Swasan: I love u only u (epi-6)

Hello guys I’m back with another chappy

I hope u ppl like even this chappy And guys don’t worry I will never separate swasan bcoz even I can’t see their separation

Note: mature content read at u own risk

Let’s starts

All are getting ready for dinner

Swasan room
(pita this s only for u)
Sanskar sat on the bed leaning his head to headboard he was in his own world soon his thoughts where broken by the door sound
Swara was entering the room she saw her love in his own to break the thoughts she knock the door
She Came near Sanskar and sat on his lap
Swara: Sanskar wt r u thinking
Sanskar: (holds her through her waist) ntg
Swara: acha then where u lost
Sanskar: vo chodo u know wt u r looking so hot today (saying he nuzzled his head in her neck)
Swara: (blushes) Sanskar Kya Kare ho we have to go For dinner
Sanskar: I know but we have go at 9:00 ? na but now it’s just 3:30
Swara: Sanskar I have work
Sanskar: so what even I have my work
Swara: Sanskar shut up chalo Now leave me
But Sanskar nodded his head in no
(She know his Husband won’t leave now so she gave up)
Seeing this Sanskar smiled and rolled on her on the bed
Both are kissing madly as if they will die if we they won’t do this kiss both are showing their madness love and everything pouring every emotion in that One kiss soon broken due to lack of oxygen

Both are staring each other lovingly
Soon he undressed swara even same with Sanskar
He dugded his head Into her neck He bitten her hard to which she moaned in both pleasure and pain he licked the bitten area to soothen the pain

He started giving Wet kisses to her on neck only she can do is moaning in pleasure
But he stopped in between staring something
Swara: (breathing heavily) Wt happen Sanskar
Sanskar smiles took silk which Is on the bed he unwrapped the silk
Swara was seeing him in confused manner
Swara: y r u taking chocolate now idiot
Sanskar smiles seeing his princes eagerness
Sanskar: wait wait princesses u will get to know

He took Chocolate which already melted he took ? and caressed on her face with his fingers he rubbed even on her lips
Now both are in another world
He started licking the ? which is spreaded on her face she was breathing heavily for his act
Swara: sans….. Sanskar
Listening her moans he was going more wild

He started at her lips with no time he started licking the chocolate spread on her lips soon both started kissing heard

He came down slowly and rubbed ? to her b***** To belly
Soon he replaced with mouth in The place of fingers he was sucking them soo hard and he was caressing another one with hands Giving another One with equal importance

Before he went more down swara rolled him and come up on him
Swara: Now it’s my turn My prince
Saying she kissed him hard on his lips both participating with equal passion soon it broken

She caressed his perfect clean shaved abs with her hand and in some places with ? soon she bitter hardly on his chest
Sanskar: ahhhh swara
Swara: smiles tic for tac my hubby
Sanskar smiles seeing his love bold avthar

She started licking his hard chest with her tongue his whole was getting wet bcoz of her bold act she even licked the chocolate traces on his body she was getting tired slowly

Taking this has chance Sanskar rolled her now he was up on the swara
Sanskar: (whispers) I don’t know my princess has this shade too
Swara was blushing hard for his statement she just hugged him tightly
He broke the hug and started his work again
He Started licked the remain chocolate which is on her belly
Swara: Sanskar plz now stop teasing me I want u
Sanskar smiles seeing his love how desperate she was for him
But he had other plan he placed his finger on her wet thing without giving any notice he just put his finger in her p****
She moaned loudly for his act he was going crazy for listening his moans
Swara: ahhhh Sanskar plzzz

Sanskar slowly removes his finger and soon he replaced with his manhood
He stroke her very hand swara moaned in pain and pleasure

Sanskar was thrusting her harder
Swara: fa…. Faster Sanskar
Sanskar followed her instructions he trusted faster his every stroke was so perfect soon both Reached to climax
Both hugged each other swara was doing patterns on his abs seeing this he was smiling bcoz he know when ever she do this she want to say something
Sanskar: swara wt u want to say
Swara: (shyly) ntg
Sanskar: acha ntg then y this patterns
Swara: simply Saying this he lost in his brown eyes
Sanskar: vaise swara I want like this chocolate everyday
Swara: Even for me (soon realise wt she said) ntg ntg
Sanskar: smiles and hugged her tightly and kissed on her forehead
Swara: Sanskar chalo we have to get ready for dinner
Sanskar nodes his head and both went to get ready
1st swara went to freshen up then Sanskar

Soon Sanskar came out getting ready and Sees swara Was sitting in front of mirror he was mesmerized to see swara in Red Saree

She was going to put vermilion but a hand stop her that is our Sanskar he took vermilion in his hand and filled her forehead

Sanskar huskily Near her ear (u r looking so hot swara let’s change the plan)
Swara Eyes open widely listen him ?
Swara: Sanskar u r becoming shameless day by day (hits playfully)
Y it brain always round around romance

But our Sanskar smiles and kisses her suddenly she was shocked for this sudden kiss he was kissing her with full passion soon swara also reciprocated to him Both trying to dominate each other in the kiss he pressed his tongue to open his mouth to enter with no time she opened he explore all over her mouth both tasting their sweet essence soon parted each other due to lack of oxygen

Sanskar:This is to control my self till night swara u don’t worry tonight I will not leave u easily madam Like I did now
His words made her more blush

Both are about to out but swara stopped Sanskar and rubbed his lips which is spreaded with her lipstick he smiles and both leave the room in hand in hand

@Verma mansion

Soon all reached Mr prathap mansion
Both Mr and Mrs prathap came to receive them Swasan rp and sujata in one car and did sumi and uttara on another car

1s swara and sujata rp received by prathap
Sanskar was introducing his family soon he introduced sumi and dida but soon prathap expression was changed seeing them.

Prathap runner near sumi but passed back and went to dida and hugged her tightly calling chachi

Dida was shocked to see someone is hugging her not only dida all are shocked But only one was having happy tears in her eyes that is our Mrs prathap verma (lakshmi verma)

Screen freezes on all shocking face……

Recap: wt u Ppl think
Y prathap is calling dida has chachi????

To know this stay tuned……
Till that keep ☺
? ?

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