SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-15}


Sanskar’s cabin

He enters the cabin and makes swara sit on his chair
She keeps angry face
He smiles and..

Sanskar: wild cat … Look at me

He caresses her cheeks lovingly
She gets angry and takes off his hand …he smiles

Sanskar: darling ….
Swara:😣 (cuts off) shut up …
Sanskar: u r so forward haa .. Asking me to up my shirt waise not bad ideaπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
Swara:chi …I will kill u 😑 stop irritating me
Sanskar:so u wanna kiss me also very good ideaπŸ˜‰ waise bhi no one r here …(huskily) just me and u …in my cabin …and…

He leans on her …who was giving him a angry expression … They were so close to each other tat his hot breath was touching her soft lips ….he looks at her lips and caresses it by his tumb sensuously and romantically
She widens her eyes….her heart starts beating heavily..

Swara:😳 w..a..t r…u doing

She sounds angry ..whereas he shushes her lips ..still caressing it sensuously

Sanskar: Don’t u Love me swara
Swara:n..o…no ..(breathing heavily)

He looked into her eyes immediately after hearing her answer …and smiles

Sanskar :,But I LOVE YOU

He smiles and kissed her forehead

Swara: (wonders) y I’m soo confused I love him …but I don’t love him ….he irritates me at the same time he makes me feel tat I’m the most luckiest girl to get him ….wats happening to me god plz give me the answer plzzz

Her thoughts were interrupts by

Sanskar: I will be back don’t move from here …if u do also u will not be able to go out from thz cabin …coz I will lock it πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

Swara: again u started irritating me 😑
Sanskar: yes wat to do without irritating u ..my day doesn’t go πŸ˜‰

He pulls her cheeks …she takes off her hand

Swara:stop pulling my cheeks 😑and wat did u said …u will lock me in thz cabin
Sanskar:yup …coz u r my property na…

Saying thz he walks towards the door …swara also follows him …he goes out …she was abt to go….but he closes the door and locks it …..she gets angry and bangs the door

Swara:😑u idiot uuuu….
Sanskar: (cuts off) yours idiot darlingπŸ˜‰

He leaves from there…..


She stamps … turns and looks at his cabin …. thinks something and smiles naughtily

Swara:U locked me here na ..
Now see wat thz swara will do Amul baby

She smirks and starts messing the cabin …throwing things here and there …broking somethings .. She looks at his pic on the wall … She goes towards it

Swara:😑how Dare u lock me here …

She looks at a paint box kept in a shelf …she thinks something and smiles teasingly … She takes the paint and draws a plastic type nipple in his mouth …and draws a baby cap on his head …and writes Amul baby there

Swara:😍😍wow swara u drawa so well …. See idoit is looking real baby by ur creativity

She praises herself .. Just then her eyes falls on the Sanskar who is looking via window …
She goes towards the window and opens it ….and was shocked to see the scenario …Sanskar was hugging a girl so closely … rubbing her back .. Her eyes burned in anger seeing tat …it turned into a pure jealousy …
She clutched the curtains tightly in her first …showing her jealousy …. There were talking something but she wasn’t able to hear

Swara:(confuse yet angry) wat the hell…they r talking …

She see’s sanskar biding bye to the girl …after trying hard she heard the girl name

Sanskar: bye KAVITHA …take care

“Kavitha” she murmurs confusedly

She immediately looked at them .. Kavitha was gone ….Sanskar was standing still lost in deep thoughts …
Soon he also leaves from there

Swara:(confused) kavitha … Who is she now…


Same semi dark room

Bhaya ji was chewing the paan looking at the man sleeping on the bed covered with bandages

Birju comes there

Birju: bhaya ji …
Bhaya ji:bol did u gt information abt tat man….wat is his name ….
Birju:Sanskar Maheswari
Bhaya ji;haan wahi …
Birju:bhaya ji ..Sanskar ki weakness is (he tells something)
Bhaya ji:(smirks) good …now proceed for nxt step of our plan

Briju nodes …both smiles evilly


“Kavitha” hearing thz name from his voice …she burned with jealous which is unknown to her
Remincing Sanskar hugging kavitha …her eyes turned red cause of jealousy …

Swara: who is thz kavitha …. How can he hug her …😑

She turns and walks towards the chair …..just then her eyes falls on a paper on the table decorated with hearts …she takes it confusedly …it was closed ….
“This is for u My love …Swara” was the words written on it

She immediately opens it and reads

Tere Didaar Ko Tarasti Hain Meri Aankhein,πŸ’–
Bin Tere Raat Din Barasti Hain Meri Aankhein,πŸ’–

{my eyes starved for ur one glance
Without you night and day, my eyes drowned with tears }

Tere Har Naksh Ko Samaaya Hai Dil Mein Maine,πŸ’–
Teri Har Baat Ko Samajhti Hain Meri Aankhein,πŸ’–

{Everything belongs to u I have contained in my heart
All yours talks r understood by my eyes }

Tere Aane Se Sanwar Jaati Hai Duniya Meri,πŸ’–
Tere Didaar Se Chamakti Hain Meri Aankhein,πŸ’–

{My world decked when u stepped in it
My eyes shines for ur one glance }

Tere Har Lafz Ko Samjha Hai Sanam Maine,πŸ’–
Ek Tere Sajde Mein Hi Jhukti Hain Meri Aankhein,πŸ’–

{I have always understood the meaning of all ur words o my love
I bow my head only in your prostrate }

Tujhko Paane Ki Umeed Abhi Hai Mujhko,πŸ’–
Jhoothe Hi Khwaab Kyun Bunti Hain Meri Aankheinβ€¦πŸ’–

{I’m still hoping to get u
Otherwise y do my eyes dreams fall }

Yours n yours
My darling

Her jealousy turned into happiness forgetting wat she saw a moment before …
Reading his letter which is only for her ..filled with soo much love ..
She blushes with a cute smile

_____ _____________________

Hope u all liked thz epi … I know it was quite boring ..but still asking for ur comments coz if no comment no ff right

Thank u
Love u all😘😘😘


  1. Mica


    |Registered Member

    goosshhhSanskar more naughty day by day…but i can’t i magine Sanskar with pacifier in his mouth :D..swara soo smart

  2. anu

    awesome.. tanu ur new ff is also intresting update that one also..
    arey wah swara toh yaha full naaughty hai but kavita kyun hai..

  3. Rabia0032


    |Registered Member

    Awesome yaar from where get ypu sooo cute sweet These sentence I loved it 😍 n who is behind sanskar n what is kavita doing with sanskar to much suspense

  4. Chanu


    |Registered Member

    Aww.lvly epi..
    my sanky is nw bcming naughty dy by dy.. hawwww..
    rly dnt knw wt will thy do in dis office room!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›
    aΓ±d.. urrrrggg..
    hw cn that chipkalì cm here and hug my sanky!!! Huhuhhhu..
    hey dnt hug him ok… I ll kill u…

    wt is my sankys weakness!!?? Im sure its swara.. dnt kjw wt ll hpn nxΓΎ.. huhu..

    heh tanu.. u r blackmailing us.. sooo bad.. I want nxt epi asap…

    ΔΆeep writing
    be hap

  5. A.xx


    |Registered Member

    ahhhww!! love sansku’s naughtiness and love swara’s mischief (AMUL BABY PICTURE),
    wondering who the man mentioned as sankaar’s weakness hope nothing happens to swara or ragini as they are both his weakness.
    loved it and post soon as i can’t wait for next part.xx

  6. ShonaaMishra


    |Registered Member

    Aaaaaaa … someone pls stop the wind aaahh my mind is blowing …aawwaaww

    epic di …
    loved the chapter
    one request kill bhayaji and cavity soon

  7. ShonaaMishra


    |Registered Member

    Aaaaaaa … someone pls stop the wind aaahh my mind is blowing …aawwaaww

    mindblowing di …
    loved the chapter
    one request kill bhayaji and cavity soon

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