SwaSan! I Love You!!{Episode-12}



Maheswari mansion

Sanskar’s room

Ragini:bhai very bad huh! ..u never told me tat u love Swara (pouts)
Sanskar: arrey I’m sorry meri ma I’m sorry ….forgive me ??
Ragini: hmmm k I will but (smiles) u shld promise me tat from now onwards u will never hide anything from me….
Sanskar: k k promise ?
Ragini: good..now u r forgiven (Taps his head and laughs)
Sanskar:(laughs) thank u …waise were is shlok
Ragini: he slept bhai ..
Sanskar: k ..even u go sleep it’s already late (smiles)
Ragini:(smiles) ohhk …

She was walks lil forward and stops and turns

Ragini: and get ready to impress swara
Sanskar:haan haan I will?

Ragini laughs and leaves from there
Sanskar smiles and turns …just then his eyes falls on swara who was watching everything going on in sanskar’s room from her room window .. And was smiling looking at Sanskar remincing their moments, his teasingness to her, her anger on him

He smiles and winks at her ??
She comes to sense and closes the window immediately
He laughs …

Sanskar: hahaha ….(he looks up)
Thank god …u were on my side at least today. ..and made me believe tat Swara is only mine (smiles)

Swara’s room

She closes the window and jumps on the bed

Swara:such a chupa rustum he is never thought thz idiot is my secret admire …and will love me (smiles and shakes her head)

Soon both dozes off in their respective rooms …thinking abt eachother



Maheswari mansion

Shlok:hmm yummy yummy aunty …??? thz aalo roti is so yummy mmm aaa wah …

Sujatha and ragini chuckles
Seeing his actions

Sanskar comes there.and Looks at shlok who was still eating ..
He shakes his head in “impossible” ..goes towards him and hits his head

Sanskar: stupid ..get up we have to leave …more how much will u eat …already u had 10 to 11 Roti’s
Shlok:? wat so less … ?Sanskar I’m telling I should consult with doctor …I’m eating so less

Sanskar:? r u coming or do u need my kick for tat
Shlok:? chi all r back of my Eating …huh!

He looks at sanskar …he gives him a death glare like if he say a word further …he would surely kill him …he gupls in fear

Shlok: k k …dude I’m coming

He sadly looks at his plate on which bf is served …

Sanskar: come fast
Shlok: haan okay …

He sadly leaves from there along with Sanskar

They comes out …just then Swara also comes out from gadodia mansion

He was mesmerized to see her she was dressed in a hot pink crop top with a plazo … Tied her hairs in a bun …looking awesome and stunning ??

Shlok: hi swara ?
Swara:hi …were is rags?
Sanskar:good morning darling ?
Swara:where is rags ?

He smiles seeing her attitude and goes towards her …she widens her eyes ..questioning “wat”
He smiles and pulls her closer by waist …and whisphers in her ears

Sanskar: darling u r looking….

He caresses her cheeks romantically she starts breathing heavily closing her eyes…shlok widens his mouth ?? looking at them …
Sanskar smiles seeing his effect on her ….and continues with a teasing smile on his face

Sanskar: (continues with teasy smile) u r looking … 4fut 2inch wild cat …not s*xy …

She immediately opens her eyes hearing him and looks at him in anger ..he brust into laugh

Sanskar: hahahaha ??? wat did u thought …4fut 2inch wild cat hahahaha ??

He pulls her cheeks …she pushes him …and looks at him angrily who was laughing

Swara:? u r also looking Amul baby not handsome ..got tat
Sanskar: (stops laughing) ? swara I’m not tat …so better don’t call me tat..
Swara:u r Amul baby …so I will call u tat ?
Sanskar:swara darling it should be only baby….earse amul ..waise bhi in future u have to call me baby only na??

Ragini comes there

Ragini: swara….

Swara looks at her …and stamps her leg looking at sanskar angrily …he winks ? at her

Swara:Ragini come let’s go
Ragini:swara just a min … I have to talk with laksh … Just a min haa I will come
Swara:okay …but I’m also coming (looks at Sanskar’) I can’t stand here ..it’s irritating

Ragini nodes ….both swaragini leaves to gadodia mansion
Sanskar smiles …
Shlok look confused

Shlok:sanky …I have a doubt
Sanskar: wat (raises his eyebrows)
Shlok:u wanna really impress devil …ahem ahem …I mean swara kya??
Sanskar: (smiles) yes
Shlok:okay wat did u thought to impress her
Sanskar’:dude before thz impress stuff ….I want her to spend sometime with me
Shlok: hmm okay …can I give u idea
Sanskar: haan wat
Shlok: (serious tone) take her to a restaurant ….and make her eat all dish ..she will be impressed by tat I’m sure
Sanskar: oh is tat so ..(Shlok nodes). ..come here dude …

Shlok comes towards him …sanskar makes him turn and kicks him
He falls on the floor

Shlok:wat did I do ??
Sanskar: she would kick me same like thz …if I work on ur idea
Shlok: (he gets up rubbing his back) ? if u didn’t liked it ..
Y did u kicked me .am…
Sanskar: (cuts of) stop it …let me think something

He thinks something and smiles teasingly ….

Sanskar: get ready wild cat

He looks at swara’s scooty …goes towards it …and bends …and Puncher’s the tiers leaving some air..smiling teasingly ….while shlok was looking at him in confuse

Shlok: wat did u do ???
Sanskar: u will come to know soon dude ….

Just then swaragini comes there

Sanskar: (smiles) bye girls
Ragini: (smiles) bye bhai …

He looks at swara ….who turns her face angrily …he smiles

Swara:rags …we r getting late …
Ragini: haan swara come let’s go

Swara starts scooty …..Ragini sits at back ….both leaves from there

Sanskar: shlok come let’s go (smiles)

Shlok nodes both leaves from there in Sanskar’s jeep


After sometime

Sanskar and shlok will be seen standing on a bus stop

Shlok:wah sanky …u r becoming intelligent day by day being with me …So tat only u made a nice plan to spent sometime with swara ….u r lucky to get a frnd like me

Sanskar gives “r u kidding look”

Just then his eyes falls on swaragini who was coming on scooty …. He smiles

Sanskar:look they came

Shlok turns and looks at swaragini ….something confused him ..

Shlok: (confused) but the scooty is fit and fine right
Sanskar: (smiles) patience …dude sabar rakho … Just wait and watch ….1 2 3 ….shhhhhhh

At the same time the scooty stops nearby bus stop

Ragini: swara wat happen
Swara looks at the tiers

Swara:tiers r puncherd rags …
Ragini: wat …but how come yesterday only u gave to service right
Swara:haan rags …I’m also thinking the same
Ragini: okay. ..hmm leave it swara ….but think how should we go to clg now …it’s already late
Swara:haan …we ….


Sanskar smiles seeing swara’s confused face ….he calls them

Sanskar: hey rags …wild cat (waves his hand)

Swaragini who hears his voice .. Immediately looks at him

Ragini: (confused)bhai ….yahan par??
Sanskar: come here …

Ragini: (nodes) swara come …
Swara: but …
Ragini: arey swara aao na

She drags swara towards Sanskar

Ragini :bhai see na our scooty is puncherd plz drop us at clg na
Sanskar: arrey rags ..my jeep is also puncherd …so tat only we r standing here …
Swara:y is here any donkey ride in which u donkeys will go to office ?
Sanskar: (smiles) darling .. I’m ur handsome would be hubby not donkey ??
Swara:arrgg stop it ..rags come let’s go …

She was abt to go …but Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her towards him
Ragini chuckles
Shlok was scratching his head like monkey

Sanskar: (sweetly) swara bus will come here in any moment …we r also going by bus ….so u …darling
Ragini:? bhai ..u and bus … R u serious ..
Sanskar: (gives death glare) yes it’s me only …

He smiles looking at swara … She frees herself from his girp angrily ….just then her eyes falls on Sanskar’s jeep tier which wasn’t punchered …she gets angry and looks at Sanskar

Swara: thz is how ur jeep is puncherd haa ?

She points the tier ..he looks at it ….and again looks at swara …who was looking at him angrily …. He takes a sigh and immediately punchers the tiers of his jeep
Swaragini widens there eyes

Sanskar: (smiles) now it’s puncherd right ??
Swara: ? u naaa…

Bus comes …
Sanskar: (cuts off) arrey wild cat bus …

before she could say anything he drags her into bus
Ragini chuckles and goes inside the bus …along with shlok


So guys how the episode hope u liked. ..plz do comment guys
Thank u all
Love u???

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