but she pushes him getting up from the bed and laughs … While rolled his eyes in anger but smiles seeing her laugh

Sanskar: thz isn’t fair swara

He say’s thz covering himself in a blanket …she looks at him and pulls his blanket

Swara:getup sanskar …
Sanskar: no I won’t …until u give wat I want

He turns to other side… She smiles

Swara:accha okay baba…. U will get it …. (Sanskar gets up happily) but but ..before tat u have to fresh coz I wanna talk to u

Sanskar: hmm okay
Swara:then getup fast ..go fresh up

She pulls him of the bed and pushes towards the washroom ..

Sanskar: arrey have patience my wild cat ….I have to take my cloths rgt

He say’s turning towards her

Swara:oops sorry …. I frgt abt it.. Wait I will choose shirt for u to wear
Sanskar: (smiles) okay sweetheart

She smiles and goes towards the wardrobe …opens it and keeps looking at the shirt

Swara:hmm not ..thz one … Yeah tat one …

He smiles looking at her …. goes towards her and back hugs her placing his hand on her milky soft belly …she startled by his sudden gesture but smiles still looking at clothes while he places his chin on her shoulder she blushes feeling his touch

Sanskar: I wanna marry u soon .. So tat every morning u select my clothes in the way as now

He whispers in her ears huskily for which she blushes hard and pushes him …

Swara:enough ..now go take thz (handles a shirt) fresh up soon
Sanskar: (smiles) as u say my love

Saying thz he leaves to the washroom ….
While she blushes

After sometime he comes out of the washroom dressed in a black shirt and a blue jeans with a leather jacket ..looking hot and cute???

His smiles looking at swara who was busy with her mobile

Sanskar: now wat darling

He say’s thz combing his hairs and arranging them properly ..
While she looks at him and gets happy to see him dressed in her selection

Swara:(smiles) sanskar u ready??
Sanskar: haan …(smiles)
Swara:then come let’s go

She holds his hand and was abt to walk

Sanskar: where r we going and
u wanna say me something rgt

He asked confusedly

Swara:WO actually sanskar we have feast in our clg ..so u r coming with me okay

Sanskar shakes his head with a smile

Sanskar: okay
Swara:then come

She holds his
hand ….
Both leaves from there


So guys how was the epi .. Hope u all liked it

Thank u all???

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