Swasan: I love u only u (epi-7)

Hello guys I’m back with another chappy
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Let’s start chappy
Screen starts with prathap hugging dida tightly calling her has chachi
Prathap: thank god chachi u r alive
You are alive
All are still in shock
Prathap: shakes her chachi

She came to senses and asks u r u beta
Prathap: (shock) chachi me prathap chachi prathap verma u elder sister son
Dida: (listening prathap verma name) She was totally in tears
After sometime prathap Verma matlab tum mera chanti ho (Nick name for prathap) Tum mera chantiq ho saying she caressed his face to feel it’s true
Dida: if are alive chanti (she smiled in happy tears)
Seeing Dida crying sumi went near her and asks Maa who is he
Sumi: maa who s he
Prathap: wt did u called maa chachi means
Dida: ha ur thinking right chanti
Soon he hugged sumi tight and crying like small baby Sumi was in. Shocking state don’t wt to say
Dida: arey chanti y r u crying u should be happy
Prathap: ha Chachi I should be happy to my sister after long time
Sumi was More shocked to listen sister word
Dida: chanti u r alive then what about my di (asked him with stay of hope )
Prathap: sorry Chachi only I’m. Alive all dead even I thought u ppl also died Chachi
Dida cried listening this

Swara: (came out of shock) dida now tell me who he is and y he S calling u has Chachi
Mrs prathap: we will talk about this later 1st come inside
All headed to mansion all sat on sofa
Swara: now tell me Dida wt is it
Prathap: I will tell u but u have to call me mamu then only I will tell u
Swara: 1st tell me who r u y will I call u mamu
Dida: bcoz he is ur Mothers elder brother
Swara: wt (shock)
Sanskar sujata Rp and uttara also having many questions in there mind
Dida: ha u heard right he was ur mamu and ur mother is not my own daughter shoru
Sumi: can’t even move listening this
Prathap went near sumi holds her face in plams chote I mean sharmista I know u are not able to believe wt Chachi is saying but it’s true
Swara was standing with support of Sanskar

I know u all are confused and many questions are running in ur mind I will tell u everything
Dida: wait chanti I will tell saying she started telling flashback

Mr and Mrs tej (tej and Jahnavi)
Jahnavi my elder sister we both lost our parents in an accident and when I lost my husband I Used stayed With my di and jiju both very supportive and jiju was biggest business tycon

He used to rule business world but these was not digested by their rivals so they planned to kill My di and jiju family

One day we are going to a family trip when some goons stopped and started beating I was on back seat with sumi my do told me to save sumi so I hold u with turning back I runned from there even I don’t for how many I ranned holding sumi she was just months baby

I came to an unknown place where I don’t know anyone I cried alot for di jiju and chanti I thought all died in goons hands
I Even Slept on Footpath that day Holding sumi I don’t wt to do where to go Next day when I woke I got to know I was in some village

U where crying for the milk but I don’t have money so I begged some ppl in villagers I got some money For which only I can get milk next I went for work in farms has daily worker soon I started collecting money after few days I got a home for rent and started staying in that single room for few months

Slowly slowly I started doing more hard work so that I can get money for her studies bcoz she was in a age to go school I want to give best education to sumi these is my di and jiju dream to her daughter has great business women but to my bad luck Im unable to full fill their wish I’m very bad sister I can’t able to keep my di wish (she said all these in tears)

Dida: I’m so sorry sumi I can’t able to fulfill ur own mother wish I’m bad very bad beta
Sumi was tears in her listening her how her maa suffered to save me
Sumi immediately hugged Dida
Swara and all other are having tears and sameTime proud Feeling seeing Dida
Sumi: no maa u r not bad in fact u r the reason that I’m still alive and in front of everyone don’t say like that maa
Dida: (hugs tightly) I’m sry sumi for not saying truth to u till now I thought u will leave me
Sumi: no maa u should not say sry in fact I have to be thankful to u for giving me motherly love
Dida: took her near the photo frame where sumi parents are present
See these are ur real parents I’m not ur real mother (she said in tears)
Sumi: again hugged Dida no maa they just have given birth to me but u r my real mother who gave me motherly love did even show that I’m ur sister daughter and treated me like ur own daughter plz don’t say like that next time u are my own mother
Dida nodded her head and break the hug and calls prathap near her
Dida: how u got saved
Prathap: when they attacked mom dad they hidded me in a back after u left they thought u only took me and killed mom dad in front of my eyes But I can’t do anything Garrisoned time police came to the spot they took me orphanage and after completing my 21 yrs they gave me the whole property which was on my name I started working hard and who are reason for my parents death I made them to loose their whole property and now they are on roads dida

I thought they killed u both also one of the goon said they killed u both so I thought u both also died
Dida: leave all that I’m happy to see u fine for me this is enough
Swara was listening the past and shocked to known tat her Dida has suffered alot that to just to save her sister daughter she was feeling proud of dida
Soon she came to senses listening prathap talks she smiled in tears and calls him has mamu

Prathap:(smiled Listening mamu from her mouth) he hugged her blessed her
I don’t know this day will be most memorable day If I know my Chachi will be Sanskar Dadi I would have called u before itself for dinner I should not have wasted these 4 months

Swara: smiles it’s okie mamu now we are here na (to change the topic) chalo mamu I’m hungry waise these Sanskar won’t let me eat in my home
Sanskar: Ooo hello madam y r u lying to sir And when I stopped u from eating food
Prathap: wait wait y u called me sir when ur is calling me mamu u have to call me papa right
Sanskar: but sir I habituated to it sir
Prathap: ha ha I k of but u have to call me papa ur sir will be in office not at home do u understand and it’s my ordered and u have to call me papa
Sanskar: okie sir I mean papa
Prathap: (smiled) Okie now let me introduce my beautiful wife lakshmi verma
And see how Beautiful she Is I can say she was beautiful than swara Right Sanskar
Sanskar: ha papa mam is very beautiful than my wife I mean maa
Swara got angry on his statement we can fake anger
She Hitted him with her elbow Without anyone notice but prathap saw this and prathap smiled With teasingly look At Sanskar
Sanskar: with pout face

Lakshmi: acha acha swara he was teasing u now chalo we will have dinner
All headed to dinning table all are having dinner but prathap was seeing sumi with worried face lakshmi observed his expression bcoz she know wt was going in his mind
Lakshmi: sumi if u don’t mine plz allow prathap to feed u bcoz he never did lunch bf or dinner without Feeding u
I mean He used keep a plate for beside him so that he will feel his sister is alive
Sumi: she was listening this she went near him and sat beside him and ask him to feed her
Prathap: he was so happy he can’t even say in his words about his happines he feeder her all adoring them
Soon all completed their dinner
All started spending their time with each other which they missed in these months and for prathap is years

Screen freezes on smiling faces on all

Keep smiling ? ?…..

And most important thing don’t forget to comment guys I will be waiting for comments

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