Swasan……..I love you?

Hey guys I am Aru back with my third os on swasan again n plz tolerate my Englis
So here’s d link to my previous os SWASAN…………….Do DIL ki Dastaan OS – Telly Updates

So let’s start d os its a short one
Sanskaar and swara both r classmates n they r just friends but when they both went to a trip then they realised that they both love each other swara proposed sanskaar n they soon became the famous love birds of their schl to swara sanskaar was his life bt for sanskaar swara was just another girl she never talked to any boy except him bt sanskaar always talked with other girls
Everyday sanskaar used to give a doll to swara which she kept aside
It was swara’s birthday n she expected sanskaar to b d first one to wish her she declined all her fr sends call n waited for his call but to her disappointment he didn’t call her n he called her n asked her to come to d bus stop she was happy dat he is going to wish her but he just handed her d doll n said dat he forgot to give it to him yesterday so he’s giving him now dis was it for swara she asked him wether he loved her or not bt sanskaar said in a cold tone that if she wants someone to say her I LOVE YOU every second den she should find someone else n swara was numbed after hearing dis n she sat on d road with a thud crying hard
Next day she tried to move on forgetting him as his past n went to schl bt wat she saw was horrible she saw a girl giving a big doll to sanskaar n he had a big smile on his face which he never had when he was wid her swara went frm dere crying

At home
Swara was in full rage n she threw all d dolls given by sanskaar here n there n cried hard den she received his call n she tried hard to control her anger sanskaar asked her to come to bus stand
@bus stand
Sanskaar was standing with a big doll in his hands n when she approached him he gave her d doll n was going frm dere bt swara held his hands n said dat she don’t want it n sanskaar asks why den she says dat she don’t want his doll nor him as he is just using her sanskaar was mute swara threw d doll on road n sanskaar quietly moved to pick up d doll swara saw dat a truck was approaching him n she asked him to come back bt he behaved as bind n deaf person n den truck went by sanskaar n he died on d spot
After dat day swara always lived in guilt of losing sanskaar

One day swara was very sad n she took all d dolls out given by sanskaar n counted dem to check the days of dere togetherness n she counted all of them they were 499 in total she cried hard holding them bt as she pressed d stomach of doll it said “I LOVE YOU SWARA” she thought n cursed herself dat why she never got to know abt before n den her eyes fell on d last doll which sanskaar gave her before his accident when she pressed the doll it said “SWARA TODAY WE R MEETING FOR THE 500TH DAY N I AM SORRY DAT I DELAYED IN SAYING I LOVE YOU BUT I WAS A BIT SHY BUT TODAY I WILL SURELY SAY U MY FEELINGS” now swara was completely broken n she was depressed n she remained like dat for 3 yrs den she met laksh n decided to move on in life bt she can never forget dat sanskaar died coz of her

The end
Finally ended with it plz do comment both +ve n -ve allowed

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  1. Mica

    omg…….crying, soo sad


  3. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    No..yaar..i did nt like the Ending..its soo Bad ???

  4. a same os ws written before i think

  5. I read d same story before also

  6. I have already read it

  7. soo emotional

  8. Ohhh god how can sanskar died

  9. This story is always repeated, but good try

  10. Sumeeta

    on this concept same os was written earlier

  11. Sanjanaagrawal

    Nice …. next time write a os with happy ending …. dear ….

  12. Hey aarushi the same os had been written somewhere but still its little modified so loved it??

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