SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-21}



She was still beating him by her tiny soft hands …while he was laughing …..both were still seated on their knees

Swara:? stupid …idiot …stop laughing… Argggggg …
Sanskar: hahahaha ???? kanjoos …haha ..

He pulls his cheeks ….she gets irritated and pushes him …he falls on the floor ….she comes top of him and beats him on his chest with irritated face …..

He smiles looking at her angry face and rolls pinning her beneath him …. Just then the light on’s ……the soft rose petals falls on them …showering blessing to their new start i.e LOVE ….. Swara looks on surprised …. The scenario is so awesome + breathtaking ……..swara beneath sanskar and the red rose petals falling on them …..and their cute sa lovely sa eyelock it was just perfect

He smiles looking at her who was lost in his chocolate brown eyes … He pulls her closer to him by her waist and winks at her …
She comes to sense and widen her eyes seeing their position ….

He moves closer to her face with a naughty smirk …. While she starts blushing feeling his intense gaze on her
He smiles and whisphers in her ears

Sanskar: wow my angry wild cat is blushing huh!

He raises his eyebrows … She blushes and hugs him tightly
He smiles and hugs her back

Sanskar: waise …wat did u told to the man who kidnapped u …?

She releases the hug and looks at her confusedly …he smiles naughtily and

Sanskar:tat i’m ur boy friend huh !?
Swara:? how come u know … (Reminces his talks & widens her eyes) wait …wait …u r the one who kidnapped me rgt
Sanskar: yes darling …but u never
Told me before tat I’m ur boy friend ?

He teases her ….while she looks at him in fake anger

Swara:?huh! Idiot ….get up from me …u r so heavy
Sanskar: arrey u should make thz as ur habit …..it will be helpful in future ?
Swara: sanskarrr

She blushes and getsup pushing him on the floor….he smiles and too gets up frm the floor …
And holds her wrist ….pulls her closer to him ….her back crushes his hard tone chest ….he back hugs her keeping his hands on her milky bare soft belly …. She starts breathing heavily blushing hard …..feeling his hot breath on her soft shoulder
He smiles seeing her blushing and turns her towards him … He cups her face ….both were looking at eachother ….they had a passionate yet romantic eyelock …..he smiles and places a soft kiss on her forehead expressing tat he is the real man .. Real soulmate of her … While she closes her eyes to feel his touch …..

Sanskar: (whisphers) thz kiss is for u my love (then he kisses her rigt soft cheek) thz one is for me
(Kisses her left cheeks) thz is for u (kisses her tip of nose) thz one is for me (kisses her chin) thz is for u ….and thz is …

He stops near her soft red lips and looks at her whoz eyes was still closed clutching his shirt tightly feeling his lovely touch ….he.stares her lovingly …
There lips were a inch apart
His hot breath was touching her soft lips making her restless but he was still staring her with all his love …she gets irritated and opens her eyes…..was turned crimson red blushing hard seeing their closeness and his staring at her …..

She turns her face unable to takes his gaze on her ….but in thz process their lips slightly brushes sending a shiver to their spine ….she widens her eyes and so he ….but soon smiles naughtily pulling her closer to him by her waist and cups her face closer to him ….she was just staring him …soon he places his rough lips on her soft red lips
She blushes ….as their lips fitted on their loved one’s lips so perfectly expressing tat they r perfect for each other ……..
He began to suck her lower lip while her hand travells to his hairs clutches it in her fist tightly …cause of his passionate yet lovely kiss …while his hands were sneaked around her perfect delicate waist ……he pulls her more closer to him still kissing her more passionately yet lovingly …..he bites her lower lip she gasp in pain taking it as an opportunity he enters into her mouth….. Exploring his tounge all over her mouth tasting the sweetness of her …. It was a long lasting kiss filled with love yet passion ….which neither of them wanted to broke ….but soon parted back due to lack of oxygen she blushes and hugs him… But something strikes to her mind and slaps her head

Swara:oh god …rags might get worried not finding me there … (Looks at him) sanskar come drop me there …

She holds his hand and was abt to walk but he back hugs her not letting her to do so …

Sanskar: darling …..rags is at clg

She looks confused and turns towards him ..questionly

Swara: college??. But ….
Sanskar: (cuts off) it was our plan to bring u here so tat I can propose u at least here ..kiyun ki u know na if I would’ve not brought u here … Being a angry wild cat u will never listen to me
Swara:? how mean …rags didn’t told me …

He smiles and places his hand on her soft cheek ….

Sanskar: leave all thz …and let me ……

He say’s as he stares her juicy soft lips rubbing and caressing it by his tumb …

Swara:(blushes) sanskar I we have to leave now ….
Sanskar: nah 1st let me kiss my gf ?

He winks at her and moves closer to her ….was abt kiss her lips but she keeps her finger in b/w

Swara:no Mr idiot …now we have to leave … Suju aunty would’ve prepared chicken for me …I wanna eat tat …so come let’s leave
Sanskar: aunty or mother-in-law huh!?
Swara:(blushes( sanskar chup chap chalooo

She drags him with her ….he shakes his head with a cute smile

Both leaves from there


Maheswari mansion

Shlok will be having his dinner … While sujatha was giggling cause of his talks

Shlok: wah wah aunty thz chicken is soo tasty but I had just 15-20 pieces so sad of me na…nowadays I’m eating so less..

Sujata giggles

Sujatha: haan shlok …

Just then swasan comes there hand in hand with a cute smiles on their faces …..shlok starts coughing seeing them together … While ragini smiles looking at them …..whereas sujatha looks confused but smiles

Sujatha: shona accha howa u came ….I waiting for u only
Swara:(smiles) I knew it.
Sujatha: wait i will arrange the table for u

Swara nodes with a smile while
Shlok goes towards them….and whisphers to sanskar

Shlok: sanky ….how come swara devil with u ….didn’t she drank ur blood …(looks at swara) huh! Nakchadi

….swara hears him and looks at him in anger

Swara:? hey gorilla …fatty don’t u have better job ..always eating and talking nonsense huh!
Look how fat u turned

Sanskar chuckles

Sujatha: shona come have the dinner
Swara:yes aunty …coming
Sanskar: come darling …
Swara nodes
He smiles …..both leaves to dining

Shlok: ?arrey swara don’t eat whole chicken ….keep some for me also …I didn’t eat properly ???


So guys how was the epi …hope u all liked the epi

Thank u all
Love u all ???

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  1. It was just amazing cant stop laughing on shlok 15 to 20 are so less lol

  2. Soujanya


  3. it was soooooooooooo sweet and amazing
    haters to lovers is a amazing concept and funny too
    (forget the last comment i did on the 20th epi i was sleepy and dreaming about swasan when typing the comment don’t know what made me post that sorry for it di )

    take care di

  4. in almost every morning u make me smile with ur ff…it was such a pleasent treat to read ur ff at morning and begin the day…really..i fell in love with ir every ffs…love swawan more and more while reading ur ffs…even it is swasan u my life , swasan bin tere, swasan love lust obssession anything..i love ur every ffs..i can’t recollect the name of os that u wrote..where sanky reject swaraz proposal and fell in love with her….thank u tanu for making me smile in morning….waiting for ur ffs….

    OUR HEAVENLY COUPLE SWASAN… waiting for their performance in ita..guyzz plz dnt frgt to watch swasan performance…plz watch ita 1.00 – 4.00…damn excited

  5. KrsytleS

    Awsm Dr…
    Waiting for next part

  6. its awesome i loved it totally waiting for next part


    Lovely episode really what a proposal


    Lovely episode really what a proposal

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    So cute romance
    Shlok how much u eat idiot
    Plz give me link of 18 chappy i am unable to find it

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  17. SNY

    Wow…superb epi dr…….
    Nxt one soon……

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    Soooooo lovely nd beautiful

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    dis ws Super sweet epi dr..
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  31. Chanu

    Awwww.. tanu..
    dis ws Super sweet epi dr..
    Aww.. im in dreamland!!
    My swasan looks soooo cute..
    hawww.. their first kiss!! :-* :-*

    Hee heee..
    dis shlok na.. he is impossible!!

    lv dis epi soo much

    waiting 4 da nxt epi.

    keep writing
    be happy always
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